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for August 22nd

If your Birthday is August 22nd and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 22nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 22nd of August are imagined to be both introverted and extroverted as a result of their Leo Virgo cusp birth date. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus gracing you with a highly intuitive and analytical temperament. If you have this birthday your reliance on a mix of logic and instinctive feelings
makes you sometimes battle with head or heart decisions. Inside you are likely to be quite sensitive, compassionate and shy but you tend to try and hide this side of your individuality and may find it hard to admit mistakes. Full of artistic flair, fun loving and fairly sociable you can also be occasionally idealistic, critical and picky too. Individuals with
an August the twenty second birthday are usually practical, responsible and organized with plenty of patience. Your great imagination and intensely curious nature guides you to ordinarily have an abundance of interests and be rarely bored.

Work and Finances

Parental occupations to a person born on the twenty second of August can sometimes be influential enough to direct their own career options. Following
the family profession is frequently a common choice when you are contemplating long term employment. In addition to these likely preferences your inquisitiveness and creativeness cause you to seek lots of variety in a chosen job. Handling finances is not one of your strong points and you are also inclined to be rather frivolous with your spending. As you grow older
financial security becomes more important so you are generally much more careful with money.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the twenty second day of August is typically affectionate with a passionate desire to please. Naturally caring with a perfectionist view of romance you usually crave plenty of attention, pampering and appreciation from a partner. You will usually need a
soul mate who coaxes you to be a bit more trusting and tolerant emotionally and can cope with your occasional touch of criticism. Intense committed loyalty is crucial for you in a loving relationship and your personal high ideals regarding fidelity means it is unlikely for you to be unfaithful. Your partiality for an intellectual rapport and similar hobbies and ambitions
helps you find a like minded partner to form a special close emotional bond. Once settled and devoted to a true love you will wholeheartedly aim to put their needs, wishes and pleasures before your own.


Ill health experienced by those born on August 22nd is often a rarity for you as aside from a possible proneness to allergies you are destined
to have a robust constitution. Your excitable and easily upset disposition may also suffer from a nervy stomach or tension headaches once in a while. You help yourself keep fit and well with your usual opting for healthy energy and mood boosting foods. People born on this day should find that regular vigorous exercise assists you to build stamina as well
as maintaining body tone and physique. Drinking enough fluids to preserve your clear skin is advised.

August 22nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exhibited in your imaginative intuition, logical preciseness and practicality. These positive traits and your other favorable attributes of patient sensitivity and sociability all allow you to get things done and be considerate and friendly. The dominant personality weaknesses for those born on August 22nd focus on your idealism and unwillingness to concede to
errors. These negative tendencies can manifest as a temporary domineering, egotistical or inflexible manner and they are usually best calmed by short periods of quiet reflection or topping up on sleep.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 22nd of August gives you a perceptive and decisive mentality in addition to an inclination to follow your natural instincts. You possess the talents required
to achieve anything you set your mind to but you are often lacking in motivation without encouragement from others. As you gain extra confidence in your abilities with age your achievements should increase. So goals you set in youth may not be fully realized until later in life. Dreams can sometimes be effective at inspiring your ambitious side and envisaging what
you really want in order to be happy and feel complete.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty second day of the month the double two's in your birth date add up to a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' reflecting your penchant for listening to your inner voice and strong
senses of responsibility and pride. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 22nd card depicting the Fool is associated with your birthday. This is a symbol of your creative expression and identifies your inquiring proud intelligence. The lucky gemstone for August the twenty second birthdays is Topaz, wear it for a boost to wealth and to drive away negativity.


The Sun is thought
to be astrologically the greatest authoritative on the basic probabilities of all Leo personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty second of August is governed over by the planet Uranus's influence making you one of the last Lions in your zodiac group. These 2 planets are believed to help determine your idiosyncrasies. Your equal concern and compassion for
yourself and others balances your decisions and perspective to be fair and sensible. Your ability to analyze and visualize positively inspires you in many ways to do something meaningful in life. Getting adequate rest and relaxation should minimize the occurence and frequency of your temperamental behaviors. A finishing thought for people born on August the 22nd suggests acknowledging and accepting your
weaker traits and remaining open to well meant advice.

August 22nd Horoscope Comments

22.08.1989.... Cheers!! So what u guys do.. Follwing ur dads profession or creating ur own shit?? Im tryna create my own though..

[ Ishaan ] [ Post Reply ]

August 22nd, 1997. Proud to be a Lion as well! ^.^

[ Kurtis ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 22/08/01 and this is completely accurate!

[ Leo ] [ Post Reply ]

God knowns everything.

[ joe ] [ Post Reply ]

very accurate and insightful! hello all the 22nders!

[ khia ] [ Post Reply ]

August 22, 1974 and analysis is spot on! !;)

[ Beba ] [ Post Reply ]

August 22nd 1994.(: Proud to Be a Lion!!

[ Ricardo Gonzales Jr ] [ Post Reply ]

*twins* :D

[ Ekta Solanki ] [ Post Reply ]


[ muzammil ]

August 22, 1986, super accurate!

[ Bayleigh ] [ Post Reply ]

August 22, 1961. You are all very young. This analysis was right on the money. Wait until you're older. You will see...

[ Tewonda ] [ Post Reply ]

So which horoscope do you all read? Leo, Virgo, or both?

[ Vicki ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Vicki So which horoscope do you all read? Leo, Virgo, or both?
I do read both as we are cusp born. I see myself in both.

[ Sherry ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born August 22 at 1:33 am :like:

[ Xavier ] [ Post Reply ]

22nd August, 1.31 am. Same things we share mate..!Same things we share

[ Ravi Trivedi ] [ Post Reply ]

Haha! My name is Xavier also and I was born August 22, 11:47 pm.

[ Xavier ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born around 11 pm as well!

[ Sahara ]

OH MY GOSH WOW My brother's birthday is on August 22nd and he is the complete opposite of this.

[ Dude ] [ Post Reply ]

Same here . I think we should go with Virgo.. If it doesn't matches ...

[ Suri ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on August 22nd 1991the thing about being faithfulis true. I would never cheat onANYONE and I've found someone whofeels the same way I do about thatHe's also on the cusp too. He's anAquarius/Pisces cusp. He's awesomehe treats me amazingly. The worstrelationships were with a leoand a pisces
. So I guess my lesson wasnot to date someone of the same signOR the complete opposite since I'ma fire sign and Pisces is a water.I guess a lot of it has to do with the person but I do believe that their sign has a lot to do with how they act too.

[ Anon ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on 8.22.1991 too.. although I have cheated more then 5 times but I stop.. and my partner is leo as well

[ snow ] [ Post Reply ]


[ SAMIK ] [ Post Reply ]

Couldn't agree more

[ Cs ] [ Post Reply ]

I recently researched about my life path number being born on 22-08-1995...There's an astrologer calling herself "maryastro" and she said that I'm life path number 2 but from other research, it turns out that I'm life path number 9..Now am wondering if the people calling themselves astrologers know
what they do or its just a duping business????? NO OFFENCE!!!!!

[ Eddy Shawn Lee ] [ Post Reply ]

We were born on literally the same day bro

[ Ellis ] [ Post Reply ]

i was born the same day as well! august 22nd 1995 in Singapore!

[ nicole ]

In Numerology your life path # would be 9.

[ jan ] [ Post Reply ]

Don't be stupid, trust were the wind blows

[ Yonul Gotti ] [ Post Reply ]

I think stupidity is trusting where the wind blows BLINDLY!!!

[ Eddy Shawn Lee ]

Can u pls help me for my financial problems.how I can get rid of them

[ s.chanda ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on August 22 2003. I don't really believe in the goals and crap you have put up there because not a lot of it exactly matches up..

[ Elissa ] [ Post Reply ]

Oml I can't believe how long ago I wrote this hahahahah! 13 in 10 days guyssss

[ Elissa ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born 8/22/88 and all this is true, if you are younger then of course you don't see the realistic things in this information, also your up bringing has a lot to do with How you can relate to this

[ Isaac ] [ Post Reply ]

We have the same birthday to the year :D

[ Jayden ] [ Post Reply ]

I am married 22 aug is my day i want to know about my future and problems in future about success of my children and about my relation ship with my hasbnd plzz I'm very anxious about this all reply as soon as posible

[ Fouzia Rab Nawaz ] [ Post Reply ]

when will a leo person fall in love again if that person is a love failure?????answer me EDIOTS

[ sana ] [ Post Reply ]

When u find the right person

[ Kiran ] [ Post Reply ]

You spelt idiot wrong

[ scorpio ]

Thank you .

[ 2much ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on August 22nd and finally found my soulmate. He was born on May 24th he is a Taurus/ Gemini. He is the best man for me.

[ Elena ] [ Post Reply ]

August 22, 1999!!!!! Team Leo/Virgo I'm glad I found out more bout my sign

[ Trina ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow me too 8/22/1999

[ Rosa ] [ Post Reply ]

Born at 8AM 22 Aug 1986. Currently getting married to the love of my life she is a Cancer! The only thing i hate about her that she refuses to glorify me :D

[ Gio ] [ Post Reply ]

we are birthday mates..

[ pawan ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born Monday August 22nd 1994.. && i kind of always in a relationship but i get born fast and the just want to move on.. he could be the perfect one and i just never want to stay put.. like i just dont know what i want..

[ fonda by ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey bday twins! Down to the year too!

[ E.B. ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh good lord, i was born on the same day but a year after you, and i go through the same situation as you. Sometimes i wonder would i ever find someone to settle down and marry

[ Birthday twin ] [ Post Reply ]

My name is seneca or sen as others call me. i am aug 22 1971. Im worried about pratap....Talk to me pratap.

[ sen ] [ Post Reply ]

which girl will match for a leo person and if that person is a love failure then will that person fall in love again with anyone if that person's first love in true,sincere,loyal and honest?????????

[ sana ] [ Post Reply ]

Go for a guy born on Aug 22nd, ;)

[ Rajiv ] [ Post Reply ]

Whats your year of birth?

[ Faisal ] [ Post Reply ]

I m not in the right way. please help me finding it. D.O.B-22-August 1982. Time 00:09 A:M

[ pratap ] [ Post Reply ]

my birth date is on august 22 am glad to read this thank fully.

[ ascha ] [ Post Reply ]

My Birthday is on the 22nd of Aug as well I am so happy to read all this.. Thanks

[ Hina ] [ Post Reply ]

The sun is not a planet

[ sol ] [ Post Reply ]

You were definitely born on Aug 22 ;)

[ Andy ] [ Post Reply ]

A Lame comment by the ignoramus sol. Ancient traditions are not to be rebuked without overwhelming evidence. Get a clue, dude!

[ Son3 ] [ Post Reply ]

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