The Bull Amulet

The Bull Amulet

The spirited representation of the Bull enters into many mythological and historical records of most cultures.

The Bull Amulet
The Bull used as an amulet symbol. The Legendary Powers of Spirited Strength of Mind, Protection and Virility Offered to Owners of a Bull Amulet.

This creature is instantly recognizable for its strength, virility and determination and these qualities have always been admired. A Bull Amulet's use is featured in many ancient rituals and ceremonies to evoke the creature's influence of stability and abundance. As a sacrificial animal the Bull was considered one of the most important and generous of gifts to the Gods. When the symbol of the Bull is worn or held close it is believed to offer strong protection and an increase in fertility. These are frequently the main reasons that people may choose the Bull Amulet over any other kind. This animal's crescent shaped horns have seen it portrayed as both masculine and feminine in terms of gender designation. This explains the Bull Amulet's equal benefits for both sexes for promoting reproduction.

Centuries ago the Celts symbolized the Bull as incredibly virile with an influence on procreation. He was associated with extending life and solar energy and representations of the Bull were thought to reflect comfortable provision. Bull Amulet's are assumed to radiate this wealth attracting source from the intensity of the Sun's concentration. Celtic people connected the Bull's strong determination and life giving positivity with the Sun and its radiant energies. The concept of the Bull's influence on fruitfulness has been retained throughout history and within numerous myths and legends from around the World. Wearers of a Bull Amulet can draw upon the fertile spirit of the Bull to add to their chances of producing offspring. The high reliability and helpfulness of this admirable animal is an additional positive inclusion of an amulet representing it.

In Greek mythology the Bull's strength and stamina gained it a reputation of being associated with the God Zeus. Much of this notoriety came from Zeus's love of the mortal woman Europa who was very beautiful. Zeus disguised himself into the form of a handsome white Bull to woo her before carrying her away on his back as his lover. The astrological constellation Taurus forms the outline of a Bull and is a reminder of the Bull's passionate and spontaneous persistence and link with fertility and expansion. Individual's born under the Western Astrology sign of Taurus, and those close to them will be especially in tune with the generated passion and fortitude that flows from a Bull Amulet. Anyone who yearns to become a parent may seek the assistance of this particular amulet as it is associated with the beginning of Spring. This period of renewal and growth is emphasized by the essence of the Bull Amulet helping wearers relax and go with the flow, aiding conception possibilities.

The Hebrews derived the first word in their alphabet aleph from a hieroglyph looking like a Bull's head and the Semitic word for Bull. The aleph symbol is thought to represent the human ability to work with nature and was often used as a protective sign. The temples of the ancient Sumerian and Semitic people were usually adorned with the Bull at their entrances as a guardian for protection. The Bull's head like that seen on many amulets influenced by this animal was also a common choice for the ancient Egyptians. They considered the Bull and its representations to be deliverers of replenishment and prosperity and spiritual protectors of life. Keeping their symbol close by was regarded highly beneficial to warn off evils, to promote wealth and produce plenty of children. Bull Amulets have long been viewed as tokens of good luck and a positive stream of energy.

In early Chinese history the Bull is identified as an emblem of persevering dedication and symbolized hard work and methodic progress. This creature's image was crafted into jewellery, used in healing rituals and displayed at altars and in sacred places. The respected Bull and other such idolized animals helped form the Chinese concepts of Astrology and Feng Shui. The latter has become a popular modern practice especially within homes and businesses requiring favorable fortunes. A Bull Amulet kept on the person or in the vicinity of the living or working area may detract bad fortune. It can induce self confidence and positive thought by creating sustenance alongside balance and harmony. With the protection of the Bull Amulet around a sense of calm and fortunate times ahead are spiritually assured.

With its wide and varied history as a strong and virile presence the Bull signifies a potent efficient source. Amulet's made in the Bull's likeness aim to mirror the potency of its solid reliable status among many cultures. Throughout the ages they have provided a link between the vigor and motivation of this beast's character and its wisdom to Man or Woman. Today as well as protecting and promoting good fortune the Bull Amulet supplies a little comfort and reassurance. One of its most frequent uses is as an object placed under the bed of a copulating couple hoping to establish a pregnancy. Although its effectiveness is undocumented and not guaranteed the basic idea and process has been handed down for thousands of years. Bull Amulets make nice presents for those planning a family in the future.

For personal and property guardianship a Bull Amulet usually comes pre-energized and has no special requirements other than to wear it often or keep it near. It's enhancing of luckiness, wealthiness and fertileness are also without the need for a specific method of use. These types of requests can be assisted by meditating with the Bull Amulet and focusing the mind on the conditions wished for. Using incense, candles or herbs with these amulets has been known to sometimes intensify their effects. A Bull Amulet has numerous properties that can be summoned to assist with situations requiring hope, willpower and the avoidance of and sort of negativity. The Bull's legendary resolve stems from both Earthly and Mythical origins so it's amulet models are generally charged with a combination of advantageous forces.

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