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for August 18th

If your Birthday is August 18th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 18th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 18th of August are expected to be creative, idealistic and impulsive with the usual Lion tendency to let their heart rule their head. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars making you naturally charming, enterprising and incredibly inquisitive. If you have this birthday your leadership qualities and independent thought can make you
a bit bossy and a dislike of being told what to do. You are usually a contradictory mix of confidence and activity or uncertainty and inactivity with a craving for excitement but also serenity. Unselfish and fair you are ordinarily broad minded, courageous and tolerant but your temper is soon ignited. Bestowed with a great imagination and sharply intuitive you are
one of the most sensitive of Leo's yet you can sometimes come across as a little blunt too. Individuals with an August the eighteenth birthday can stay calm when it matters despite their inner sensitivity.

Work and Finances

Management positions or any job where you are in charge are often very popular to a person born on the eighteenth of August. Your idealism
guides you to be fairly selective when it comes to choosing a career you will find stimulating, challenging and enjoyable. Your inclination to be rather artistic may attract you to something interesting or unusual while your inquisitive side motivates you to be good at investigative professions. You could be prone to make a few unwise financial decisions as a result of
your high levels of impulsiveness regarding spending and generosity towards loved ones.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the eighteenth day of August is typically willing to give all in a love relationship as a consequence of their dreamy ideals. You are likely to express uttermost sincerity concerning affairs of the heart and will usually insist on complete honesty from
a soul mate. You can be quite romantic and your keen intuition really helps you predict a partner's needs, feelings and thoughts. This perceptiveness and your family orientated and devoted approach helps you keep loving partnerships mostly harmonious. You are capable of being extremely cuddly, affectionate and demonstrative and expect the same amount of endearment from a partner. In the intimate
privacy of your love nest you are normally playful, imaginative, sexy and sensual. Fantasy and role playing are frequently some of your favorite preferences in the bedroom.


Most minor illness experienced by those born on August 18th is rare and short-lived due to your immense regard for your health. As well as this sensible alert attitude you seem to adore fine food
but also counteract this with an eagerness for exercise. It is unlikely for you to have to take up a set routine or workout plan as you tend to keep yourself constantly busy within work and home tasks and your fondness for helping others. People born on this day often have a proneness to push themselves too hard so sufficient
sleep and relaxation should be part of your concern for overall healthiness.

August 18th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are best shown in your charm, curiosity, fairness and open mind. These positive traits exhibit you as approachable, friendly and fun to be with, knowledgeable and impartial. In addition your supplementary fortes of adaptable and patient consideration and calmness emphasize your caring deep temperament. Recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on August 18th are
displayed in your tendencies for bossiness and bluntness. These negative characteristics also involve your touch of emotional insecurities causing obsessive or combative behaviors every now and then.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 18th of August usually gains you plenty of belief in yourself and your wide range of capabilities. You are very determined to make your mark in the world and
commonly enjoy bringing your own aspirations and those of others to fruition. Your resourceful, independence, foresight and managerial skill are wonderful attributes for increasing your potential for success in all you attempt. Dream time is often spent reflecting on the day's events and visualizing some of the things you hope to achieve that you believe will bring you the most happiness
and leave you content emotionally.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the eighteenth day of the month your birth date figures equates to a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker' recognizing your intensely curious and active disposition and sharp receptivity. The 18th Major Arcana Tarot card representing the Moon is mystically associated
with your birthday. This symbolizes your unconscious responses and indicates your ample instinctive lenience and composure. The luckiest gem for August the eighteenth birthdays is a Bloodstone, to be worn for enhancing natural talents and to balance emotions.


All the probabilities of

Leo personalities are imagined to be astrologically decided by the influence of our Sun as this planet rules your zodiac sign.
The actual day you were born on, the eighteenth of August, is governed by the celestial body Mars's power. The mixture of influences from this specific pair of planets are thought to predetermine your uniqueness. Your creativity, charisma and courage are perfectly blended highlighting and boosting your insight and originality. Your usual self assurance and unruffled approach assist you to
usually cope confidently and maturely when following your fated path. If you are able to intercept and overcome succumbing to negativity it should tame your few imperfections of the occasional abrupt, domineering or argumentative manner. A culminating thought for people born on August the 18th is that time off to relax should not be regarded as unimportant, recharging your batteries regularly
is essential. Revitalizing your physical and mental energies when necessary could ensure you are always ready for a chance to shine.

August 18th Horoscope Comments

[COLOR=Yellow]it is definitely write this whole page describes me

[ ruling queen ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg! I can't believe this... Every word here describes me. I'm a Leo born on the 18th of August.

[ Stopher Malik ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh! I can't believe but its really true. I have a question. How do I celebrate my Birthday? According to star day or English date?

[ Deepak kushwaha ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, most of this is true! I am Every bit A-Leo,a sexy, loyal, loves attention, talented, unselfish,STRONG Lion! I'm so very Proud to be "Aleo"!!rwaarw!

[ Aleo ] [ Post Reply ]

Eish i was on the 18th of August , what it been Written here it true abt me, Sensetive,this imagination, it seems i always wanna gv away anythin' when it for lv....Damn it! and I Am Simba the lion King.

[ Matt/king ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true. I can see myself in every word said here.

[ Rachael ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, it is all true. Such a mixture, so sensitive and so strong at the same time. It is absolutely crazy. Creative, huge imagination.

[ Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree,and i believed..true!

[ Lotlot ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG dis.is so True My Man is exacle dis.wow... :)

[ Amanda ] [ Post Reply ]

Perhaps it was due to some of my own personal experiences, but I'd consider myself more logical and realistic compared with idealistic. Idealism for me only lies within things I know I am capable of (for example, when I'm working on a drama set I would know exactly what I want and know how to do it)
and I think it is sometimes more like perfectionism for me.

[ Dawn ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday is also on 18th august and i am very happy to know all these things.

[ SHUBHADEEP ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG this is so me...born on 18 August..

[ Anita ] [ Post Reply ]

Most descrepition is true about 18 Agust, first time someone speak true things on astrology page. Honesty, creativity, impulsivness and loyalty major characteristics of 18Th Agust born Leo.

[ Muhammad kashif Alvi ] [ Post Reply ]

some right and some wrong

[ luv ] [ Post Reply ]

So wonderful,it not easy to be us.

[ Loveline ] [ Post Reply ]

Proud to be a Leo :)

[ Leo star ] [ Post Reply ]


[ lilly ] [ Post Reply ]

Really ;-(

[ Sabahat ] [ Post Reply ]

100% accurate.......

[ Cheryl ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on August 18 & this is dead on... We are loyal lions & love deeply. Prone to occasional outburst but nonetheless we are solid ! Don't ever try to make us look like a fool because nice & sweet is not what u will get from us. Honesty is always the best key and we hate a selfish inconsiderat
e person who begs! We give so much to others and only want appreciation in return.

[ LeoBaby ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so true!!

[ Proud Leo ] [ Post Reply ]

Wwowwwwww.Big challenge ahead but I will get there.

[ Frank Gyimah ] [ Post Reply ]

This is true

[ eugene ] [ Post Reply ]


[ MIRZA ISRAR ] [ Post Reply ]

Prince some of what you said is true. Ihave been guilty of some of these things myself. Jealousy is a terrible trait of mine....but Vulgar and selfish, No! I think you got hurt. Hmmm I am guilty of hurting a few myself..... but all in all this horoscope is still pretty accurate !! :cool:

[ CCLiciousLeo ] [ Post Reply ]

I wonder if these are accurate for G-Dragon :love:

[ Purplay04 ] [ Post Reply ]


[ priya singh ] [ Post Reply ]

Thx a lot,

[ Awesome ] [ Post Reply ]

Well prince, it actually sounds like you have more of a personal issue going on with an ex, than really looking into the astrological facts.

[ Smaug ] [ Post Reply ]

I m totally agred with your observations. You are absolutely Right

[ Ali ] [ Post Reply ]

i have lot of problems even though born in august

[ rangamani ] [ Post Reply ]

Responding to Prince comment. I ditto Kim response. being born on August 18th myself I and all of my friends can confirm the description above is 100% accurate. It sounds like you got the Lion Roaring, and just didnt know how to make her purrrr again. We are not perfect but one thing is for sure we
do love deeply.

[ Tonja ] [ Post Reply ]

we have a lot of obstacles to overcome, my dearest August 18th babies. It always seems to be an extra step with us.keep strong and go the extra step or two, we are ferocious lions and will get what we deserve.

[ leo ] [ Post Reply ]

So true! Its not easy to be us. We don't get things easily, but due to our positive traits, we still did.

[ Aslan ] [ Post Reply ]

This was going to be my exact response in the forum. It seems we have a lot of challenges we have to face head on however we rarely let it bring our spirit down. Keep a smile on, sun babies. For most matters are out of our hands and a smile is what we can offer in our most difficult period. Love and
light to you all

[ Lioness ] [ Post Reply ]

Um, Prince,You are completely false in your statements. Nothing you have described is even true.

[ kim ] [ Post Reply ]

This kind of Leo female are Vain, Violent and Vulgar. They may be all out in charming efforts but their true nature needs the attention more than anyone else who they shower with flatteries and favors more than anyone else. They are extremely jealous and possessive but neglectful of their children
or husbad's welfare. They are disloyal to lovers though outwardly passionate to friends. And when they don't get their way, they turn to violence. In short extremely selfish.

[ Prince ] [ Post Reply ]

It is so compatible for what i show.

[ richelle mae piong ] [ Post Reply ]

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