2014 Love Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2014 Love Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Love Horoscope 2014 for the year of the Green Wood Horse

The 2014 year of Horse for Gemini in terms of love relations will start off simply magically. Saturn will use his legendary sickle to do away with everything superfluous and keep what matters the most - pure life energy yearning to manifest itself in a relationship. In other words, in early 2014 (January-March) the Twins should be ready for true battles on their love front to unfold. While Venus will display a lot of aggression towards you, Mars, on the contrary, will provide you with the ultimate support. Thus, if you want to win the heart of your loved one, it's recommended that you follow the most dynamic and pro-active route. Don't lose heart if your first attempt to storm the fortress, which you've grown so fond of, fails. Learn from your mistakes and next time plan your storm more carefully. In other words, perseverance should be your main new weapon. By the way, this advice does not only apply to your love search efforts. If you are in a happy relationship already, you should still be more pro-active. The good thing is neither energy nor aspiration will be lacking; and that means success will be just around the corner.

During the period which will start in mid- or even late April 2014 and last till the end of June 2014 you'll have to secure your previous positions. Apart from Mars, Gemini will gain another ally-Mercury- with its positive focus zoomed in not only on your professional life. Thus, if you were able to meet that someone special during the previous months, you'll have strong chances to "tie" your loved one to you for long years into the future and, given sincere intentions, even for good. You'll only have to be true to yourself and everything will pan out - the stars will make sure of it. Excessive pathos and bravura are not going to add to your happiness; on the contrary, they might spoil your developing relations. This is the reason why, firstly, you shouldn't rush things and secondly, you shouldn't try to be someone else or sacrifice your wants and needs for others. Being natural and genuine makes wonders! Should the Twins, on top of that, choose to employ their diplomatic skills, i.e. the ability to persuade and get what they want by the virtue of words only, they might just look forward to all of their dearest dreams come true. It'll be important to remember, though, that moderation is a key virtue.

In summer 2014 Mars and Mercury will move farther backstage and Venus is not going to miss out on the opportunity to take the spot light instead. Moreover, the celestial arena will be crowded with other planets determined not to stand on ceremony with the Twins. The consequence is obvious - Gemini's both old and new relationships will be going through crisis. This period will be much less painful for those of you who have been in a stable relationship for quite some time already. If your passions are fairly new, things might not turn out the best way and you'll have to work hard to keep what you want.

The fall and winter of 2014 for Gemini will merge together when it comes to their personal relations. This will be the time of harmony and certainty ensured by the Twins' previous actions. It is clear, though, that if a few months ago you were wrong all around and did frankly stupid things, nothing good will await you now. If, instead, things were coming together nicely, it will now be the time to reap the rewards. And if the spring, for example, was the time of active happiness, fall-winter will then be the time of passive enjoyment - bliss, in other words.

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