Libra Horoscope for September 2014

September 2014 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for September 2014

Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

The zodiac House of Libra can only be confident in one thing in September 2014 - that any adventure will be 100% successful. However, the moments where everything will be calculated and analyzed down to the smallest details will most likely result in unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, the general energy of the forecasted period is very positive. Among the celestial bodies of the Solar System that fall into the astral projection of the House of Libra, two planets will belong to the "purple triangle", a source of astral positivity. These are Venus, the planet-ruler of Libra, and the Sun - usually responsible for the "fall" of this House. In addition, Saturn - the planet-exalt of the Libra, will fully support his proteges, constantly bringing positive moments into their lives. As a result, Mars will be the only one to refuse to influence the Libras positively. Despite that, you should not expect negative emanations from the red planet either. Most likely it will assume a neutral position, much like the "celestial leader" of the Air trigon - Uranus. As a result, September will be a successful time for the Libras all throughout. That is so, considering a few nuances we will talk about below.

The work sphere will be very productive for the Libras in September 2013, even though it will be different from what those born in this sign were imagining it to be. It is likely that before the Full Moon (Sep. 9) everything will not go according to plan, but still extremely successfully. This fact can be defined as a very positive moment on one side (of course: prepare for new networking opportunities and new contracts!). However, at the same time you will have to seriously rebuild your plans, as the whole foundation will not be implemented and so you will have nowhere to start from. With that, towards the middle of the second ten-day period you will fall into the new path and your victories will no longer come as a surprise to you. The result of such a flow of circumstances will be the realization of your most coveted goals! With that it is quite likely that you will earn a new position, much more significant than what you were aspiring for before. However, as people say - ambitions have no ending, so perhaps you will interpret everything as the way it should be. The only thing you should pay attention to are your back. No one should ever be allowed to see all of your plans. Take this as a rule and never break it. Otherwise you may seriously regret it.

The "love front" will give you joy with victories no less significant. Until the very dawn of the third ten-day period you can leave all worries behind. The ideal option is to go on a vacation somewhere. Better to do so not for the classical 7-10 days, but for two-three weeks. Better to go somewhere exotic, not banal. You can be sure that such plans will be realized in the best way possible. Success will directly relate to scale here: the more fundamental is the event you planned, the more success and stellar positivity is it likely to bring. Try to take as many relatives and friends with you as possible. By the way, speaking about friends: you may encounter a conflict with one of your best friends towards the dawn of the third ten-day period. Do not hurry to solve it, first determine what is between the lines. Perhaps you will both learn a lot and open a lot of truths for yourselves. This will strengthen your friendships and will allow to avoid ambiguities in the future. In the relationship with your passion, everything will fall exactly the way you want it to. Romance, harmony and full mutual understanding, only sometimes interrupted by insignificant grievances.

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