The Horse Amulet

The Horse Amulet

The Horse has a long history of being a very useful and devoted assistant to Man and this is widely documented and illustrated.

The Horse Amulet
The Horse used as an amulet symbol. The Background of the Horse in Relation to the Power and Freedom that can be Harnessed From a Horse Amulet.

This much loved animal has a reputation for strength, beauty, nobility, speed and reliability. Horses are also known for their image of freedom and close connections with the natural elements of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These creatures are seen by some cultures as a symbol of a powerful life force and provider and so therefore a very positive influence. Amulets fashioned in the spirit of the Horse are believed to be able to capture their aura of strong independence and determination. This can instill the wearer of a Horse Amulet with a feeling of inner confidence and focused clarity of mind. For those seeking an amulet to assist with better concentration and a more positive sense of direction the Horse Amulet is a good choice.

To the Celts the Horse was mostly symbolized with war, victory and the acquisition of property. Their assistance in the gaining of territory made them highly respected. The Celtic Goddess Epona was assigned as a protector of Horses along with Mules and Donkeys. She was considered the deity of fertility and prosperity and illustrations and sculptures from this period show foals seated at her feet. They appear alongside ears of grain as a representation of sustenance and a shallow dish called a patera thought to act as a sign of freedom. Epona and her beloved Horses were regarded as being the spiritual guides of the soul into the afterlife. For these people the Horse had great importance for advancement and was cherished. The Celt people often carried or displayed a Horse Amulet for its protective qualities and as a sign of their wealth or bravery.

The ancient Greeks and Romans also associated the Horse with being victorious in war and also with virility and honor. In myths of the time Poseidon the mighty Sea God was thought responsible for the creation of the Horse. He is told in legends as creating it as a gift for, and devoted it to, his fellow Gods Hades and Ares. Every year in October the Roman people would offer a Horse to the God Mars in the hope of the reward of a long and healthy life. They used to retain the Horse's tail from the offering and keep it as a token of rebirth for the months ahead. This was a simple example of the many Horse related objects gathered and crafted to pay homage to this greatly admired animal. The Hippoi Athanatoi were known as the immortal Horses of the Gods said to have been sired by the Wind Gods who drew the chariot of Zeus. They are among lots of positive and interesting references to the Horse found within stories and records of these civilizations.

Indian tribes in America believe that the Horse's abundance of wild energy can be beneficially reined in and controlled. This they say can only be achieved when both Man and the Horse have come to a mutual understanding of respectful trust and shared responsibility. Once this special relationship had developed the Horse introduced from Spain became a major reliable form of transport and trade. In Chinese mythology the constellation named Fang is imagined to be comprised of four celestial Horses. In China long ago they linked the Horse to survival and depicted it as having the ability to fly and be blessed with the powers of immortality. A popular amulet option the swift Horse is one of the 12 animals chosen to be included in the Chinese Astrological Zodiac. Budda who chose the honored creatures is thought to have travelled beyond the physical world on the back of a winged white Horse.

Some Hindu's have the superstitious belief that the sound of a Horse's hoofs will scare evil spirits away. One of their customs involves a bridegroom riding a Horse to keep himself safe on his way to the brides home. One of their important Gods Vishnu is believed to have incarnated into a white Horse as his final transformation. All cultures around the world admire the Horse and there are a large number of paintings, carvings and jewelry highlighting their significancy throughout our history. Some superstitions also attach the color of a Horse to certain meanings and connect a black Horse with the night, mysteries, secrets and esoteric senses. A white Horse is linked to the Sun, daylight, vitality and birth. It is possible to acquire Horse Amulets in a variety of colors and styles to compliment their use or according to the individual's preferences.

The Horse is often pictured in people's dreams reinforcing its connection with the night and arcane. An expert on dreaming Carl Jung classified the Horse as akin to our intuitive nature and sometimes an indication of the body in a person's dream. forces. While you are asleep if you see yourself riding a Horse it is thought to signify the successful end to a personal project or event. If you appear to fall from a Horse in your dream this means you are nervously anticipating something. A Horse that is bucking is believed to be a signal to break a bad habit for the good of your health. If someone is feeling too restricted in an area of their life this may show up as a dream about a Horse pulling a wagon or one that is tied up and trying to break free. A Horse Amulet with its dream link to our intuition can be a comforting bedside companion.

An account of the Horse's background and amulets would not be complete without mentioning the well known luckiness of the Horseshoe. The crescent shaping of a Horseshoe and the Iron it is forged from have led to it being considered a strong symbol of protection. The Horseshoe has seven nail holes and many people think of this particular number as an extremely lucky one. So the Horse's metal shoes have an attachment to good fortune and have been utilized for generations as a luck token that keeps harmful spirits away. Finding a Horseshoe by chance is thought to be very fortunate and the higher the number of nails left in it the luckier it is. Horseshoes can become Horse Amulets and can be exceptionally effective for those people who require extra reserves of emotional strength. Like the Horse they carry the essence of their wearers and offer the same kind of spirited guardianship.

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