The Cow Amulet

The Cow Amulet

All around the world and in many cultures the Cow is regarded as a symbol of .

The Cow Amulet
The Cow used as an amulet symbol. The Luck, Fertility and Prosperity offered by the Cow Amulet and its Connections to the Earth and Our Life Force.

All around the world and in many cultures the Cow is regarded as a symbol of

provision, beginnings and potential. Some of our earliest history contains references to the significance of this animal in everyday life and among the many mythical deities. The Cow is well known for its association with the lushness of the Earth's green pastures and its calm methodical attunement with nature. Amulets in the form of the Cow are believed to be beneficial towards people in need of a calming influence or assistance with their level of patience. The spirit of this grounded and fertile creature has been influential for centuries for its stability as a provider and as an indication of wealth. These qualities, as well as many others are thought to be captured within a Cow Amulet to increase the wearers opportunities to prosper in life.

The ancient Greeks symbolized the Cow with the mythic Goddess Hera who was the beautiful daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She became the wife of the mighty Zeus and was considered the female deity for birth and marriage. Her sacred animal was a Cow and amulets shaped in this image are often a representation of Hera's legendary power in these areas. She had a strong zest for life and the avid pursuit of goals and these positive forces are usually amplified in a Cow Amulet of any kind. In Nordic myths Audhumla was a Cow, created from the ice that melted at the beginning of time, whose udders flowed four rivers of power. These were imagined to be the rivers of nourishment that fed the giants that went on to rule the first world. These and other early mythic tales have helped establish the Cow as symbolic of the life force, making them a popular option for an all round protective amulet.

Cow Amulets have been crafted for thousands of years to symbolize and draw upon the mothering essence of the Cow. These animals are naturally very watchful over their young and this strong nurturing instinct is believed to be transferred to a Cow Amulet. In Chinese ideology Cows are thought to be representative of the Moon and endowed with feminine Yin influenced qualities. The legendary Cow Maiden Zhi Nu who was the youngest daughter of the Queen of the Heavens is honored in China on Valentines Day. Along with her 6 sisters she is remembered on the 7th day of the seventh month by the lunar calendar for weaving sky clouds. Inscribed in Verdic texts the Cow represents both the Earth and the sky and is regarded as a deliverer of abundance and fertility. In their scriptures Cows were known as 'Mothers' and their milk as nectar or elixir.

The Cow and especially Cow Amulets are frequently mentioned in historical Egyptian literature as they were sacred to several Goddesses. These include Hathor, Nut and Bat or Bata who were each depicted as a fertile protection Goddess. Hathor was highly worshipped and called a Great Mother by the people and she was said to be descended from a heavenly Cow. As the nourisher of all things this cow-deity had a regal status and so many tokens and amulets were created in her likeness. The Goddess Nut has been illustrated in various forms as a Cow bearing 4 stars on its stomach. These are meant to stand for the four cosmic quarters of the Earth and the 4 directions and corners its celestial energy flows in and from. The Goddess Bat was sometimes named Ba of Two Faces for her presumed ability to be able to see into the past, present or future.

To the Hindus of all generations the Cow is a protected animal kept only for their milk and treated like a valued member of the family. The milk and urine of a dairy Cow is used to make curds and ghee butters while the dung is utilized as a source of household energy or for forehead ritual markings. Hindu myths tell of Kamadhenu the wish Cow who could magically grant any desired wish to their owner. This particular Cow was portrayed as a sign of prosperity and a large number of relics are found fashioned in its image. In Hinduism different parts of the Cow are individually assigned to some belief significance. For example the Cow's legs signify the 4 Vedas and its teats are symbols of the four Purusharthas. It's face, particularly when in a Cow Amulet, is meant to amplify the vitality of the Sun and Moon and the horns are pictured as Gods.

One of the most interesting tales in the history of the Cow was told and taught by a Zen Buddhist with the name of Seikyo. He is admired for his illustrative comparison of Cow herding and the spiritual path towards enlightenment. He described a lost cow as someone who was experiencing a loss of their way and that finding traces of this animal signaled finding the start of the right path. Catching sight of the Cow was the following step hopefully succeeded by catching the Cow and so possessing the basic skills required. This comparing continued with learning the discipline and patience to herd the cow and go through the daily routines. It was finalized by keeping watch on conduct and 'coming home on the cow back' meaning finally achieving true wisdom. These messages of patient self control from the Cow's influence ensure a Cow Amulet's effective meditation vibes.

There are lots of reasons for choosing a Cow Amulet as your personal guardian and good fortune inducement charm. All references concerning the Cow in fact and legend are positive and emphasize them as creatures to be cherished and respected. The plentiful range of useful products the Cow gives us, and its lack of negativity is an indication of the extent of its possible powers in amulet form. The Cow Amulet is one of the most relevant choices for people seeking to flourish personally or boost their career or level of income. Cow Amulets generate equally well while either being worn or by being placed in a favorable place. Concentrating and focusing on them when in need of hope, finances or directional guidance may help calm the mind and offer comfort and detract any negative thoughts.

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