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Amulets, Talismans and Charms

Amulets, Talismans and Charms

Protective amulets that give you mystical ability, talismans and lucky Charms that exhort luck and spiritually influence on your fortune.

The Monkey Amulet and Symbolic Talismans

The beliefs and symbolism of several ancient cultures surrounding the Monkey are described to explain its significance. The Monkey Amulet's acquisition of this expressive creature's spirit, messages of communication and wisdom and its possible personal benefits are included. The perceived character of the Monkey and its associations with the Chinese zodiac, as a vessel for the Egyptian Gods, and in statue form are also explored.

The Lion symbol as a protective Charm and Amulet

An account of the history and various origins of the Lion and it notoriety as a powerful guardian of people and places. This is discussed in relation to the beliefs of ancient civilizations and their symbolism of Lions in the form of different types of amulets. The benefits derived and the spirited messages radiating from a Lion Amulet are described along with possible uses.

The Ram symbol for Talismans and Charms

The Ram's association with a number of mythical deities is described in order to emphasize the strong symbolic image of this creature. Examples of Ram Amulets and their purposes are mentioned along with dream meanings and astrological connections with the sign of Aries. Ancient ceremonies and traditions using Ram Amulets are detailed to express the significance of this animal spirit's powerful influence.

The Panther Amulet and Talisman

The strength of presence of the Panther and the influence this has had on early and modern representations of Panther Amulets. From ancient Rome to medieval England the history and myths surrounding the Panther's spirit and powers of protection are explored. Also included are this animal spirit's messages of personal guidance, association with the night, positivity and connection with a number of deities.

The Mouse Amulet

The Mouse's character and spirit is interwoven with accounts of its influence in amulet form. The energy and possible enhancements of a Mouse Amulet with additional objects are explained along with their favorite uses. The symbolic and perceived images of Mice are explored through well known stories that highlight its potential powers. Dreaming of and seeing a Mouse and its meanings are also included.

The Fox as an amulet symbol

The Fox's influential image of cunning wisdom and its influence on amulets is explored in a description of its cultural and mythical background. Well known sayings about the Fox and its association with the supernatural are included along with the significance of Fox Tails and their number. The Fox Amulet's symbolism in different countries, potential guiding power and lessons of awareness are also discussed.

The Dog Amulet

An explanation of why the Dog is through myth and legend regarded as a best friend of Man. The characteristics and positive influences of the Dog are explored alongside the ancient history of Dog Amulets. From their significance to various mythical deities to more modern day tales the Dog and the Dog Amulet are covered. Also there are included tips on the Dog Amulet's use, possible effects and best placements.

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