Gemini Horoscope for January 2014

January 2014 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for January 2014

Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

For Gemini, the first sign of the air element, January 2014 will not be the best life stage for personal relationships. Thus, situation is due to some common combinations, to which Jupiter and Venus are directly relevant. The negative influence of the celestial priestess is quite unsurprising, considering that it is the planet responsible for the "fall" of the sign of Gemini. With that, it is absolutely obvious that Venus will focus the most of its negativity onto the love life. However, the fact that Jupiter, responsible for the "expulsion" of Gemini, will be in accordance with Venus is not quite a usual setting. Nevertheless, that is exactly how it will be - and both Venus and Jupiter will focus all of their negative emanations of the Gemini's sphere of personal relationships. The Mercury, a planet-ruler of the zodiac sign of the Gemini, will undoubtedly attempt to block part of the negativity applied to this area of its life, but the patron of trade will not be fully up to the task, even considering that it will play the role of the celestial leader for those born under this sign.

Yet in January 2014, the area of business for the sign of Gemini will not be quite so negative. On the contrary, there will be some improvements observed in this direction. The fact is that Mercury will concentrate most of its energy precisely on this area of the Gemini life. The reason for that is the Saturn, the exalt of Gemini, will change its attitude towards the representatives of this sign in January. As a result, many problems awaited your work life from Saturn if not for Mercury directing its energy just in time, resulting with Saturn left with nothing. You, on the other hand, are left with great chances to implement the projects that you have dreamed about for a long time, but could not begin bringing to life. The currently favourable situation will be due to the great attitude towards you from management and colleagues. Even the competitors will seem to begin respecting you and will try to move from the category of "enemies" into the category of "allies". Of course, there is no absolute guarantee from the stars, but their position hints that this situation is more than likely.

Nevertheless, January will be a truly difficult time for your love life, a time of real tests or undue hardships - the precise nature of which will be determined by how you yourself are going to treat this issue. By the way, specifically the adequacy of your perception of the environment will become a key factor, the smart use of which will minimize the harm caused by conflicts that await you Just keep in mind that you cannot prevent these conflicts and fully neutralizing them will prove to be beyond your grasp. However, you will certainly be able to soften the harm caused to you and your close ones. The main thing was mentioned above, pull yourself together and try to be objective. If you cannot do so, and your feelings will invariantly take precedence over the cold and calculating mind, do not even think that it will all be over by the end of the month. Problems will rise in an avalanche form and solving them will become increasingly difficult. So pull yourself together now and do all that is required of you. You can do it, the stars trust in you. Do not pay attention to what your friends and family will tell you, they will be largely wrong now because of the lack of objectivity of their judgements. Do not repeat their mistakes; strive for the truth that is independent of points of view, and then you will succeed.

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