Horoscope 2014 Year of Green Horse

Horoscope 2014 Year of Green Horse

The period between January 31st, 2014 and February 18th, 2015 will proceed under the sign of the Green Wooden Horse.

Horoscope 2014 Year of Green Horse
2014 Horoscope, 2014 Year of Green Horse

Anyone who hitherto believed in that “those born to crawl cannot fly”, will soon take his statement back, because nothing is impossible when higher powers get involved. The temperamental Horse will force us to run where we first walked at a leisurely pace, and sing in a loud voice when we would have barely whispered. To avoid being trampled into the dirt by a heavy hoof, people will have to become active, enterprising and determined.

The 2014 Year of the Horse will make our lives a combination of passion and idealism on one side and practicality and assertiveness on another. The lofty ideals will not prevent the Wooden Horse to set itself practical goals and achieve their performance. The Wooden Horse is a great social activist with her inherent sociability, a sober view of life, the breadth of mind and a great sense of purpose. What a Wooden Horse will not stand are meanness, cunning, miserliness and cowardice and it can severely punish those that have these qualities. If the Wooden Horse seizes an idea, it is usually ready to turn heaven and earth upside down, just to realize its plan into life. Therefore, in the 2014 year of the Wooden Horse, it is possible to realize even the wildest of ideas, as long as there is a firm belief in success and not a moment of deviation from the plan. A Wooden Horse is a big optimist! At the same time, the Wooden Horse can sometimes show temper, authoritarianism and excessive adherence to principles that lead to quarrels and conflicts. Therefore, throughout the year of the Wooden Horse, it is desirable to sidestep conflict situations, as even a minor altercation can go very far! Wooden Horses are peculiar with amorous passion, so 2014 yaer will be marked by a storm of many romances.

In any situation, the Horoscope of 2014 advises to remember that nothing is fixed in the world, so what may currently seem like dirt underfoot, can tomorrow turn out to be the gold-bearing sand. What the 2014 will bring for the signs of the Zodiac is largely dependent on which element they belong to:

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Horse is a fiery and a passionate animal, so the representatives of the Fire element will feel themselves quite well in the Year of the Wooden Horse and will be able to find a useful application of their force and energy. If you are Fire, then in 2014 you will lose your head from a great love and know an all-consuming passion! In 2014, luck will personally walk into the hands of the Fire signs, but their own impatience and quick temper may stand in the way of their goals. For members of the Fire sign, 2014 will be a time full of contrasts – they can achieve much, but also lose what they have previously accomplished, depending on whether they will have enough wisdom, patience, and determination.

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  • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

    Wooden Horses have inherent sociability, curiosity, and a broad mind – it is her kinship with the Air sign. If you are Air, then be ready that throughout the entire 2014 you will have to be at the epicenter of events and take an active part in all public undertakings. For Air signs, 2014 is a year of personal fulfillment, career development and creative achievements. In the Year of the Wooden Horse, the personal life of the Air signs will be very rough, rich, filled with vivid events and unforgettable meetings. Well, for that love affair to end with a happy conclusion, the Air signs must show loyalty and constancy.

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  • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

    The Horse is very emotional, and this unites it with the Water signs. If you are Water, be prepared for 2014 to have boiling and overflowing feelings and emotions. For many representatives of the Water signs, the year 2014 will be a year of an emotional renewal and rebirth; when the person is changing the world is changing around him. In 2014, the Water signs should wait for many changes on the personal front, under the influence of which they will be able to fully develop and express their inner world. Love will become the stimulus for the Water signs, under the influence of which they can achieve success in work and become happier in their personal life!

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  • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

    The Wooden Horses are impressed by the practicality and purpose of the Earth signs, as well as with their ability not to retreat in the fact of difficulties and overcome challenges. If is for this reason that 2013 will be a period of significant creative, career and professional achievements for the Earth signs. If you are a representative of the Earth sign, the Wooden Horse will bring you lots of favorable prospects in life and help strengthen your financial well-being. But in this personal life, you could be in trouble if you forget about romance and become too strict and critical of a loved one. Do not forget that the most important thing in love are feelings!

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