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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Today Horoscope for January 21st

Daily Horoscope for Today January 21, 2020 for Zodiac Sign Aquarius

January 21st, 2020

Step outside of your head today. Well, your HEADS, rather. Two isn't always better than one, especially if it means twice as many thoughts clouding your inspired vision.

Daily Saying for Aquarius

He goes beyond the bounds.

Source: Latin

Aquarius Horoscope Comments

what does this quote mean

[ amz ] [ Post Reply ]

what's my lucky swertres number

[ tito ] [ Post Reply ]

Will i find my soulmate soon

[ Donna ] [ Post Reply ]

I am totally confuse in Love

[ simpleheary ] [ Post Reply ]

i hope everything will goes well ...happy to be 38 soon

[ pie ] [ Post Reply ]

why can't I find true love??

[ faustina ] [ Post Reply ]

why can't I find true love??

[ faustina ] [ Post Reply ]

be cool aquarius

[ nadzeri ] [ Post Reply ]

January 21st 1957 I've had a horrible 2018. praying 2019 improves. Can't take much more sorrow.

[ Kellee ] [ Post Reply ]

I get angry fast why

[ shahul hameed ] [ Post Reply ]

there must b a reason...find it????

[ amz ] [ Post Reply ]

well, i hope youre not a terrorist habib... David????

[ always? David ] [ Post Reply ]

what's at stake for me in 2019

[ Audrey ] [ Post Reply ]

all I need is God grace.spending my day in the hospital ????????????????

[ Helen ] [ Post Reply ]

Why we feel inlove

[ Kris ] [ Post Reply ]

to know about my future

[ ndongwa Augustin ] [ Post Reply ]

I love it when my horoscope and my day are in sync.!!!! *[Aquarian-Dragon]*

[ BARBARA ] [ Post Reply ]

back atcha Barbara I'm also an Aquarius Dragon !

[ Michelle ] [ Post Reply ]

I think all these questions is for a physic

[ aquarius 191 ] [ Post Reply ]

1-28-53..i am an Aquarium Dragon. This has been a hard month for me. looking forward to a better flow in February. Lots of fur people around... young ones. that's a very good sign.Trapped in a vortex.. but I've been here for so long it doesn't bother me anymore.. just go with the flow. and ignore
the shadow people. they're harmless.

[ BARBARA ] [ Post Reply ]

January 28th..wondering if this app is correct. nothing really pertains to anything.

[ BARBARA ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on feb 5th and I'm 48year old and I sure have found my true love

[ Maria ] [ Post Reply ]

Licensed massage therapy professional people known by their clients as healers of aches , pains anxiety etc. really need to be respected for their awesome work not asked uneducated questions by haters and non believers.

[ Mary LMT ] [ Post Reply ]

it is what it is. Faith, Hope, & Love

[ connie jackson ] [ Post Reply ]

am Aquarius I was born on 21 January please I want to know what am destiny to to do.I have tried so many busy and work, know one is working out for me please help me

[ chizzyunachuks ] [ Post Reply ]

as an Aquarian I love to help people in every way possible. but I'm also opstermisteak. the last day of an Aquarian is February 18. not the 19.

[ George ] [ Post Reply ]

hi I was born on the 14 Feb do you think my life will get any beater thanks

[ ] [ Post Reply ]

I feel like all this relates to me ??

[ Aquarius for life ] [ Post Reply ]

Will I'D Be Able To Buy An New Car And My 1st And Only New House.?

[ Yo ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello mummy...! my birthday is also on the 15th February. I too would like to know my true personality. My problem is that I compromise a lot..I don't know how to say no, and I'm too generous ( its seems I'm using my heart not my head to give to other people).

[ Cecilia ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on February 19th 1988 I am a Aquarius Earth Dragon

[ Maurice Williams ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a 64 yr old Aquarius water Dragon life gets more intense and awesome with each decade. You aquariuns GET INTO YOUR SPECIAL GIFTS you wont regret it. Peace out

[ Proofpuppy ] [ Post Reply ]

it is absolutely correct love it ????????????????

[ Khushi Shukla ] [ Post Reply ]

how can i know exactly my sing, i only know that am an Aquarius sing, my birthday is on 15th February. i want to know my true personality

[ mummy ] [ Post Reply ]

I think , u hv awsm personality, u r vry beautiful, n ur heart is full of love........there are millions of ppl born on this date ....bt u r spcl.....love u n hv a grt life ahead

[ Rama mishra ] [ Post Reply ]

Future finance the family 17 February 1957

[ Doloreza ] [ Post Reply ]

This is pretty messed up this month on the daily. You read your horoscope and it says a different sign then what you are.

[ Linda ] [ Post Reply ]

This is true working,because today one of my graet personal pbroblem solve,and due to this problem lead me to be here,reading the horoscope !

[ DeBruin ] [ Post Reply ]

just want to see the futuer ,,and what is ahead of me

[ gerrard koranteng ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi had lesbian lover dreams.... again!

[ pizzazz ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from pizzazz Hi had lesbian lover dreams.... again!
me too =)

[ burger ] [ Post Reply ]

oh? it seems you're like girls too.(insert question marks)

[ burger ] [ Post Reply ]

I am two zodiac symbols Aquarius and Pisces , so basically I am two water symbols. And my personality fits the two symbols pretty well. I love water..which is very very weird too me. Because I'm basically a fish with my two zodiac symbols and i love water. I take like three showers a day just to t
hink. It helps, even when I'm stressed. I'm like an artsy person too. Love music, so yeah it just depends on how the day goes for my zodiac symbols that affects me. Like if Pisces is not a good day an Aquarius is its like an off day for me. I enjoy having two cusp sighns. I feel 'divergent'

[ mariah ] [ Post Reply ]

AQUARIUS is an air sign. PISCES is a water sign.

[ Kellee ] [ Post Reply ]

No you joke

[ Fakiha Nadeem ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm on the cusp also feb 19 and I can relate

[ Tee ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm sorry to inform you that your not divergent but Aquarius is the water bearer not a water sign Aquarius is an air sign and you can't be both either your one or the other you either fall in as third decan Aquarius or a first decan Pisces! I'm also an Aquarius second decan to be exact and have been
into astrology for a long time. Figure out your sign to get a better personal reading and not sound silly darling best luck good wishes!

[ Aqua ] [ Post Reply ]


[ T ]

I don't wish to distress you but 'Aquarius' is an AIR SIGN...and a markedly different individual to a Pisces. It makes for a good cusp though...

[ Belle ] [ Post Reply ]

Had a dream last night about protecting these three ghost boys and trying to save them even tho they were gone. And then I took a nap later on the day and had a dream about my friend being a ghost and I was the only one who can see her. I wanted to keep her company and be safe. Ite interesting that
both I had the same feelings for. Protection.

[ Ninalune ] [ Post Reply ]

I dreamt that i was on a plane traveling

[ red chavez ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a virgo girl, i love a aqurious man. I want to know about the feeling of a aqusious man. I want to know why i know what he is feel about love.

[ Sona ] [ Post Reply ]

i had a dream today about a roller coaster train spiraling down a dark man was there talking to me.your quote of change is right .stay away from black men.

[ krista ] [ Post Reply ]

Love is God gifted, feeling such that which demonstrate the actual sign of love and aquarish zodiac having true love seeker

[ Subrat ] [ Post Reply ]

Brilliant: "a roller-coaster train was spiraling down a dark man".Was he a giant, or was the roller-coaster really, really tiny? Did he find it hard to talk with a roller-coaster spiraling down his throat? It must have been hard to tell what he was saying, or was he talking to you before/after the r
oller-coaster incident? What did he say that lead you to fear all black men? I'm utterly intrigued. Are black women to be avoided too? Or only ones swallowing roller-coasters?

[ Baphometrosexual ] [ Post Reply ]

Haha, love it. People and their punctuation, or lack there of. If you can talk, you should be able to use punctuation where needed. Mus't b a few flaw's i'n my theor'y though... like. straight out lazy'ness... for ex'ample...

[ Makeslifemoreinteresting ]

I might be willing to make the acquaintance of a blck woman capable of swallowing a roller coaster. But maybe that is just a peculiar thig...

[ leeviajero ]

, i hope its a good opportunity!!

[ jhen ] [ Post Reply ]

Gall. A little GALL embitters much honey. A little Gaul eventually becomes France.

[ EvaPeroni ] [ Post Reply ]

Thaenk you i will do so

[ Haizel ] [ Post Reply ]

What's up today

[ abraham guevara ] [ Post Reply ]

a little Gaul, embitters much honey,... now that's some advice for the day!!!! Keep your thoughts where they belong..... in your mind, and not your mouth!!!

[ davey sprocket ] [ Post Reply ]

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A daily horoscope for Aquarius will focus on the divulgement revealed by of the movement of the
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It can highlight their unpredictability and occasional emotionally cold sides. It will also advise on how they can try to improve their actions and responses in these areas.

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