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for April 20th

If your Birthday is April 20th and your Zodiac Sign is Aries

April 20th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 20th of April are believed to be friendly, loyal and practical with higher degrees of patience than other rams. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is the Moon making you naturally very intuitive and innovative. If you have this birthday your rich imagination and inquisitive mind give you an interest in the mysterious
and an appreciation of art and music. You are resourceful, good at planning and remarkably motivated so when you begin something you aim to always finish it but will usually refuse to be rushed. Your likelihood to remain calm in tense situations bestows you with business and managerial skills. Individuals with an April the twentieth birthday are emotionally quite sensitive and
private and often prefer quiet uncrowded environments. Some may view you as highly strung and a little touchy but underneath this seemingly defensive cover lies a much warmer, softer disposition.

Work and Finances

Career decisions to a person born on the twentieth of April are usually somewhat swayed by financial incentives. You are fairly ambitious with a mindset that likes to achieve something
worthwhile every day. Finances are important to you in your plans to secure a comfortable lifestyle, so given a choice you tend to opt for the highest paid position matching your abilities. Your calmness and practicality allow you to be capable of jobs involving lots of responsibility. The management of financial matters and saving are something you find easy therefore it
is rare for you to have many problems in this area.

Personal Relationships

For an Aries, the person born on the twentieth day of April is untypical in their preference to be seduced rather than be the seducer. In romance situations your cusp of Taurus birth time can cause you to be noticeably shier than usual about love partnerships. Despite this, in your
youth you may chase romantic soul mate ideals but as you mature your standards of perfection become more realistic. You seek a personal relationship that satisfies your lusty libido and strong cravings for affection, loyalty and emotional security. When you make a commitment you will not commit to any promises that you do not intend to keep. In a long term
relationship your fun loving, lively temperament comes alive and you are inclined to be sensuous and passionate. Although you can be stubborn, possessive and demanding at times you are also loving, dependable and devoted.


Maximum healthiness experienced by those born on April 20th will often require a fine balance of nutrition and exercise. You may need to work hard to ensure that
you eat healthily and remain active to achieve this equilibrium. A concern with your appearance encourages you to keep a keen eye on health in order to stay young looking and attractive. Your proneness to low moods can often be assisted by trying aromatherapy therapies or massage as a method of relaxation. People born on this day can sometimes have a
sweet tooth so it should prove beneficial to keep regular dentist appointments.

April 20th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main positive strengths of character are seen in the warmth and kindness you express to others and your imaginative curiosity. These fortes are accompanied by your top levels of motivation and thorough approach to everything you undertake. Recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on April 20th focus on your lunar influenced sensitivity. You have the tendencies to display
either over emotive or domineering behavior when you feel upset and out of control of circumstances. These weak parts of your nature are less likely to surface if you find effective ways to relax and get enough sleep.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 20th of April means that you will believe in equality and often have a desire to make society
a bit fairer. This mode of thought drives the type of goals that you set and gives you added enthusiasm to accomplish them. Your aptitude for innovation helps you in your desired endeavors and can also reflect in fanciful dreams where you gather some great ideas. When you are not dreaming of new concepts you commonly dream of the things you
would do if you won a large amount of money. Other common wishes are simply to be loved and respected by those that matter the most to you and be happy.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twentieth day of the month your birth date qualifies for a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has
the attached keyword 'Harmony' emphasizing your requirement for harmonious states in both your physical and mental well being. In Tarot the 20th card in the Major Arcana depicting Judgment is conjoined with your birthday. This possibly represents the importance you place on civil rights and dislike of injustices. The lucky gemstone for April the twentieth birthdays is a Pearl recommended for
attracting positivity and dispelling negative energies.


As the last of Aries personalities your probable characteristics are astrologically predicted by the planet Mars. The actual day you were born on, the twentieth of April is ruled over by our Moon and as a consequence these are the 2 planetary influences responsible for your individuality. Your responsible versatility and care in doing things are
admirable attributes that allow you to be purposeful. Your predilection to adhere to your own timetable can cause issues occasionally but your natural instincts usually prove right. If you can conquer your susceptibilities to be easily offended it should minimize stress levels. Two finishing thoughts for people born on April 20th are firstly to know when to let go of something
and secondly to consider being more accepting of unexpected developments.

April 20th Horoscope Comments

I'm 20th Babyyyy

[ Gechy ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm on April 20, wow. I'm proud of myself!

[ Rem ( I'm a girl) ] [ Post Reply ]

My love life s failiour..y..I truly love her ..my leo girl....y ..y..y like this..??!

[ Abin ] [ Post Reply ]

Why my love with a leo broke down???

[ Abin ] [ Post Reply ]

I truly enjoyed reading this entry about my birthday. Most of what is written is very on point!

[ ZOLA DELACEY ] [ Post Reply ]

XD I love looking at horoscopes, but I found out a lot! :D But I only looked for it's my anniversary... :angel:

[ Kiuytrew ] [ Post Reply ]

Indeed 70% of all I read here is true about I Chizzy G. omo u wey writam u 2u much jare. more power 2 ur elbow. But I'm trying to and leaving some of these behaviour.

[ Chizzy g youngstar ] [ Post Reply ]

420 rocks. matches me perfectly. natural pimps,and National weed day.

[ william mcclintock ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a April 20th baby was born 91 this readin sums me up perfectly! Love to all you 20th April babies :)

[ Ruth ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Ruth I'm a April 20th baby was born 91 this readin sums me up perfectly! Love to all you 20th April babies
I think we were born same day same year big ups

[ West ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah babe!! 420 rock

[ sachin ]

I'm an April 20 baby. I found that this is true for the most part, and the cool thing is it gives you things to work on if your clueless as to your shortcomings. Much love to ALL my April 20th Babies. We are NOT all POTHEADS!!! LOL

[ Brittney ] [ Post Reply ]

I know a lady 4/20 who is exact the same, I can't stand her .... I try to stay away unfortunately she's my MIL !!!!!!!

[ Jess ] [ Post Reply ]

not even one thing is there which can can suite me so I can't believe on this.

[ ahmad ] [ Post Reply ]

Cant beleive i share my birth day with Hitler ;-)

[ Dio ] [ Post Reply ]

so do I

[ ll ] [ Post Reply ]

i can't believe it either but really would have freaked out if I was born at the same time.

[ Chris ] [ Post Reply ]

my birthday is april 20, and believe me i am not a good person (thats what people tell me all the time)

[ matrix ] [ Post Reply ]

you and Hitler

[ boxcar ] [ Post Reply ]

I adore the singer Luther Vandross, and he has this birthday, his voice is so soulful and exquisite, and such a warm,kind person, gentle eyes,and amazing razzmatazz performances xxx to-abovefromabove your work colleague was obviously just a rude person,they are unfortunately around in life,but don't
hate all April 20 people, just chalk that one rude person up to just that,ONE rude person, and continue to have an open heart and mind to others,until they give you cause not to, peace and success all xxx

[ twinkle twinkle ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so Aries of you :love:

[ Jo Baby ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm April the 20 and I consider others before me, I respect people's ideas and listen to what people have to say. I'm honest and don't make stuff up. My horoscope is spot on. Everyone comes from a different back ground and I believe your coworker has had to rely on certain skills to survive. I feel
sorry for her. You prob want to probe deeper and you might then understand her and be more accepting.

[ Brent ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday my fellow april 20 people's lets enjoy life be happy give love,peace and happiness yo everyone especially my fellow burthday people :like:

[ zenaida ] [ Post Reply ]

I dont believe in any of this crap. My birthday has no affect on who i am as a person or the person ive become. My birthday is April 20 1982. Im nothing like the horoscopes read. This is just another thing people choose to believe in for whatever reason.My opinion.

[ Adriano ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey Listen up this is how people make things happen for the better. As a Taurean w/an Arien cusp its not easy. Yet all Taureans are keen to observe theirs. What life has to offer usually makes the difference. Enjoy this life.I will be the first to admit I am not perfect but sometime I feel like a GO
D so if I were you I would look at the value of a Taurean before saying what come to your mind. Not only are we Blessed by nature but yes love and money do have there moments w/ Taurus. Love me for my life and let me live. Always positive...

[ His Majesty ] [ Post Reply ]

Dont you have anything else to do beside than pointing a finger? Im abit curious what did you do lol? Clearly you hate her because you get the goodiess. Mr whatever above down above or who ever you re. If you feel uncomfortable then change the situation instead being a.. I dont know wanna be. Your h
omerun yesterday aint take you anyway today doesnt count lol.

[ greenlover ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on this day too and I would say that I am great at customer service. So please do not generalize this awful individual to the rest of us! Thanks.

[ Aries ] [ Post Reply ]

lot of peace 2 my fellows who are born on april 20

[ xhamcheetah ] [ Post Reply ]

adovefromabove - jealous much?

[ ariesfrombelow ] [ Post Reply ]

Sometimes I like quiet settings and other times customer service. Sometimes I feel morally superior as an Aries Taurus traits it can get stressful.

[ Victorious ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi! Everyone i was born on April 20 this day, but on my thought, not all the people are the same some might be good and some may not.. For me i was a kind and warm hearth guy . My weakness was i never listen to others people ideas ,anyway lol peace up everyone !!! Fight for your future...

[ J L ] [ Post Reply ]

To: abovefromabove? You didn't mean every people that born in April 20, did you? If so, that is very rude and it sounds like you are not better than person that you mentioned above!!!! uhhhhh rude people everywhere

[ ann ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes I agree!!! Adolf Hitler has this birthday...

[ Babey ] [ Post Reply ]

I know someone with this birth date. She is extremely aggressive, stubborn and manipulative. These type of people should not be allowed to work in jobs which require a lot of customer service. She frequently assumes the worst in people and makes relations with customers very strained. Of course, sh
e ACTS normal when supervisors are around or when she knows she's being watched, but when left completely alone with her, she's bossy, rude, stubborn and thinks she's the authority on everything (and the funny thing is, more than one person she works with has noticed how she is frequently WRONG abou
t the things she insists she knows). We do not understand how she is able to keep her job when she messes up all the time. She's delusional on how she remembers some things as well, but she speaks so convincingly and is so insistent that people do not question her. She had been charging clients wron
g the whole time and argued that it doesn't matter because she thought they were the same cost. It turned out she was wrong. And, of course, the supervisors do not know about this because none of them were around when her incompetency was revealed. She's also not a team player. She won't help out a
team member unless it serves her somehow to help them. Then, she tries to distract people from all her mess-ups by fabricating details about other people to make it seem like other people are messing up. She made working there stressful when, otherwise, it was a good place. She's very self-absorbed
and is definitely more an Aries than a Taurus.

[ adovefromabove ] [ Post Reply ]

sounds LIKE YOURE THE ONE with the problem up in her face all the time...4/20 people dont like being harrassed or hated. Thats our job lol

[ tracy ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm birthday is April 20th and your comment is so funny because your right!

[ Sara ]

I know her... (or her evil twin) she was my best friend for 15 years... she's exactly as you described -but u left out weak, hurtful, selfish, drug-addicted liar (oh you may have said "liar") ok, then let me add "Sneak"... she's a sneaky lil SNEAK and Trust me, she's an Aries.

[ Libra Lawyer ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds like someone I know, where do or did you work?

[ Curious ] [ Post Reply ]

=) lolWhat's your sign??

[ afalconfromabove ] [ Post Reply ]

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