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Tiger 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the Rooster

Free 2017 Horoscope for the Chinese Zodiac sign Tiger for the 2017 year of the Rooster.

2017 Tiger Horoscope

For those born in the year of the Tiger, the year of the Red Rooster will be a turning point in life. It's precisely this year that their destiny will be decided. Some of them will make an incredible breakthrough, some will change their profession, others will get married, and others will have children. In any event, Tigers can expect magnificent
changes in their lives, which will make them look at the world with new eyes, reassess their life values, and get their priorities straight. The future success will depend on the route taken, and so Tigers will have to rack their brains, think properly about everything, analyze, assess, and only then should they make the final decision. The choice won't be
easy, since the Rooster, who is generous in gifts and surprises, will simply throw the most different and promising opportunities your way, but you should only choose one thing, whatever is most meaningful.

The movements of the planets and Fortune will be favorably disposed to representatives of this sign and will protect them from potential misguided conclusions and decisions, and so with
every issue, even the most insignificant or the most important, it is of prime importance to proceed according to your inner feelings. During this period Tigers will have a sharp increase in intuition, and several hypersensitive personalities will even be able to make small predictions about the future without knowing it. The Tiger will stand out for its bravery, agility, and

The Tiger, as well as the patron of 2017, the Fire Rooster, is a fighter for justice, a diligent worker, who is used to doing it all itself. Despite its innate activeness and dynamics, the Tiger is often overcome with laziness. Everyone born in the year of the tiger can be classified as a "person of many moods". They will give
it their all, if they have a serious need, or an irresistible desire, but no other reason, no other occasion can make the Tiger even lift a finger. However, this quality is not a hindrance, but a help to it. What we mean is that by being lazy, on the subconscious level the Tiger sifts through everything unnecessary and pointless, everything
which has no real substance, leaving only the most rational and profitable suggestions, which it takes on without any doubts. It doesn't matter which area of professional activity the representatives of this sign are involved in, astounding success awaits them everywhere.

In the year of the Rooster, the Tiger's actions will be extremely unpredictable. It will want to hide in the sturdy
embrace of its beloved, but it will be suffocated by excessive supervision. In relationships, such mood swings could result in misunderstandings and a lack of harmony, and so Tigers must work on themselves, learn to control their emotions, contain their short-term impulses and desires, in order to avoid arguments and quarrels. But even if representatives of this sign are able to
master their inner being, there's no way they'll be able to change it.

You shouldn't overstep yourself; just try to discuss your condition with the one you love peacefully and in a balanced way, and they will certainly understand and support you. Your sincerity and openness will be the match which reignites the fire of your love and passion. This year, married
Tigers would do better to be completely open with their loved ones, in order to strengthen the relationships, and not destroy them. The Tiger will be slightly bothered by the home environment and domestic issues, and so it will look for any reason to invite people over, or to get invited by someone else, and it will start to visit public
places. It shouldn't come as a surprise if it becomes a tradition for the Tiger to order pizza for dinner right in the office, or to have dinner with the family at a comfortable restaurant, because the mere thought of making food and washing dishes could be horrifying for representatives of this Zodiac sign. Among Tigers there are those who like
to stay at home, who have gone back from being predatory animals to being domestic cats, easy-going, gentle, and caring. These people shouldn't be concerned about their family relationships, since for them family has and always will be the main priority in life.

In a group, Tigers should be a bit more reserved, since there is a good chance of a sharp
temper and aggression, which could lead to big arguments and the ending of relationships with friends, relatives or colleagues. For this reason, whenever there is the slightest reason to suspect that conflict is about to break out, it would be better to withdraw, until everything calms down. This year many Tigers will take one of the most serious steps in their
lives - they will get married. You shouldn't be afraid of the unknown, of change or of responsibility. You'll manage just fine with all of these, and you'll be the happiest family person on the face of the earth.

The year of the Fire Rooster holds a large breakthrough for Tigers, a jump in their career and professional growth. This means that
it's possible for them to set themselves big goals, to experiment, try their strength in different directions, unlock new talents, discover their creative potential, implement plans and conquer new heights. Throughout the entire period, fortune will smile at them, and so they are guaranteed success. The Rooster will give Tigers numerous new opportunities, and so in order to achieve the most
results, they must focus on the most important matters, not wasting their time. For Tigers it's important not to stay put. They must be moving constantly - doing something, implementing something, learning, gathering, improving. Only with such a frantic rhythm will they be able to improve their results as much as possible, and achieve great success in business and in their

Don't be afraid to take risks, although of course we don't mean engaging in illegal ventures. All reasonable risks will be justified, and Tigers will be generously rewarded. Their financial standing will start to improve in leaps and bounds, but it's not a good idea to rejoice too soon. The flow of income could stop at any moment, and so the
primary task of representatives of this sign will be to save, invest, and not waste money. In the year of the Rooster, Tigers should be very careful with their earnings, and so it would be a good thing to keep a record, and plan all your expenditure in advance. This will help you to avoid unforeseen purchases, and to keep a
large part of the money you receive.

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this is the opposite me this year i always pray i got a job offer but almost no one contacts me that truly hurts.

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Wow...2016 was do hard. I just got terminated from job. The reading is accurate.

[ Italy ] [ Post Reply ]

Tell me my future

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