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for April 2nd

If your Birthday is April 2nd and your Zodiac Sign is Aries

April 2nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 2nd of April are supposedly imaginative, dignified and reticent with all the typical bold ambition of an Aries. The astrological planet ruling over this particular day is the Moon bestowing you with a cooperative nature, a creative eye and enjoyment of the good things in life. If you have this birthday fairness is one of
your notable fortes making you better at making partnerships successful than most other rams. You have a logical mind that is bursting with ideas and an affectionate outgoing temperament that adores socializing in interesting company. Individuals with an April the second birthday are reserved but fairly independent, determined, honest and direct in their approach. This standpoint can sometimes make you appear
standoffish and unemotional when really deep down you are quite the opposite. Although you are a little idealistic your aims in life will usually include the preference of support from a settled family setting.

Work and Finances

Work choices to a person born on the second of April are often easy as you are likely to be aware of the things you
are best at. You will tend to choose an occupation related to utilizing your talents especially the logic and excellent organizational skills you possess. Even though you are a bit conservative about job success it does not prevent you from craving it and striving to achieve your full potential. Your ability to plan effectively ensures that you rarely have issues with
financial matters. Saving is ordinarily preferable to spending and this generally helps keep personal finances in order.

Personal Relationships

As an Aries, the person born on the second day of April is often untypically patient and caring when it comes to romance. Your yearning for action and excitement is mingled with a need to lay down roots in a secure settled personal relationship.
When disappointed by love you as a rule cope well and use the experience to learn more about yourself instead of moping. You are particularly perceptible to touch, passionate, sexy and fun loving and will seek a partner with similar characteristics. Unlike others of the same zodiac sign you like to take your time with lovemaking and are not in such
an ardent rush. With a soul mate you can be outspoken and opinionated but you are an great listener and very supportive. Aside from being occasionally difficult and demanding emotionally you are extremely loyal and devoted within long term relationships.


The likelihood of health issues experienced by those born on April 2nd occurring are bound to be somewhat diminished by your sensible
stance. You more often than not have an avid and disciplined interest in maintaining healthiness and can always find time to respond to the body's messages. Your preferred diet and eating patterns are inclined to be towards traditional and natural foods. This is useful in the reducing of the risk of deficiencies. If people born on this day should succumb to
illness they are normally quick to recover as a consequence of trying routinely to keep healthy.

April 2nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths noticeable in your character are probably located in your honesty, sincerity and fair judgment. These positive traits alongside your hard working attitude and skillful planning allow you to make steady progress in favorable directions. Advancement is once in a while delayed by personality weaknesses for those born on April 2nd. You have the ocassional tendencies to
be unintentionally naive or intentionally ignorant, more so if you are unusually tired or distracted by worries. Another negative trait is your probable repressed outlook as a result of your slight lack of self confidence.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 2nd of April gifts you with a wonderful imagination and lots of creativity to draw upon. It also grants you a
strong belief in your own abilities even if it takes a lot to push yourself forward to be noticed. You do not usually set time limits or other restrictions on your goals and will use careful preparation and persistence to achieve decided objectives. Your hopes for the future do not often feature in your dreams as you are a nonbeliever in
things happening by chance. You commonly believe that accomplishment is down to doing not just hoping so reserve dreaming for fantasies.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the second day of the month you automatically qualify for the allocation of a Root number of Two. This number based reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Harmony' reflecting your requirement for
an equal balance in your work and home lifestyles. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 2nd card representing the Priestess is linked to your birthday. This indicates your reservedness and respect for discretion. The gem regarded as luckiest for April the second birthdays is a glossy Pearl and it should be worn for a sense of fortitude and concentration and
a feeling of calmness.


The planet Mars is believed mainly astrologically responsible for the probabilities of the Aries personality. The actual day you were born on, the second of April is thought ruled cosmically by our Moon. Therefore your disposition's qualities are guided by the influences of these two celestial bodies. Your amenable sociability and directness allow you to get along with
almost everyone and help to increase your awareness of how others think and act. Your fondness for the pleasures in life gives you motivation and an optimistic viewpoint. Lowering your idealism a little and being alert to your ignorance's could prove worthwhile improvements. A few concluding advising thoughts for people born on April the 2nd are to try and build self
esteem, be a touch more realistic and practice living in the present.

April 2nd Horoscope Comments

April 2nd 1995 ....i can honestly say i relate to everything said. 3 everyone here is so special and we are all connected in a way.

[ Heather ] [ Post Reply ]

i found it true i born on 2/4/1998 so i m only 18 now and i don't know much about relationship and all but yup other points are correct i want to do many things i want to become a doctor for my dad and i want to travel a lot i want to see the whole world with someone who really cares me and yup i m
very fun loving girl

[ Alisha ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey.....i just read your statement n i think there is a lot of things similar to my thoughts....birthday 02/04/1997Want to know more about yourself.......Whatsapp me on 7054675830 if interested

[ Ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

I love the fun loving girls. U seem to be a caring one

[ Manzoor ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Alisha i found it true i born on 2/4/1998 so i m only 18 now and i don't know much about relationship and all but yup other points are correct i want to do many things i want to become a doctor for my dad and i want to travel a lot i want to see the whole world with someone who
really cares me and yup i m very fun loving girl
Number 2 is perfect for Girls . they will make a very good homely and romantic partner for their other half.Doctor will be a perfect profession because of your caring nature

[ Dan ] [ Post Reply ]

Hope everything is true about my future..

[ anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

you just explained my whole life

[ muller ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah to the point, so true in everything u say

[ sidique ] [ Post Reply ]

For the most part its true. I'm not a liar even though as a child, I mastered it. Found out early about karma so I changed. Now its extremely hard for me to lie even when I probably should. Definitely fair, Passionate, Organized when I have the time. Adventurous & yes a little naive.

[ nicole ] [ Post Reply ]

Usually think this stuff is just gibberish but I was shocked and amazed by how much I can relate to this! 2nd of April FTW!

[ Dylan ] [ Post Reply ]

If this is all true then the best thing about being born on the 2nd of April is being so creative even when lieng! So this info is 97% true coz last I checked am a full blown lia never been honest, totally not a fan of traditional foods n definitely not fair!! other than that everything else here is
so TRUE so whoever wrote this; NICELY DONE !;)

[ Ann malik ] [ Post Reply ]

Well u might live on the opposite side of the zodiac for those traits... It will all come back to u so i might start telling the truth or at least living it so it doesnt bite u in the future hinie haha...

[ haiasi ] [ Post Reply ]

Almost right but i want correct result.

[ padmini ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from padmini Almost right but i want correct result.
Padmini. this is 100% correct. what more you trying to find

[ Dan ] [ Post Reply ]

Greetings, One and All: I have been married to an Aries lady since 1986. Twenty-nine years this June. She is an identical twin, both born on April 2, 1955. They are fascinating. One is more like her mother, tending to always compare her lot in life with that of her identical twin sister. More "needy
". More, "I wish, if only". My wife (and I am biased) is more like her father -- appreciative of artistic things, more patient than her twin sister, less comparing, more doing, and action oriented. Her sister is alpha all the way -- walking miles, swimming miles and miles, to prove she is just as th
in, just as beautiful as her identical twin. Sadly, envy gets in the way of my sister-in-law. They looked like Shirley Temple twin girls with the Irish curly hair in their youth. My very best to you all. Today, I am making sure both ladies get their chocolate cake, and they both get gifts. I can't a
fford to have one pouting because she didn't get the "same". And here's the kicker: I am a fraternal twin, Virgo horoscope, born on August 24, 1954. So a fraternal twin guy married an identical twin lady and so far we are enjoying life very much. Cheers! Richard

[ Richard MacFarlane ] [ Post Reply ]

Of course the things written here is almost true ,it's like someone writing my biography

[ sali ] [ Post Reply ]

It's true, all of it! I'd like to be madly in love and settle down and at the same time I'd like to roam this world and never settle down...tiring, mostly for others around me but myself as well. I have learned to live with it and that's what counts.

[ Jelena ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true Jelena. its like someone watching over me and giving prediction.. 1000% true

[ Dan ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree it's good to know I am not alone!

[ teli ]

only God knows about your future and what's ganna happen :)

[ Dolly ] [ Post Reply ]

on point :cool:

[ rashall ] [ Post Reply ]

guys is der anyone over here born on year 1995 or 96,97

[ stephen ] [ Post Reply ]

*raises hand*

[ Ina ] [ Post Reply ]

Damn near on the spot,

[ patch coat Williams ] [ Post Reply ]

I am emotional I am confused I am organized only when I want to. If I want something and I am confident I can get it and I'm not lazy I will achieve it but if I'm lazy and I am insecure about the situation I will give up. I'm mostly insecure but at the same time I think I'm amazing. I'm honest and f
air and a very nice compassionate person I want to be an actress or detective I wear my heart on my sleeve.

[ Angela ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't agree. I'm completely different. I'm extremely adventurous, unorganized, never able to plan things, confused, unreserved, overconfident, and I stand out everywhere immediately due to my strong characteristics. I'm stubborn as hell, I'm bossy and I can't balance things, I don't have time for
my health, and I NEVER WANT TO SETTLE DOWN. I'm completely the opposite of all of this. I'm headstrong, not reserved at all. I suck at organizing skills, in fact I'm going pursue a more adventurous profession, like the military or journalism. I sure am a fair person, but I keep myself on top and I s
hould get the top priority, that is how I function. I'm not direct, I'm a liar, I use flattery and exaggeration. Some things are right but some things are extremely wrong. I don't fairly judge, I'm not sincere and honest is the last thing I am. I HATE SECURE SETTLED RELATIONSHIPS, I want an adventur
ous one, where we keep fighting and patching up. I'm not conservative at all, and I believe in spending more than saving... And I'm very open about me and my emotions.

[ Aries ] [ Post Reply ]

I am with you here. I am a lot of the same characteristics that you are! Finding a accurate profile is difficult for me.

[ Callie ] [ Post Reply ]

u r right brother

[ pranay ] [ Post Reply ]

Haha, I am the same extreme, on any given day, half a day of it. The rest i am the description above. Bipolar aries?

[ Ana ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow.. really on point. do you know me personally? lol

[ asg ] [ Post Reply ]

i think so too. O_O

[ juu ] [ Post Reply ]

95% of what's written here is perfect.Wow!!!

[ Ajish ] [ Post Reply ]

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