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Monkey 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the Rooster

Free 2017 Horoscope for the Chinese Zodiac sign Monkey for the 2017 year of the Rooster.

2017 Monkey Horoscope

In the year of the Rooster, the restless and nimble Monkey will get a wonderful chance to completely meet its own ambitions, to go boldly straight ahead and take part in various risky undertakings, because everything it accomplishes will be successful. Success will await the Monkey at every step, and so representatives of this sign can set themselves enormous goals, grandiose
plans and ingenious ideas, without any doubt. They will bring every one of their ideas to life with surprising ease, and achieve what they aspired to. The Monkey will be able to make quick decisions, react adequately to the prevailing circumstances, and even find a way out of impasses. It's smart, cunning and devious, and these qualities will come in really
handy this year.

Although Fortune will turn to face the Monkey, it shouldn't be arrogant or presumptuous. The Rooster does not tolerate inconsistency and unpredictability, and so representatives of this sign will have to become reliable, responsible, organized and persistent. These are qualities which the Monkey will really have to work on in order to attain, because without cultivation of the above-mentioned
character traits, the Monkey won't be able to complete even one of its projects or ideas, no matter how promising or profitable they are. The Monkey is a dynamic and energetic creature, and so the insane tempo which the Rooster will set from the first days of its reign won't be anything out of the ordinary for it, and it will
quickly fall into its usual environment, where it will feel like a fish in water. This will help the Monkey to save its strength, and it will give it more confidence in its own irresistibility.

The year of the Rooster will bring the Monkey a lot of wonderful reasons to be happy - it will have many new friends, business will move
only upwards, the stream of ingenious thoughts and rational ideas will be brought to life quickly and successfully, generating a lot of profit for representatives of this eastern sign. The Monkey will have to focus on the most important, highest priority matters, which will lead it to the desired results and the ultimate goals. The experience which it has gained earlier
will definitely come in handy during the implementation of future plans.

Representatives of this sign must be discerning, they must learn to calculate several steps ahead, to incorporate possible variations of the way things will pan out. Such caution will allow the Monkey to avoid numerous problems and mistakes, and it will also make the drops softer. In other words, the Rooster
will be too generous towards the Monkey, but it has to moderate its natural enthusiasm, become more calm and level-headed. Only in this scenario can the Monkey expect magnificent prospects and mind-blowing results.

Under the influence of Venus, in the year of the Rooster the frivolous Monkey is unlikely to be bored. It will enjoy the attention of numerous admirers, meeting with
each of them just a little, in an attempt not to offend any of them. But such "generosity" and "reciprocity" will definitely not be to everyone's liking. There's a chance that the Monkey will be also treated in an extremely unserious way, and that others will only be in a relationship with it for the sake of entertainment and passing the

If the Monkey is not planning to be deprived of its freedom or let outsiders into its heart, such an approach will also work. But if representatives of this sign are looking for long-term, serious relationships, built on mutual respect, love and loyalty, they must calm their ambitions and enthusiasm urgently, and stop flirting with everyone everywhere they go. The monkey
must set limits of what is acceptable, and learn to keep its distance.

Representatives of this eastern sign who have their own families should treat what they currently have with more care. There is a chance of romantic adventures or infatuations. However, they must understand that this is a fleeting thing, whereas a family is forever. If priorities are set correctly right
from the start, there's an excellent chance that the Monkey will avoid all temptations and romantic adventures which could have a destructive effect on its family. The monkey is quite a social and communicative personality, and so it has too many friends and mere acquaintances with whom to meet up, discuss the latest news or global problems, or to just go
to the shops. For this reason, it would be better to transfer all their admirers from the ranks of potential lovers to the ranks of interesting acquaintances and good friends. This will help the Monkey to preserve its family, make new friends, expand its circle of interaction, and avoid offending anyone with a decline. Those who are unsatisfied with this approach
will drop out all on their own, and so representatives of this sign have nothing to worry about. By simply demonstrating discretion, chastity and decency, the monkey can gain real happiness amongst its relatives, friends and beloved.

As far as the professional sphere is concerned, the year of the Rooster will be a period of major breakthroughs and achievements. However, in order
to achieve something, the Monkey will be required to be on its best behavior, to demonstrate its strongest sides, and show its professionalism. Careerists should be constantly in plain sight of their managers, in order to be at hand whenever they are needed. This will result in the Monkey being the first on the list of candidates for a high position.
Representatives of this sign need to demonstrate insistence, promptness, punctuality and creativity. These qualities will be very much appreciated by the boss, and that's why the people who have the above-mentioned qualities will be appointed to the positions. Monkeys will achieve the most results in areas such as acting, business, management and marketing, trading on exchanges and freelancing.

Representatives of this sign
who work for themselves, or do freelance jobs, will have the best results, that is, professions in which nobody tells you how to act, what to do, who to work with, when to come and go, where nobody impinges on your freedom of thought, speech and action. The Monkey must say goodbye to its frivolousness and flippancy towards finances. Although it
knows how to earn and save money, it still has a big weakness - it can blow it all in a matter of hours. And the Rooster doesn't like it when people throw money around, and it could lead such spenders to bankruptcy. That's why the Monkey should avoid such temptations, or give the money to a reliable person to look

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Better year ahead for the monkey than last year! Looking forward.

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