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for August 20th

If your Birthday is August 20th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 20th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 20th of August are envisioned to be highly intuitive and sociable with the usual Lion craving for attention and affection. The ruling astrological planet selected for this particular day is our Moon making your temperament especially warmhearted and quite sensitive. If you have this birthday your confidence and creativity usually gets you noticed and you
are more cooperative and emotionally demonstrative than other Leo's. You are inclined to feel the sadness or negativity of others very quickly and deeply directing you to occasionally overreact to situations. Your mix of pride, ambition, charm and grace bestows you with a magnanimous nature brimming with diplomacy. Individuals with an August the twentieth birthday are fun and insightful, normally great
at organizing and overcoming obstacles and often outraged by injustice. Despite a slight self centered ego you make an excellent kind and considerate friend.

Work and Finances

The type of work is often an important factor in long term job choice to a person born on the twentieth of August. You need to feel really involved and happy while working so it is
unlikely for a high rate of pay to sway your ideal occupation decision. You will commonly consider a lower paying position if it means that you will be doing something you enjoy and feel part of. Managing your finances is a task you could find difficult as you tend to regard budgeting as boring and tedious. You frequently fare better as
you get older but finances can be regularly strained by your proneness for frivolous spending.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the twentieth day of August is typically receptive to pampering and admiration as a key to their heart. You are ordinarily brilliant at forming close friendships but will usually put a protective shield over your emotions that is hard
to penetrate. It takes someone rather special to captivate your love interest enough for the consideration of a permanent committed love union. Disagreements and arguing are your pet hates therefore it is rare you will deliberately initiate them in a loving partnership. You are also fairly sentimental about dating memories so it is unusual for you to forget meaningful anniversaries or
be accepting of any kind of disloyalty. Sexy and well tuned into gratifying your partner's desires and turned on best by lavish settings and experimenting with sensory pleasures and acting out fantasies.


The generally robust constitution experienced by those born on the twentieth of August is often down to your fondness of glowing with healthiness and looking good. Food options are
for the most part carefully chosen and a common keenness for cooking directs you to be knowledgeable about nutritional benefits. When it comes to exercise you are not as keenly interested and possess a tendency to shy away from such activities unless it involves a fun element. People born on this day should think about adopting a sensible attitude to
combining dietary intake and activity in order to stabilize energy levels.

August 20th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably showcased in your intuition, sociability and preferences for fairness and harmonious environments. Other mentionable fortes are displayed within the empathic discerning friendliness you naturally express and in your uniquely creative talents. The personality weaknesses for those born on August 20th are often exposed when you are currently in negative or stressful circumstances.
These weaker traits focus on your egotistical impulsive side and can manifest as lonely escapist behavior or an angering of your hidden temper causing episodes of tantrums or sulking.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 20th of August gives you an intense yearning to do all you can to accomplish your deepest wishes. A touch of impatience could cause delays, setbacks or
a fear of failure when attempting to fulfill cherished goals to be most frustrating. You do not appear to always set time limits on your desired achievements as this can further dampen your amount of enthusiasm and motivation. Your determination and confident approach along with an ability to easily overcome problems helps you be persistent while your kindness sees you enjoying
helping others with their dreams too.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twentieth day of the month your specific birth date reduces to a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has the attached keyword 'Harmony' reflecting your predilection for peace, unity, cooperation and tranquility. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 20th card symbolizing Judgment
is associated with your birthday. This link is mystically representative of your accountability and strong sense of justice. The lucky gemstone for August the twentieth is a glossy white Pearl, wear one for strengthening concentration in addition to increasing wisdom and contentment.


Our Sun's influence is believed to be the greatest astrologically in determining the likelihoods of all Leo personalities. The actual
day you were born on, the twentieth of August is governed by the Moon's authority cooling some of your natural warmth yet adding extra sensitivity and impartiality. Your expressive communicative disposition guides you to be basically frank and open while your kindness, mental analysis and understanding encourage you to be notably compassionate too. Your charming graceful demeanor accentuates your diplomatic stance
minimizing your reactive emotions. If you can remain positive and learn to deal with excess stress it should lead to less periods of solitude, episodes of sulkiness and temperamental moods. A completing thought for people born on August the 20th suggests taking one day at a time and aiming to live in the present and looking towards the future instead
of dwelling on the past. Doing so should assist you to mostly avoid negative vibes.

August 20th Horoscope Comments

Don't let this auspicious sounding sign fool you. There is a terrible duality that can fester inside of this charming,affectionate and intelligent exterior... The sulking and escapist side of this description do little to describe the malice and bitter hatred you can keep for the people you used to
love the most. Try to avoid those who look for happiness in the wrong places because if it isn't you then you will only find solace in berating them and burying them even further. I wasted everyone's time (including mine) trying to change them instead of enjoying life like I should have. A lo
nely sadist does not a happy life make lol.

[ Zombot0820 ] [ Post Reply ]

We ROCK...20th born LEOS!!

[ SDS ] [ Post Reply ]

Anyone 20 august 1963? Would be fun to 'compare' ;-)

[ M ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes ,Aug 20,'63.How do we start comparing ? !;) I identify myself with many of these descriptions. How about you? Thanks

[ R ] [ Post Reply ]

Very informative, found out a few tid bit's about myself, to all my fellow KING'S & QUEENS [/b], infinite blessings.......:like: :)

[ DJ R3ALITY ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born with an enormous need for affection , and a terrible need to give it . lobe to be a leo !!!!!

[ Vijeta ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on August We are so awesome and lucky GO AUGUST GO!!!!!!!!WE ARE THE BEST

[ Emma ] [ Post Reply ]

Any Aug 20th leos dating Pisces? If so, how did it work out?

[ Bri ] [ Post Reply ]

Thank God I'm Leo, but forever success is a must..

[ CJ Pisha ] [ Post Reply ]

aug 20 is the best day of the year.we are truly born leaders. To my fellow brothers and sisters stay strong.

[ vince the king ] [ Post Reply ]

This really sheds some light on my terrible love life. At 24 I'd never been in love until recently. Why now? He's a very close friend! I definitely needed that strong basis of friendship to fall in love. If only falling out of love wasn't as difficult as finding someone I'm capable of loving - this
one already has a girlfriend! And you know us leos - our sense of justice would never let us cheat, or help someone else to do so.

[ Kimberly Hessel ] [ Post Reply ]

Mee too!!! The guy I am starting to like is ten years older!!!! And MARRIED!!! He would NEVER understand why I cant have sex with him.... He is married, I dont even understand why he would want random sex with me.... I am glad I am not alone.....Love is really hard to find.

[ Mai ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born August 20,1977,so awesome to share birthdays with my fellow Leo's,roar on!!

[ Kimberly Herd ] [ Post Reply ]

Love to be unitedhave a lots of friendsextraordinary sense of justicehave a good nature for societym sexy with partnersAnd the LEO-KINGDOM begins with me(20th august) WHAT MORE I NEED!!!

[ LEOnardo ] [ Post Reply ]

Im a fellow Leo born on August 20th.... I don't think anyone close to me yet alone even myself could have written this with such accuracy & truthfulness.Dead On.

[ KDA ] [ Post Reply ]

Because August 20th is Leo-Virgo Cusp. Search on Google.

[ DCK ] [ Post Reply ]

im firey and nuts. but i love you.

[ ross ] [ Post Reply ]

I am really proud to be an August born.Leo rocks best,we are d most endowed. Most especially 20th.up 20th August born

[ Taospicy@yahoo.com ] [ Post Reply ]

We seem to be unsuccessful in life since we lack motivation in life

[ The unknown ] [ Post Reply ]

20 august, i-rock

[ dale ] [ Post Reply ]



We rock. That's just the way it is

[ Leo lover ] [ Post Reply ]

This is ALL me!!!!

[ Joycelyn ] [ Post Reply ]

I am so proud to be a Leo! Being born on the 20th does have all the leo qualities with a bit of the Virgo coolness thrown in. totally amazing....A psychic once told me I was always at odds with myself - being a Leo all warmth and fire and Virgo all coolness, reserve and earth Boy is that true!

[ Ms. Daisy ] [ Post Reply ]

hey 98% is me am a vigo and my girlfriend is leo we were born on the same month and our characters resemble to bad she left me for another guy but we could have made a very nice couple

[ tom ford ] [ Post Reply ]

Enough about me, what do you think of me?

[ Leo Gurl ] [ Post Reply ]

I still think I'm a weird Leo more like a Virgo but don't push me cause I'll roar so loud everyone will back down!

[ Chas ] [ Post Reply ]

Omg leo! I thought I had a weird personality but this awesome

[ Aishah ] [ Post Reply ]

i love myself so much..leo is the best

[ Silas ] [ Post Reply ]

Being pulled by the sun and the moon is hard. But I feel connected to both the sun and moon. Its a wonderful combination. Some days I feel perfectly in the middle and in balance with both. But sometimes I'm one way or another, the worst of both.

[ Ashley Broussard ] [ Post Reply ]

I love being a Leo. I feel like I am the strongest person in the family. like =)

[ Andrew Hood ] [ Post Reply ]

what else can i say that leo's rock!!!!!

[ Leo33 ] [ Post Reply ]

omg.. yasss. proud to be an August20th born leo. We are basically the most charming ones of leos =).

[ Bijoya ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Bijoya omg.. yasss. proud to be an August20th born leo. We are basically the most charming ones of leos .
omg ithought iam the only person who sees that that is true we natural charming kindly that is awesome

[ mandisa ] [ Post Reply ]

The sulkin n escapist... soo me.. lol.. cud sum1 tell me of a mo exquisite birthdate???

[ asternah ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

Yassssss!!! I love this.. it is soooo me!! Leo's are the best...

[ Samekia ] [ Post Reply ]

Being born on August the 20th is awesome!

[ Naruto boss 55 ] [ Post Reply ]

Im happy as all of you here to be on of the star born on 20th August

[ Rajan KL ] [ Post Reply ]

Its 95% correct.. Im a proud Leo and the description given above totally sums up my nature..20th August borns are Awesome..!

[ AJ ] [ Post Reply ]

Agreed :-)

[ MissSGTC ] [ Post Reply ]

yes we people are very charming :D

[ kamaksshee khajuria ]

the description fits me almost 100%. very impressive! i love being a leo from aug. 20th!!

[ Aug20Leo ] [ Post Reply ]

hi how are you

[ poster man pat ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! I thought I was a very weird person, but this explains alot n it does describe me perfectly! To see others with same personality traits as I, makes feel like I fit in the world.

[ shea ] [ Post Reply ]

plz tell me my real life

[ faiza ] [ Post Reply ]

Blessings to all my August 20th Leo Brethren, Men and Women! We are "different"...some would even say "Special".

[ Norman ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree, can you say GREAT... =)

[ Lucky ] [ Post Reply ]

I am proud to be a Leo. The description here in fits me to a T...

[ Gregory ] [ Post Reply ]

95% of the description is true and explains the type of person I am.

[ KISLAY ] [ Post Reply ]

i agree with 85% of the description above...its really part of me..nt bad though

[ Laurent ] [ Post Reply ]

i am really vry happy to be born on 20 august :)

[ radhika ] [ Post Reply ]

Even meee toooo

[ vinodkumar ] [ Post Reply ]

me too happy happy .. lots of celebrities n the winning people from past n present born today.. our birthday is not just normal.. hehe ..

[ Bachii ] [ Post Reply ]

Is it good.. or bad that I was born on August 20?

[ Kaitlyn ] [ Post Reply ]

warriornever can be stop at anymore like me

[ anwer deen ] [ Post Reply ]

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