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Astrology Chart Horoscope

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2013 Year of the Black Snake – Chinese Horoscope

Born of the water the Snake 2013 demands that life be calm and calculated, but there is also great dynamism, mobility and changeability connected with this year of 2013.

2012 Zodiac Horoscope

The 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon. Read free 2012 Zodiac Horoscope for your sign. Find twelve brief 2012 horoscopes for each zodiac sign, realize how to be successful in 2012 and preserve harmony in your everyday life throughout 2012 year of the water Dragon.

2012 Chinese Year of Dragon

There is a Chinese Year of the Dragon every 12 years and every 60 years in this astrological cycle this creature acquires the element of water as its guiding force. When this occurs, like it does in 2012, it is declared to be a Year of the Water Dragon.

The Lunar Astrology Cycle

In Solar astrology, we take into account the 12 signs of the zodiac and the revolution of the earth around the sun. This gives us 12 zodiac signs for which we continuously see predictions in newspapers and websites. However, consider the fact that we are over 6 billion people on planet earth so there must be something more that determines our destiny vis a vis planetary movements.

Daily Horoscope Reading and its Impact On Your Life

If you pick up a newspaper, or consult a web based news site, chances are you will find daily horoscopes. While these predictions are most often placed in the entertainment section, you are bound to find that many people consult them on a routine basis, as well as comment on predictions that correspond to something going on in their life.

Astrology: It's Impact on the World Then and Now

Not so long ago, astrological readings were only available for leaders and the elite. Today, just about any person can have their natal chart cast, as well as daily horoscopes, and other specialized readings. That said, there is still an enormous difference between a computer generated chart and one developed by an experienced and intuitively gifted astrologer.

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