Libra Horoscope for November 2014

November 2014 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for November 2014

Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

The zodiac House of Libra, being the brightest representative of the Air trigon, will not receive a "celestial leader" in November 2014 and so will be left without additional aid on behalf of the stars. However, if any other sign would experience serious negativity in such a situation, the Libras may forget about worrying. Why? Well because practically all planets of the classic order, meaning those planets that have an influence on this House in any circumstance, will be strengthened due to the general interstellar combinations. For example, Saturn - the ruler of the celestial rivers of time and the planet-exalt of Libra, will get an additional portion of active creative energy during this period, which he will not hesitate to share with his earthly protege. The same situation will happen with Mars, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Libra, and the Sun - responsible for the "fall" of the House. These two planets will change the direction of their emanations and will be true allies for the Libra throughout the entire month. Only Venus will remain without additional energetic stimulation. However, her status as a planet-ruler provides her with exceptional strength a priori. Her influence will be certainly positive.

In terms of the direction of work, November 2014 will be a very good month for the Libra. Any project that you will attempt will come to life in the best way possible towards the end of the month. Although it is quite likely that a situation will arise where you will be able to cut the execution period in half and finish early. This fact combined with your increased productivity will allow you to get good profits, receive a bonus, or increase your authority - depending on where and for whom you work. Yet there is one fact to be considered in this situation: far from everyone will be as lucky as you are. Not everyone will have such energy and not everyone will experience the same work satisfaction as you do. This means that envy will be especially relevant. Your competitors will rush to use it against you. The stars can help you with any problem, but why do you need extra negativity? Try to act naturally, do not get ahead of yourself and help others if they ask for help. Do not let success ruin you.

In terms of personal relationships, everything will develop quite differently. In the very beginning of the month, some old and powerful conflict will be resolved. You lost sleep because of it for far too long (and not only you), but now that it has been resolved, you can finally relax emotionally. What will also contribute to your total relaxation is that either you will find a new lover that will understand you fully, or your current one will change. Do not search for reasons behind this change; just accept it as is. Why ruin the harmony with silly and meaningless attempts to find a caveat? However, it is likely that you will not be allowed simply to enjoy this situation. You have not been in a calm state for far too long and your nerves have probably forgotten what rest is. You will constantly search for some loopholes and some between-the-line messages. However, they will not exist! In the end, you will try to interpret the situation as your own incompetence, which will only give rise to new problems. You will not be capable of getting rid of this immediately and you will need more time. However, you will already step onto the path of light. Learn to trust people and believe in them no matter what. A human to a human is not a wolf, but a friend. Perhaps you learn the contrary far too often, but fate is giving you a chance to re-evaluate your views of the world. It is worth it, since you will reap what you sow and thoughts can be self-fulfilling.

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I think the personal relationship one is matching my circumstance...thanks a ton for posting really soothed my nerves and cleared my doubt.
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