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Pig 2017 Horoscope

The 2017 year of the Rooster

Free 2017 Horoscope for the Chinese Zodiac sign Pig for the 2017 year of the Rooster.

2017 Pig Horoscope

The Pig (Boar) is the soul mate of the patron of 2017, the Fire Rooster, and so this period will be more than successful for it. Finally the Boar will be able to take a deep breath and enjoy all the moments of life. Representatives of this sign will get wonderful opportunities to bring to life all their plans, realize their
desires and see their fondest dreams come true. The Rooster won't push the sluggish Pig, or require it to make fast decisions or have lightning quick reactions. It will continue to live at the same tempo as before. The only difference will be what it does and what direction it moves in. A development which takes place at the start of
the year and gets the Boar thinking about its life will be a decisive factor in this matter. It will rethink its life principles and moral foundations, and analyze the mistakes which have kept it from moving forward towards its bright and carefree future.

Representatives of this sign can expect extremely interesting and rich life developments this year, they will move up
easily, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals. What's more, all the problems which arise along the Pig's way will work out quickly and easily all on their own, because Fortune will accompany the Pig in all its dealings. That's why the Pig won't have to bother with thinking through various courses of action or looking for resources and ways to deal
with the problems. Calmly, without unnecessary movement, it will boldly pave its own road to success. Nothing and nobody will divert it. The Pig can be confused by its baseless panic attacks and anxiety. That's why from the very first days of the Rooster taking on its rule, the Pig needs to start working on its self esteem and its confidence
in its own strength. If it's confident that it will get by, it can definitely achieve success and prosperity, its reasons for anxiety will simply fall away.

The Rooster will give the Pig numerous pleasant moments and surprises, which will effectively lift its spirits and inspire it for new achievements. Excessive emotionality could stop the Pig from enjoying all the colors of
life and from accepting the gifts of Fate. In order to experience the real flavor of life in all its magnificence, the Pig must learn to handle its emotional outbursts, control its momentary feelings, letting them take the back seat. The Pig is a sympathetic creature which knows how to empathize and support, but these innate character traits can play a
dirty trick on it - the Pig will simply never live its life and enjoy it in all its splendor, because it will play the role of "Mother Teresa", dealing with outsider's problems, doing their work for them and worrying about their hardships as much as its own.

The Red Rooster treats representatives of the eastern sign of the Pig with a
lot of respect. It does everything necessary to ensure that the Pig lives in peace and happiness. It's very gentle and social, and so the Pig very really gets involved in conflicts, and starts them even less often. Many people make friends with it, respect it and support it. In other words, the Pig is a national favorite in society, good
to everyone. It goes without saying that it's not realistic to be good to everyone, and so even the pig has one or two enemies. The Pig must be attentive towards people who try to get inside its head without any reason, imposing their company on it. They could be the foxes who try to befriend you in order to strengthen
their arsenal for fighting against you. But the Pig has nothing to worry about. Its sensitive and well developed intuition won't allow malefactors to wrap it around their little finger. Relatives really love their Pig, because it's caring, attentive, diligent, humble and peaceful, and this is set of remarkable qualities for establishing a family and stable relationships.

The Pig is very devoted,
faithful and sincere in love, and so it is considered one of the best types for family life. As a spouse, the Pig is not a leader but a companion who always gives suggestions, helps, gives assistance and support, if circumstances require, but it never takes the reins, because it believes that equality should reign in the family. There is a
chance that under impressions and with emotional impulses the Pig could fall in love so strongly that everything else recedes into the background. Married representatives should watch out for such clearly expressed emotional outbursts, in order to avoid exchanging the family for a momentary crush, but single representatives of this sign can enjoy another romantic adventure, plunging into the storm of
passion and the ocean of unforgettable emotions.

The Pig is an industrious and responsible creature, which can be relied on in every situation and under all circumstances. These qualities which have been bestowed on it from birth will become fundamental tools for career growth. From the very start of the year the Pig (Boar) will have a number of opportunities, thanks to
which the Pig will commend itself from the most profitable angle, and will demonstrate that it is the most fitting, and rightly deserves a promotion. The boss won't let the merits of the industrious and diligent Pig go unnoticed. The career growth will take off sharply pretty soon. But there are no limits for the persistent and single-minded Pig, and with
each new achievement it will set the bar higher and higher, aspiring to perfection. The Pig will achieve particular success by working as a vet, teacher, programmer or social worker.

In their work, representatives of this sign work on quality, and not quantity. That's why their work is particularly appreciated, and remunerated accordingly. The Pig has enough time to tie up loose
ends, which will make its life significantly easier and bring it closer to the finish line. In the year of the Red Rooster, the Pig won't be able to save up a tidy sum, because the time has come to spend its savings, and not to increase them. Now it can let itself bring its wishes to life, go traveling, buy
a more spacious apartment, or a holiday house, a new car or a change of wardrobes. In any event, all the expenses during this period will have a positive character, and will deliver only satisfaction.

Pig 2017 Horoscope Comments

2017 is absolutely the year for me to FORGET about all of that dramatic tension I had inside my head!!

[ 2017 ] [ Post Reply ]

The rooster will more than likely face all it's fear as much as it disappointed me very much as far as that 2017 didn't really came out in a way that I was expecting for it to be!!

[ 2017 ] [ Post Reply ]


[ 2017 ] [ Post Reply ]

2017 was absolutely the WORST year that ever came to me because it didn't really came out in the way I was expecting for it to be like!

[ 2017 ] [ Post Reply ]

I am hoping for a strong and positive 2017 to all my fellow piggies. We've struggled long enough with so mich upheavals and obstscles. It is time for the heaven and stars to shine in our favor and shower us with grace.

[ Piggy ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello friend. Can You answer me friend for my setisfection how long you'r suffering with bad luck? Here since 2014 middle I'm drowning bro, still can not find a little air to breath with huge pressure from every corner.

[ Monir ] [ Post Reply ]

what are you talking about?

[ ??? ]

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