The Bear Amulet

The Bear Amulet

When choosing a personal amulet for protection, healing, meditation or just as a comforting guide it is thought best to choose the one you are most drawn to.

The Bear Amulet
The Bear Amulet. Bravery, Strength, Courage and Tranquility Afforded to Wearers of the Protective Nurturing Spirit Bear Amulet.

Animal amulets are a popular choice as they are believed to reflect the known nature of the beast concerned. The Bear is well known for its fiercely protective manner but also for its calm, composed and patient characteristics. The Bear Amulet is believed to emulate the natural cycles of this animal's pattern of periods of awake activity and certain times for prolonged sleeping. This allows the Bear Amulet to transfer a sense of tranquil regularity to its owners life. It's power can help regulate a person's work and resting levels by assisting them to relax as much as possible at the most appropriate times. Bear Amulets are especially beneficial to people who may find it difficult to pace themselves for the speed of our modern lifestyles.

A Bear Amulet's symbolic meaning is one of bravery, benevolence, resurrection, mothering instincts and duality. The wearer of a Bear Amulet benefits from the courageous, charitable, nurturing sides of this creature and is protected by its strong guardianship. These particular amulets aim to teach the practice of following one's intuition by learning to observe our current emotional state and adjust circumstances accordingly. Aside from providing confidence and protection the Bear amulet encourages thought before action. It generates the Bear's ability to 'hibernate' on decisions of importance until the time feels right to make them. A Bear Amulet teaches people to calmly take life's various challenges, excitements and disappointments in their stride. It offers the opportunity to acquire a symbol of wisdom that can be utilized as a reminder to practice patience.

In the history and legends of the World the Bear has a fine reputation as a feared and respected warrior. In Scandinavia the ancient people would wear skins of the Bear to increase their ferocity in battle and so the chances of victory. The Greek huntress Artemis and her maidens also wore Bear skin representing this animals spirit to enhance their prowess when hunting. Bear amulet's are believed to possess equivalent protection qualities in today's environments. They carry the essence of the Bear's brave steady stance and his natural affinity with both the Sun and the Moon. A Bear Amulet is thought to teach the art of preserving energy to ensure levels are sufficient at all times. This control is achieved by the influence of this creature's hibernation habits and periods of inactivity to generate reserve energies.

The hibernating and waking cycle of the Bear and its associated meanings are referred to frequently in many centuries old texts. When in hibernation he is thought to be connected to the Yin, the Moon and the Winter. When awakened the Bear is linked to the Yang, the Sun and the Spring or Summer. An amulet of the Bear is attuned to attract both solar and lunar energy giving it plenty of scope for its powers of wisdom, nurture, comfort and healing. The sleeping Bear in darkness is associated with the feminine and the subconscious mind while the awake Bear is regarded as masculine and consciousness. The focus of a Bear Amulet is to guide the wearer towards balancing life based on present surroundings through clearer thoughts. By concentrating on the amulet the message of pacing yourself in accordance with a situation is made easier.

Amulets have been around since early man began to be able to shape stone, bone and the antlers and claws of animals. A Bear Amulet in primitive form would have been a claw or tooth from the creature found in the forest and hung around the neck. Or it may have been carved into an iconic object or used to decorate weapons and sacred or spiritual items. One belief still mentioned today is that the Bear's claw will supply physical strength and stamina to assist women with the demands of childbirth. This conjecture has been passed down through the generations of numerous cultures and reminds us of the significance of the Bear's strong will and self control. The Bear Amulet is quite unique in it's masculine and feminine properties and is capable of delivering it's assistance equally to male or female owners.

As Bears forage for plants for some of their food they have acquired an association of sorts with herbal medicine. This and the animals rejuvenating sleep patterns has led to a link between the Bear and healing powers. Several herbs and plants have adopted this creature's name, for example bear's tongue, bear's paw and bear clover. The Bear's ability to hibernate can be connected to the body's need to rest efficiently in order to recuperate and recharge the batteries. A Bear Amulet can be advantageous to anyone who needs to slow down or who finds it hard to relax when they really need to. As hibernation is similar in its tranquility to an intense meditative state this inner peace evoked by the Bear Amulet helps individuals focus on relaxing or recovering from illness.

If you wish to learn how to keep in touch with your body physically and mentally then the Bear Amulet is an ideal assistant. It has been found particularly useful to keep close while enacting simple or complex relaxation or meditation techniques. Bear Amulet's are powerful enough to be also effective in the areas of astral travel or dream walking. These symbols of the Bear can allow a person to tune into the body and minds need for equilibrium. An Amulet with the sign of the Bear gathers it's resources from its Earth base and the circling celestial influences of the day, the night and the seasons. This influx of influential sources can be very reassuring and reflect it's energy in lots of different directions. As a multi purpose protection tool the Bear Amulet holds the same respect as the magnificent animal it represents.

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Wren 2016-05-13 17:50:04
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Today, found a silver talisman in the shape of a Bear Paw or footprint.. and appreciate your explanations read here... thank you.
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muhammad shafiq 2014-12-25 21:02:01
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my good luck things
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Dawn 2013-04-25 09:32:22
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Thank you for this. In a meditation I was given a bear claw, it later arrived in the physical. I understood it was special but really helpful to find out more of the history
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