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for August 17th

If your Birthday is August 17th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 17th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 17th of August are believed to be full of versatility and mental discipline with the usual Leo refinement and charm. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Saturn giving you a strong minded will and lots of capability and persistence. If you have this birthday your fairly tolerant and forgiving nature makes you
ordinarily cool and calm in a crisis. You are naturally true to yourself, trustworthy, charitable and compassionate but emotion can soon sway your way of thinking and actions. Expressive and original your thoughts and ideas are likely to be very focused while your fun loving exuberant side enjoys making others smile. Individuals with an August the seventeenth birthday are generous, dependable
and far sighted with great organizational skills and a convincing eloquence. Despite your general enthusiasm and optimism you have a tendency to sometimes succumb to negativity and brooding.

Work and Finances

A versatile and capable temperament comes in useful to a person born on the seventeenth of August when it comes to choosing a career. Your abilities to focus and organize direct you
to be efficient and competent at any type of work and your sense of humor brightens any working environment. You are often especially good at researching information so ideal occupations may include this sort of task. Whatever the state of your current finances it is highly unlikely that you will be tempted to overspend. Whenever you have a healthy income you
will try and save towards some future financial security.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the seventeenth day of August is typically extremely loyal in friendship and love partnerships. You will usually have a traditional view of romance and a desire for loving permanence and emotional stability. You seek a true soul mate and in spite of your idealistic standards
and expectations you simply truly want plenty of reassurance and devotion from a partner. Bursting with sexual energy you like to be in control but you are normally unselfish in your efforts to please your loved one before yourself in the bedroom. You adore being admired and appreciated by your other half and will probably find that massage and pampering help
you relax and ignite your libido even more. Protective and emotionally rather sensitive you can be a tad difficult to live with and are always deeply hurt by betrayal or a wounded pride.


Healthiness experienced by those born on August 17th could be better and most illness limited with a little bit of extra care and attention. You are inclined to be
once in a while too neglectful of health and frequently take your well being for granted. On top of this you may in addition be susceptible to issues regarding stress therefore effective relaxation could be particularly important to maintain vitality. People born on this day are overly energetic physically and mentally so getting adequate sleep is commonly one of the essential
requirements and advice for preventing periods of unhealthiness.

August 17th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exhibited in your enthusiastic expressiveness, way with words and originality, getting you easily noticed in a crowd. Other recognizable fortes are seen in your flexibility, tolerance and dependability allowing you get along famously with the majority of others. The personality weaknesses for those born on August 17th are uncovered when you occasionally slip
into a negative mood and capitulate to your likelihood to brood. This moodiness can every so often initiate your antagonistic streak occasionally presenting you as uncharacteristically hostile and argumentative.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 17th of August destines you to be incredibly disciplined and bestows you with plentiful avidity. These attributes alongside your intuitiveness are excellent motivating assets for the achievement
of goals. You tend not to set specific ambitious intentions and will usually concentrate your efforts on acquiring success in your chosen profession, close relationships and in a better understanding of yourself. You are likely to frequently dream of your desired aspirations and this gives you a supply of reserves of inspiration, direction and positivity to draw upon when needed.

Birthday Luck
and Significance

As you were born on the seventeenth of August the one and seven in your birth date award you a Root number of Eight. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Leader' placing emphasis on your multitude of discipline, adaptability and acumen. The 17th mystic Tarot card in the Major Arcana, the Star, is associated with your birthday.
This represents your high-spirited refinement and admirable traits of tolerance and forgiveness. The lucky gemstone for August the seventeenth birthdays is a Black pearl, wear it to assist with self acceptance and for the attraction of prosperity.


The anticipations of all Leo personalities are astrologically deduced from the assumed influence of the Sun. The actual day you were born on, the seventeenth
of August is governed by Saturn's authority adding the little perceptible differences you have from other zodiac Lions. Your willpower is especially strong and works well with your additional wonderful characteristics of capable reliability and generosity. Your bighearted lenient temperament and the touch of calmness in your temperament generally gives you a clear perspective on life. If you are able to
recognize the triggers of and avoid succumbing to cynical or gloomy vibes it should help you tone down your occasional hostility and make you a tad less contentious too. A concluding thought for people born on the seventeenth day of August offers the suggestion of three possible improvements. These proposals are to attempt to moderate your intensity and observe yourself closely,
doing so could prove advantageous if you wish to find the most favorable paths.

August 17th Horoscope Comments

I agree to most but I'm not a pushover, I'm the one to be afraid of, the one that defends everyone. I take control but let someone else lead. Who is like me?

[ Olivia Blue ] [ Post Reply ]

Most things are pretty right about me.I think am very loyal and strong.After all I'm LEO

[ Sageeta ] [ Post Reply ]

8/17/1995 in my opinion those of us born on the 17 are the epitome of August for example 1+7=8 8 representing our month.

[ DANTE ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on August 17th as well my year is 1993

[ Niesha ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to all of us August Seventeenie-boppers!!

[ Thaddeus ] [ Post Reply ]

I read through the article, everything written down there, is all about me. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I was born 17th August 1988 too. Thanks

[ Br!ghtme!ster ] [ Post Reply ]

17 August 2000 3 Anyone wid same ?

[ Skipper Mac ] [ Post Reply ]

You got it! 3

[ Olivia Blue ] [ Post Reply ]

IT'S true ..We Rule :) We smile & Keep Others Smiling :) Love Story .? It's Very Heard To Finds .? And Very Heard To For Get ? ;) What Ever I Am Lio Legend Of Life ..ha haa ha

[ Garry J ] [ Post Reply ]

iwasborn 1996 aug.17 and i can truly the above words are truly in me,but sometimes people hate my character because they think i am plastic in forgiving them.But i know myself i don't keep hatred :)

[ angelmorcen ] [ Post Reply ]

right me too

[ amit sharma ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 17 August 1995 and experience this problem time to time, but people learn to respect the dependability and forgiving nature with time. Don't hold it against them. Peace brother/sister

[ DNice ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi, I was born August 17th and I have the same problem you do, I don't keep hatred in me and the people I work with think I am fake bcos of this.

[ Diablo7018 ] [ Post Reply ]

Tbh th only thing I will say is love is everything peace stay humble. women !Nothing as beautiful as your heart surrender in the radiant offering of your devotion. Your love opens my heart and endlessly even when I would otherwise forget loves depth.

[ reiki ] [ Post Reply ]

Just hit 13 today .... The only thing I kinda didn't like was the part where it said we're active I mean I am but I have a thiroid issue which make me keep wait... I pray I lose it whish me luck p.s. HAPPY B-DAY?!?

[ Kay Kay ] [ Post Reply ]

This may sound gross to you but a bit of research on it will prove my words to be heaven sent. Urine therapy will cure your thyroid issue. Avod fluoride or fluoridated water or products. Mix borax pwder 1/8 teaspoon to every 1 gallon of tap or purified water u drink to remove fluoride from the water
and from your body and calcification of your pineal and thyroid glands. Vortex your drinking water and read up on the power of vortexing your drinking water. Meditate and find a nice large quartz crystal to aid in meditation and healing. Spread only thoughts and words of love and happiness. God ble

[ wisdom ] [ Post Reply ]

above characteristics are 100% accurate

[ nazim ] [ Post Reply ]

not to think bad about any one is good but others dont deserve this all the time...all above mentioned is right

[ kashmala ] [ Post Reply ]

As we are forgiving every body in the world for what ever others are doing is not insulting character, what others think, but it is one of the character of lord Visnu, "forgiving others" ...enjoyee.. the life, and most of the the people in 17th august born are satabicha nakhestra, we are just healer
s....enjoye this characters...our character is to save others.

[ Ram ] [ Post Reply ]

I hate my forgiving nd generous nature,,in dis world people dnt deserve dis !!its better to be straight forward or political!!!!

[ Zinnia ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree with ABC. Due to our forgiving and generous nature, we are not respected and seen as nave and not liked because of the same.

[ Leo Lady ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree, I am Aug 17 birthday and people know that i am a pushover, and they can get away with being mean to me, because they can tell that I can take it. yes I can take it, but it doesn't mean that I want to! I don't want people to be mean to me, since they know I will forgive them anyway

[ yes ] [ Post Reply ]

That's exactly the August 17th born Characteristics and We are Born to Ruler as a Loin in the Jungle.

[ Emmanto International ] [ Post Reply ]

It's how I look like when I was a kid, but now almost everyone mistaken me as Virgo. I think already lost my personality.17th Aug 95

[ S ] [ Post Reply ]

It's extremely great!

[ Chhay ] [ Post Reply ]

17th Aug

[ Me1i55a ] [ Post Reply ]

wow 17 aug 1993 my friends have same comments on me as the paragraphs above mentioned

[ Deepak ] [ Post Reply ]

Hahaha i m 17 aug 1988

[ ch bilal anwar ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from ch bilal anwar Hahaha i m 17 aug 1988
me too 17 aug 1988

[ Rajiv ] [ Post Reply ]

THis is zoo true

[ lol ] [ Post Reply ]

Bless all of them. But 17 august born are always not lucky, everybody dislike and not respect these people ( 17 aug born).

[ abc ] [ Post Reply ]

As a August 17th baby you are right with what I just read but to let the world know we don't loose any sleep and we don't kiss A. meaning we won't run behind you. We will put up an initiative if we feel it's worth it and if we see you rather not be bothered than we say peace with no ill feelings.

[ Jeanette ] [ Post Reply ]

As an August 17th born person, I may speak for all of us in saying we don't care what others think of us. :)

[ M ] [ Post Reply ]

Yeah....m jst d same...u knw me soo well.... !;) i feel so good... :D

[ shreya ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday all of you

[ aliza ] [ Post Reply ]

Even am a 17th Hero ahahah

[ Saquib majid ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me!

[ angela ] [ Post Reply ]

proud to be august 17

[ Jaila Kaye ] [ Post Reply ]

hanks theodore!!!born on august 17th!!!

[ amy chua ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks guys I'm so proud of being born on the 17th of August!

[ Tai babe ] [ Post Reply ]

Its like you know me personally.Amazing :D

[ Jeff ] [ Post Reply ]

i am proud of my birth day and i have same characteristics mentioned above which are 100%correct thanks 00923006021158

[ nazim ] [ Post Reply ]

I had a wonderful day!!! So blessed!

[ Lisa ] [ Post Reply ]


[ celani ] [ Post Reply ]

I had a great day. For some reason a lot of friends and family sent me wishes today, unlike years passed. The 17th is almost over so all of you have a great birthday year.

[ Natty ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on....Have a blesse day fellow Leo's.

[ carl ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday to everyone who celebrated their birthday today,enjoy your day,don't let anyone spoil your day enjoy your self and god bless you in your life....

[ peloves gae ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday everyone

[ Phuntsog ] [ Post Reply ]

This is actually how I am, very true information :) thanks!!!

[ Karina Liz ] [ Post Reply ]

Truly true.. Magic...datz hw I m...

[ Koml ] [ Post Reply ]

Some of this isn't true.

[ Nicole ] [ Post Reply ]

very real information about my personality thanks

[ nazim ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born in meerut at madhujindal hospital

[ kartik madhura ] [ Post Reply ]

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