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today February 22, 2017 horoscope

Sun sign Horoscope for today Wednesday February 22, 2017.

Horoscope for today February 22, 2017

A continually waning moon enters the house of Capricorn on the Twenty-Second of February. While Capricorn is a sign of many admirable qualities the slimness of the moon means that the negative traits of fear and hunger for power will prevail for this cycle. The natives of all signs should allow fear to keep them in check without letting it stop them from achieving.

February 22, 2017 Horoscope

Aries Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Children of Aries will likely do well today as the fear of Capricorn will only temper their natural courage and enthusiasm. This will likely mean that the child of Aries who often makes mistakes will today be spared this misfortune through the application of caution, though the child of Aries who often takes time for deliberation may not move at all today.

Taurus Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Taureans are not likely to be effected by the fear of Capricorn today, as Taureans are often confident within their own routines and seldom try new things. The average native of Taurus will experience some paranoia today, but will not be largely hampered in their life and work.

Gemini Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Children of Gemini are likely having a hard time today. As the people who often interact with others the most you are the people who are most likely to deal with issues like distrust with a moon in Capricorn. You can carry on life as usual, or you can shut out the world and hide from it.

Cancer Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Cancerians do not react well to fear and will likely do what they can today to maintain their personal space. While it can be hard to fight this impulses, be sure that this particular impulse does not prevent you from maintaining your responsibilities.

Leo Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Children of Leo with a slim moon in Capricorn are most likely to manifest the uncertainty of Capricorn in the form of concern for their own self-images. Whether Leos can defend against this best by avoiding others or by interacting with others is best left to the discretion of the individual Leo.

Virgo Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Virgoans are likely to be concerned for their health, or for the future today. Deep down the thoughtfulness and work-ethic of most Virgoans comes from their concern for days to come, so this is likely where you will feel the most uncertain today. Play to your nature and plan ahead for potential catastrophe.

Libra Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Librans are not likely to encounter much conflict today as the natives of most signs are keeping to themselves. The natives of some of the stronger signs may try to capitalize on this, however, which may give you a job to do. While you are likely to question yourself today be confident in your ethics and beliefs.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Children of Scorpio are likely to be particularly dangerous today as the fear that comes from a moon in Capricorn will make you particularly defensive today. Try to do no more damage than is necessary to defend yourselves, as the natives of some signs will be hurt by your reaction but the natives of others will only react in kind.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Sagittarians should consider spending additional time away from stressors today. While Sagittarius is one of the clamer signs you are not immune to the effects of a moon in Capricorn, and will likely have a day of high stress. Fortunately you are mentally equipped to unwind after such a day and return refreshed tomorrow.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

The children of Capricorn are likely today to be particularly worried about their work and their positions. Concerns about work should be addressed to knowledgeable colleagues who can help you in the right direction, and concerns about position should not be addressed at all, as these are likely all in your head.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Aquarians are likely to take particular advantage of the fear of the day to advance their particular agendas, as fear is a strong rhetorical appeal. Consider carefully whether this how you want to advance your ideals, and whether an audience will be receptive to this particular choice.

Pisces Daily Horoscope
February 22, 2017

Natives of Pisces are likely to be affected by the fear of Capricorn two-fold today, as in addition to the direct impact of the moon in this house you will also take on the fear that some of the natives of other signs are reflecting to you. It may be wise to take on only small tasks today so that the perceived risk is fairly low.

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