2014 Horoscope for Horse Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Horse

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Horse, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

In 2014, all doors will be open for those born under the sign of Horses - as it is their time that has come! You will want everything and at the same time: personal happiness, career, pleasurable time spending. Do not worry in regards of the support of the celestial bodies, because the planet-protectors provide you with a reserve of energy that is enough to boil Baikal. Despite the abundance of opportunities, the horoscope advises people not to rush into each fleeting mirage on the horizon, and choose achievable goals and move towards them, turning aside from the path. Remember that in pursuit of success, it is easy to stumble and break a leg in both a literal and figurative senses. Be careful when doing extreme sports, and learn to slow down when you think a business venture is heading into the abyss. The universe does not promise Horses smooth roads and green lights the entire way. Be prepared for the fact that you have to overcome obstacles and ride through potholes, but the result is worth it. If you make the right decision and get to the finish line, you get a prize and a cup, a cash reward and admiration of the people around you.

The love relationships will depend entirely on you in the Year of the Green Horse, 2013. People, who believe in happy endings and struggle to find their Cinderella, will be sure to find her. It is just that the ending is different for each fairy tale - either you appreciate and love the chosen one, letting her feel like a queen, or lock the girl at home in the company of mops, floor cloths and pans. If you just want order in the house and hot meatballs for dinner, then consider hiring a maid, as even a fabulous Cinderella ran way from this life into the world. The favourite move of the Horse is jealousy, so married couples will inevitably fact showdown on the subject of side looks, short skirts, and cute assistants. Try not to drain your loved one with negative emotions like with mud, because unjust accusations bully and abuse your partner. Remember that cheating is possible even with a long dress, and with a terribly looking colleague (if you turn off the light and imagine Monica Bellucci).Even if you will be left as the only couple in the world, there will still be a snake that will spoil the perfection. Control your emotions and do not allow them to block your mind, because we cannot live in isolation from the outside world, one full of potential rivals and opponents.

In 2014, the family Horses will be overwhelmed by the desire to run ahead of the race, single-handedly determining the direction and the speed of movement. Even young foals will periodically buck against parental dictators defending their independence. One beneficial fact is that the people of this sign will fearlessly assume responsibility for the financial support of the family, so accusing them of neglecting their duties will be impossible. However, the horoscope advises to remember that your opinion may also prove faulty, so listen to advice of your close ones, so you will not lead your family into a swamp. The face that you are the leader of the herd does not make your household members into docile slaves, who will obediently follow the leader into a bright future, or even to the knacker's yard. We are all real people with dreams, desires, and egos that need to be respected and taken into account.

This year, a Horse, hastily running through life, needs to stop, take a breath, and soberly assess its goals and achievements. Perhaps you are flying after a mirage, which moves away further with each one of your steps. Alternatively, you are running on full strength on a narrow path, which does not allow you to turn at full capacity and to develop the necessary full speed. Determine which direction is the most promising and adjust the original route. Perhaps, the Horse will decide to into a multidisciplinary field, or take a lucrative offer from a competing firm. Take those steps in 2014, it is right now that you are on a horse and can dictate your conditions to the employer. Of course when choosing a new place, accurately assess your strengths and abilities. If you do not have appropriate training and experience in the field of interest, then it is useless to overwhelm your resume and break through to the interviews with HR managers. Economists will not take a swan dance number at the theatre, and fashion designers will not go into assessing the solvency of customers in the bank.

Horses that have long dreamed of losing office oppressions, have to open their own business, gradually increasing the pace and momentum. At the initial stage, large capital investments will be needed, so make sure that at the right moment you find the savings allowing you to realize your dream. The horoscope advises entrepreneurs to manage using their own means, without getting into debt to either other people or the banks. Horses that are happy with the current place of work will get to move up the career ladder, which will of course reflect on their financial situation. The main thing to always remember is that to get the ripe apple you need to reach, and if the fruit falls into the mouth itself, then it is surely grubby and overripe. Diligent work and enthusiasm will help horses reach their goals, no matter how distant they may seem. In 2014, proper alertness and caution can help you make a fortune and wring hostile thoughts from the heads of your competitors!

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