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Rooster 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the Rooster

Free 2017 Horoscope for the Chinese Zodiac sign Rooster for the 2017 year of the Rooster.

2017 Rooster Horoscope

Everyone born in the year of the Rooster will be extremely successful and lucky this year. And it's no wonder, since they were born under the patronage of the master of this year, the Rooster, who will protect them from problems and difficulties and will spread out in front of them a red carpet on their roads to success. This year
will be quite challenging for representatives of this sign, but it will be rich, colorful, fascinating and memorable. People born under this sign won't be able to sit down and do nothing - they themselves will look for something to do. In this way the limits of their opportunities will grow exponentially with every second. They know how to get stuck
in, but they don't know how to get out. That's why it's no big deal for them to investigate new territories, test their strength in new areas, make new acquaintances, expand their knowledge and skills, and gather invaluable experience.

The Rooster is a courageous and diligent bird. Under no circumstances will it be a parasite and live off others. Its respectful attitude
towards work opens up new horizons and possibilities in front of it, which will not only help it to live under difficult circumstances, but also to amass decent capital for developing its business or implementing long-standing plans.

The Rooster is open, direct, friendly, easily gains trust even of chance passers-by or travelers, and everybody loves and respects it. That's why, aside from
the Rooster's own resources, for its activities it can also safely count on support from the outside, which will be provided by friends and chance acquaintances, not to mention relatives. The most important thing for the Rooster to remember is that problems don't exist as such, there are just tasks which require immediate decisions. With the right approach and without excessive
emotionality, everything will be dealt with simply, easily and quickly. For this reason there's no point getting into a panic, becoming hysterical or stamping your feet, when something doesn't go as planned. Life is unpredictable, and that's what makes it interesting. You just need to take a sober look at what has happened, assess it objectively, analyze it and make a
decision regarding future actions.

The rooster is very assiduous when circumstances require. It knows how to manage its overflowing energy very well, how to find an outlet and dispose of its resources sensibly. The Rooster is a fighter for justice, and it will defend it with all its life, without regretting it for a moment. That's why its road to glory and
success is quite challenging, because relationships and money play a huge role in the world of today, and the Rooster is not used to exploiting privileges or achieving things in an immoral way. During this period the Rooster should avoid conflict and negative people, who could ruin its mood out of the blue. It should also reassess its life values and
say goodbye to its past, if some facts from its past are keeping it from developing fully and achieving success. Only by clearing up space for new energy will the Rooster receive a surge of strength for new accomplishments, which will improve its well-being and quality of life.

The Rooster is a caring and attentive creature. It will always make an effort
to do good, to help and support, and surround its loved ones with care and attention. Sometimes this can be a bit smothering, and so it's necessary to keep track of how appropriate this is in certain situations. Your care shouldn't go overboard by becoming an obsession to tie somebody to yourself and control every step they take, every breath and
word. This could lead to a breaking of the relationship and a loss of self esteem. That's why the Rooster, as strange as this might sound, should be a little egoistical, put its own interests in first place, think about its own comfort, and not to worry several times a day whether its beloved has eaten, put on underwear, or let
their coffee go cold. Such unreasonable control will destroy the very thing which Roosters have been building for so long.

In order to achieve critical balance and harmony in relationships, the Rooster absolutely has to work on its self perception. Analyze your attitude towards yourself as a person, an individual, who has, or really should have, your own ambitions, desires, dreams and
basic human needs. If you come to understand that your spouse's dreams have become your dreams and desires too, you must do something straight away, in order to bring back your individuality, to become an independent and self-sufficient person again. The Rooster is often quite full of itself, and so it is often quite hard to persuade it that it's wrong,
that it's possible to live another way, that it's possible to live better, a lot better. Overconfidence can be destructive, but by no means constructive. That's why it's important to find yourself first, in order to preserve a relationship.

Single Roosters can expect a lot of adventures on the romantic front. It will have a lot of fans and admirers. However, if
it stops dictating its conditions to everyone around, trying to reform, sets its egocentricity and its sense of ownership aside, and becomes more tolerant, level-headed and calm, it will be able to choose from among the hoards of admirers a significant other who will be with it until the end of its life, sharing all the sorrow and all the happy
moments. The Rooster is very social and friendly, and so it spends a lot of time with its friends. It's very important for it to expand its social circle, in order to continue to grow and develop as a personality. If it is locked up at home, its communication restricted to two or three relatives and friends, very soon it will
be caught up with apathy and a lack of fire in its eyes.

In its year the Rooster will be full of strength and energy for future accomplishments. It can expect a fascinating, promising, but at the same time challenging period in the professional sphere of life. The Rooster is distinguished by special courage, boldness, energy and punctuality. Thanks to these innate
qualities it will prove itself to its boss in the best way. What's more, the Rooster is not afraid of any kind of work. For this reason it will easily achieve success in the most dirty and unskilled work as well as in high positions. Its prior reputation as a workaholic and a responsible member of staff will help it to
fly up the corporate ladder. There's no point in rushing to come to conclusions or make hasty decisions. You'll have enough time to think everything through carefully, weigh up all the pros and cons, and make a final decision. The Rooster could open its own business boldly and start to develop it. It could also progress confidently along the corporate ladder,
but a change in its area of focus or workplace won't bring it any good.

Rooster 2017 Horoscope Comments

Thanks for the early 2017 post Does the last line mean changing jobs/careers won't increase happiness, because that's exactly what I was looking forward to doing 2017 lol . Either way, @ least 2017 will be a better year than 2016 in love and life, 2016 Monkey year was an unfruitful emotiona
l rollercoaster like the other monkey years, let's go 2017!!!!!!! I hope to finally be blessed w/a husband that is also my best friend this year!

[ Crazy cock ] [ Post Reply ]

Some wishes here! Hope you find what youre looking for this year! Am actually offered a new job in a different country but still considering. the first paragraph sounds resonating with this offer though. I hope to get married with someone that have bestfriend quality too!

[ Zoe ] [ Post Reply ]

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