The Deer Amulet

The Deer Amulet

Representations of the Deer in their most primitive form have been discovered from some of our earliest historical finds.

The Deer Amulet
The Deer used as an amulet symbol. The Qualities, Powers and Benefits of the Deer Amulet Based on its Mythical Cultural Origins from Around the World.

The first cave dwellers used rocks dipped in berry juice to illustrate the significance of Deer in their lives. From these early sketches of this graceful creature it is assumed that Man placed the Deer with some importance, if only as a source of food. Ancient divinatory tools like the mystic Runes featured a symbol of the Deer seen in the stone named Algiz. It displays the horns of an Elk or mature Deer and its symbolic meaning is one of protection and represents a design followed for many Deer Amulets today. The antlers of a Stag have been described as akin to the branches of a tree in that they shed and regrow yearly. This gives the Deer and so the Deer Amulet an association with fertility and rejuvenation.

The ancient Celts associated the Deer with the forest and as a leader of the mythical realm of fairies. Much of their art, music and poetry is woven with references to the Deer emphasizing its beauty and grace. These people along with the Native Americans often relied on the Deer's wonderful skill of sniffing out the best herbs for medicinal purposes. These observant animals seem to have a natural ability to find the lushest grasses and are considered kind hearted and generous natured. These attractive qualities and luck with foraging for the finest things are thought to be transferable to wearers and owners of a Deer Amulet. Their influential spirit and well developed senses and intuition are believed to be evoked by items displaying the Deer image.

Chinese people often regard the Deer as a token of happiness and lucky abundance and connect this particular animal to the dawn of a new day. They also link it to the Moon and the direction of the East and suggest these conditions as the best to evoke a Deer Amulet's power. Hindu mythology associates the Deer with learning in honor of the Goddess Saraswati. She took the form of a Red Deer remembered as Rohit and the ancient people wishing to acquire knowledge would wear clothing and mats from the skin. By having the spirit of the Deer close to them they hoped to attract the help of the Goddess of Learning. These are good examples of the high regard for Deer and their heightened perceptive observance and sensitivity. These qualities and the Deer's sleek silhouette have inspired the creation of some of the most beautiful amulet designs.

Norse myths often mention the 4 stags who fed from the world tree named Yggdrasil that was presumed to support the Earth, Heavens and Underground. These four antlered male Deer were called Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr and Durathror and thought representative of the 4 winds. As they graze on this mythical tree's buds they are said to be eating up the hours within each day. When consuming the blossoms they are seen as munching through the days and eating the branches indicated the consumption of the seasons. Archaic detailed Deer Amulets sometimes portray this feeding image. Hungarian legends tell of Hunor and Magor who discovered a new land Scythia after following the trail of a white stag. In Hungary today the emblem of a heavily antlered stag looking over its shoulder is still seen as significant to their cultural heritage.

In Greek mythology four of five golden horned deer known as Elaphoi Khrysokeroi pulled the chariot of the Goddess Artemis. The fifth deer who roamed free was referred to as the Kerynitian Hind and is often seen on amulets honoring this much loved Grecian deity. In England legendary tales of King Arthur and the knights of the round table note the Deer's skill in evading capture and its swiftness and sharp instincts. Many of the recovered treasures from this era contain images and tales of the strength, speed and soft delicate nature of the Deer's presence. Deer Stones are mysterious massive stone structures decorated with flying deer that are presumed to have originated in Mongolia. The symbolism of these giant Deer depictions is unknown but they reinforce the illustration of the importance placed on these creatures at the time.

One tribe living in the Mountains of Western Mexico still worship a magical deer who they believe helps maintain their maize crops. These Huichol Indians look to the Deer of the Maize to sustain their valuable food source and offer tokens of their appreciation to it. The abundant influential essence of the Deer has remained alive among these people and adds to the idea of it's providing influence. All animal influenced amulets are assumed to spiritually communicate their characteristics to the wearer. If a person needs to calm an aggressive manner or tame their rashness or impatience a Deer Amulet should prove useful in accomplishing this. They are an ideal accompanying tool that can help clarify the mind in preparation for meditation or simply be a comfort or reassurance for stressful times.

Deer are perceived to be able to not be deceived by illusions and are imagined as being capable of finding their way through confusing situations. This concept stems from the numerous stories told about them throughout the ages. Many people today tend to choose a Deer Amulet when they are looking for something that could provide a reminder to not take things as they seem without careful thought. A Deer Amulet can supply a source of guidance for individuals who find making decisions difficult or who wish to bring peace and tranquility into their life. As the Deer is coupled with enhanced fertility an amulet in its form is a favorite option for those trying to conceive. A Deer Amulet has the capacity to muster a wide range of protective energies that anyone can certainly benefit from. The use of amulets is universal and equally popular with both men and women for the attraction of good luck and favorable conditions. Their effectiveness is noted to be improved by positive and wishful thinking and concentration on the requirement.

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