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Amulets, Talismans and Charms

Amulets, Talismans and Charms

Protective amulets that give you mystical ability, talismans and lucky Charms that exhort luck and spiritually influence on your fortune.

The Deer Amulet

An account of the history and myths surrounding the spiritual essence of the Deer and its influence in the crafting of Deer Amulets. The earliest depictions of Deer in cave drawings to the longest standing current traditions concerning them are covered. Legends help explain the image of the Deer and where this originated from. The perception of Deers and the possible energies and resulting advantages of Deer Amulets are also described.

The Cow Amulet

An insight into the concept of the Cow Amulet and an explanation of the many sources leading to its symbolism of prosperity. The ancient cultures and myths that inspired and generated the lucky and fertile image of the Cow are explored. A Cow amulet's history and use is discussed in addition to its probable spirited influences that appear to work in unison with the Earth.

The Horse Amulet

The many well known admirable qualities and powerful images of the Horse and the Horse Amulet are explored among several civilizations. From traditions, myths and superstitions to their dream meanings the Horse and its influence and protective power are explained. Also included are tales of the relevance and meaning of the different colors of Horses and the amulet value, luck and history of Horseshoes.

The Bull Amulet

A simple review of the widespread history of the reputation of the Bull and it's strength and determined spirit. The concepts of the ancient Celts, Hebrews, Greeks and Chinese are used to give details of the Bull Amulet's possible powers and how they originated. The Bull Amulet's charged energies and uses are explained especially in relation to assisting with fertility. It's protective qualities for personal, home and business are also explored.

The Bear Amulet

An exposition of the history, meaning and assumed powers of the Bear Amulet and its help in meditation and healing techniques. The benefits of its protective properties are explored along with possible effective uses and the connections with herbs and plants. Hibernation and solar and lunar influences and their combined significance to the strength and scope of this specific amulet are also discussed.

The Cat Amulet

A historical guide to the mysterious independent nature of the Cat and how it acquired it's notoriety as a good luck omen. The Cat Amulet's powers are described in relation to the various origins and their influences noted throughout the ages. A Cat Amulet in a variety of forms and its assumed attraction of prosperity and happiness is illustrated with examples for both home and business use.

The Vajra Amulet

A look at the powerful positive energies and protection offered by the Vajra Amulet and the origins of its use in ancient and modern rituals. The symbolic representation and materialistic construction of the Vajra are described in order to understand its significance in relation to Buddist paths of enlightenment. Descriptions of the formation and meanings of individual parts of the Vajra help relate both its message towards wisdom and protective and healing purposes.

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