2014 Horoscope for Tiger Zodiac Sign

2014 Horoscope Tiger

Chinese 2014 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Tiger, for the 2014 Green Wood HORSE Year

Perhaps the Green Horse is a repainted Tiger, otherwise why would the horoscope promise such honor and respect to the striped ones in 2014? You have a lot in common with the four-footed patroness: love for adventure, persistence in achieving goals, passion for battle and a fighting spirit. It is no wonder that in the next 12 months, the Tigers will be able to expand their reach and have a good hunt. Try to gain high ground from the very beginning, otherwise you risk missing many opportunities. Predators that will lie in their den in hesitation, putting important things to "tomorrow", will hopelessly fall behind the Horse's gallop and catching up will prove to be extremely difficult. Remember that in order to have luck knock on specifically your doors, you will need to rush side by side with the landlady of the year 2014. Many decisions facing Tigers will have to be made independently; they will have to bear responsibility, so Tigers should carefully weigh the consequences of their actions.

The beginning of your romances in the Year of the Green Horse will be invariably successful and promising. In addition, how else can it be, if your sign features an ambitious and enterprising spirit? You will not stay shy on the sidelines, nervously sending furtive glances at the object of adoration. "I came, I saw, I conquered" - the motto of the Tiger in love. Many striped predators, with the sounds of Mendelssohn's March, will enter a new family life. However, it is only in fairy tales that love stories end with a fun and a happily-ever-after wedding. If you think that after a noisy feast, you can just collapse on the couch, swinging your tail brush and requiring increased attention, I advise you stop reading children's books and switch to adult literature. Relationships must be continuously fed with tenderness and care - they require work. In a family, you will become a recognized leader, justly sharing prey and patiently resolving conflicts. Tigers become a magnet to family members caught in a jam because people turn for help to those who are the most powerful, the wisest. Others will feel the inner instinct that you are the one that can solve their problems and defend them against enemies.

The Tigers, whose courtship in 2014 was unsuccessful, should analyze the situation and realize their own mistakes. Most likely, the problem does not occur during the initial "candy period" of the relationship, in fact, it is hard to resist the natural charms of this sign. As a rule, a failure occurs when the relationship moves to a more serious level, and that is when the Tiger can prove to be a moody and a short-tempered partner. If your second half ran away from you like a germ from antibiotics, then look for the cause firstly in yourself. However, keep in mind that the experience gained should be used for self-improvement, not self-hatred. Highlight the information that is important, do not be distracted by the non-essential stuff, and make the right conclusions. Even if the Tiger met a sort of Anna Karenina, who is incredibly irritated by his ears, you should not let out long hair or wear a hat to hide this glaring flaw. You will be loved, but it will be by someone else, and perhaps that passion will break out due to that same irregular ear shape.

In terms of work, the Tigers should show passion and enthusiasm during the Year 2014 of the Green Horse. People who come to the office just to watch the eight hours pass by, hopping from one social network to another, are unlikely to succeed. You should clearly see the goal and move to it with rapid jumps. Do not run after two hares at the same time, it is better to delegate it to the subordinates, and look for bigger prey yourself. The main thing is to demonstrate competence and diligence, and then moving up the career ladder should not take long. The Tigers have to get themselves out of the comfort zone when life offers them a more attractive prospect. A stable salary and free coffee is certainly very good, but owning a business or going into another professional sphere is new ground, a completely different scale of operations. If you want to stop being a small fishing boat and become a large fishing ship, then you have to change the watercraft and crew. Do not be afraid of change and boldly look into the future, you are now under the protection of the Green Horse. In the heat of the business battles, a Tiger may easily forget small health failures: aching back, a misbehaving stomach, headaches, he just does not have time for complaints and cries. If the city predator stops eating microwaveable foods and remembers about healthy food and exercise, then competitors will remember him with bad words more than once, when he snips off the tastiest tidbit right under their noses.

Moving forward on the social ladder will greatly benefit the financial situation of the Tigers. In 2014, you will be able to afford more than usual, having carried out a long-held dream of travelling or buying some awesome thing. The horoscope only warns that money must be regarded as a means and not as a goal. The four-legged patroness does not like the greedy, so try not to end up in their midst. Money should bring pleasure; after all, you work for yourself, not a bank account. As soon as the thirst of hoarding money becomes the centre of the Tiger's universe, the world begins to hit the material well-being as a means to teach a lesson. The stars recommend Tigers to live within their means, not going into debt, even when you really want to buy a new coat, and not giving loans either, even if the borrower wants to pledge his own soul and a beautiful daughter in the bargain. Overall, in 2014 the Green Horse will show Tigers that honest work can accomplish a lot, and that knowledge and experience will help achieve the desired positions better than intrigues and plots. Remember that driving on the road and playing career games should abide by the rules; otherwise, you may end up in a cast, with a broken nose, and an empty purse.

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