2014 Libra Love Horoscope

2014 love horoscope for libra
2014 might prove to be full of surprises for Libraís personal relations. These surprises will not always be pleasant, but sad experience also counts, doesnít it? Do not lose heart, though, since Saturnís positive energy coupled with some less significant nuisances can turn the worst situation on the love front to if not victorious than at least beneficial triumph. In other words, if Libra feels that things do not go the way you want them to, blame your outlook and faulty plan-making, not the circumstances.

In early 2014 (January) youíll be lucky to have a unique opportunity to outright redistribute your energy flow in terms of your affection. If Libra pays enough attention, the circumstances will allow you to single out those of your close friends who truly deserve your trust. At the same time, things with your other half will be going even better than you could imagine. A trip together or a short vacation might be ideal for you two.

In February-March some tension might build up in your family circle. The Sun and Marsí increasing influence will put you in a situation when you simply wonít have an opportunity to let people in on all your plans. As a result, to an observing eye their behaviour might seem odd. This may prove to become a sure source of future conflicts. You should try by all means possible to avoid confrontations and arguments by making any excuse to exit the conflict situation.

By the end of spring 2014 the tension with your family will have reached its culmination. Libra will need all self-control you might find to keep your defences strong at all times. If you lose your temper, have a fight with someone and expose your plan, the consequences might be hard to foresee. Thatís why youíll have to compose yourself and simply wait. A crisis might be brewing in the relations with your significant other; its outcome will surface in the next time period.

All summer 2014 long as well as the first month of the fall the relations with your family will be positive all around. On seeing your achievements and realizing the true reasoning behind your actions, your relatives will ask for your forgiveness and will never doubt you again. Libras friends will also be fully supportive of you, but your love relationship will brew up some serious moment that will prove to be crucial for your future life. Youíll have to choose between your current partner and a potential one; or a choice will have to be made between your current partner and temporary single life. Some of the options will have their certain advantages, and some will put you on a sure track to failure. By the way, in situations like this stars do not welcome any conservatism. As a bare minimum, Venus - without being pushy - will encourage substantial transformations and itíll be up to you to make a choice.

In late fall 2014 and early winter all passions will likely subside. Much will depend on the choice Libras made during the previous time period. Some of you will have unspeakable joy and long-awaited soul gratification to look forward to. Others will have their wrong choice send a disappointment after disappointment their way. Unfortunately, this wonít be the case when everything pans out regardless of your choice.

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