Gemini Horoscope for November 2014

November 2014 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for November 2014

Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

The zodiac House of Gemini is recommended to approach their finances carefully in November 2014. It is in this direction that Mercury, the planet-ruler of the Gemini, will focus his attention and will decide to turn into a surprisingly fierce enemy from a true ally. At the same time, Saturn - the planet-exalt of the House of Gemini will grant his protege doubled positivity. Saturn is part of one of the most energetically powerful positive duos of the forecasted period. This means that the Gemini have chances for success either way. This is despite that Jupiter, the planet responsible for the "expulsion" of this House, will most likely join forces with Venus, responsible for its "fall", and will wreak havoc on the love front of the Gemini. Considering that the Gemini do not have a "celestial leader" during this period, such a situation may play against them so well, and that without exceptional efforts it will be beyond fixing. This will mostly depend on the Gemini themselves. What is more important for the given zodiac constellation is that there will be those among the Solar System that will be fully on their side. This is already a good start.

In terms of the work direction, November 2014 will bestow the Gemini with a plethora of opportunities. However, as we stated above - you should not invest into something too deeply. Money should be saved, as Mercury will attempt to weaken your positions. It will be hard to compete with the ruler of the celestial trade routes, which is certain. It is also certain that you will most likely be the defining player of your own fate. So collect yourself and analyze everything carefully. It would be great if at the beginning of the first ten-day period you could make a detailed action plan and only leave it under absolute necessity. If you are offered a venture, then decide yourself whether to agree to it or not, just remember that the stars are predicting a very high chance of failure. So why risk with new inputs? It is much smarter to collect forces for a confident leap later. Success is guaranteed in business not only by effectiveness, but also by timeliness. Overall, time will be on your side, so you can distribute it whichever way you want. Just always, know what you want and how to reach it. Otherwise, November will be a bad month for you in all regards.

In terms of the sphere of personal relationships, much less will depend on you than before, though of course every situation can be fixed. It is just that in November 2014 the total negativity of Jupiter and Venus will be far too strong; and it will be focused particularly on this are of your life. Be very careful with new acquaintances, as it is quite likely that your feelings and intuition will leave you. Many attachments that burn up like fire will also quickly extinguish. There will be far too little warmth from such fires, while the consequences will be far-reaching. Simply speaking playing with fire is a bad idea. This might sound mercantile when we are talking about feelings, but the stars do recommend that you take care of your emotions and worries. It is better to focus your attention on more everyday problems. For example, look at the situation within your family hearth. Currently there will be rough conflicts appearing between you and your relatives. The reason for that is you. More precisely your unwillingness even to try to understand someone else's point of view. Think about that and maybe the world will be better.

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