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for August 4th

If your Birthday is August 4th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 4th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 4th of August are envisioned to be extrovert, eloquent and friendly with the typical zodiac Lion natural leadership qualities. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you fairly unconventional, a bit of a rebel and with a need to do things your own way. If you have this birthday a decisive
confident and patient nature makes you usually excellent at thinking ahead and planning the achievement of your desired objectives. A big ego drives you to seek the limelight but underneath you are very honest, loyal and generous. Ambitious, dedicated and hard working you are also quite independent, intelligent and bursting with mental energy. Individuals with an August the fourth birthday want
to be noticed and appreciated yet immensely enjoy cheering others up with their witty supportive understanding. With your fixed views you are ordinarily true to yourself but you can be incredibly stubborn too.

Work and Finances

Favorite choices of a career to a person born on the fourth of August are often something in a teaching, scientific or care profession. Your decisiveness and
dedication are useful assets that allow you to go as far as you please in your chosen work type. Utilizing your analytical intellect to its fullest while working gives you the greatest satisfaction. Destined to acquire a steady flow of finances, you are not overly keen on saving so may encounter the occasional monetary shortfall. Finding the best way to manage
your budget with room for flexibility should help you avoid borrowing.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the fourth day of August is typically warmhearted with plenty of imaginative passion and an idealistic view of romance. Despite caring about the impression you present to others you are not judgmental in your evaluations of individuals. Independence is often not as important
to you when truly committed to a soul mate. An ideal partner is someone with whom you can relax and share your deepest thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or misunderstanding. In a long term relationship you are likely to expect complete devotion but you will give it in return. You favor the security of a happy home life but
your organized temperament may once in a while come across as a bit bossy. You usually prefer to take the lead sexually but are rarely selfish regarding putting a partner's gratification first.


The general healthiness usually experienced by those born on August 4th may be disturbed by a proneness to stress and sleep issues. While you are inclined to be physically fit
and well with good health habits you are also highly energetic mentally. Your high levels of concentration can frequently drain your reserves meaning adequate rest is imperative to ensure you recharge all your batteries. People born on this day could have a tendency to try and ignore symptoms of illness hoping they will just go away, regular medical and dental
check ups are advisable in order to stay healthy.

August 4th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are expressed in your clever quickness allowing you to think fast on your feet. Your outgoing disposition, loyalty and generosity are additional fortes that allow you to be a genuine and fun friend. Your likelihood to be honest with yourself is a fine attribute that will serve you well throughout life. Personality weaknesses for
those born on August 4th focus on your stubbornness and inclination to be a tad opinionated. When these negative traits, often activated by tiredness can cause you to be irritatingly distracted, hot tempered and undiplomatic.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 4th of August directs you to have a desire follow your own personalized moral code of conduct when chasing any sort
of success. You are often of a mind to believe that goals should come in many different forms aside from the usual occupational or financial achievements. Exploring your spiritual side and some of the mysteries of life could be one of your most desired ambitions. Dreams are likely to concentrate on wishes for happiness emotionally as well as articulating your rebelliousness
in fantasies. A dream to shower your loved ones with an abundance of surprise gifts is also common.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the fourth day of the month your birth date is allocated a special Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' emphasizing your integrity, trueness to self and sincerity towards
other people. In Tarot the 4th Major Arcana card featuring the Emperor is mystically connected to your birthday. This is a symbol of a requirement for structure and stability along with your ability to coordinate a plan of action. The luckiest gem for August the fourth birthdays is Topaz for calming properties that are imagined to replace negativity with positivity.


Leo personalities
and their typified traits are assumed to be astrologically influenced by the power of our Sun. The actual day you were born on, the fourth of August is assigned the ruler planet Uranus adding a second celestial influence to the probabilities of your uniqueness of thought and behavioral responses. Your forward looking eloquence and friendliness enhance your yearning to be a
leader rather than a follower. Your wittiness, frankness and intelligence are a fabulous combination of characteristics making you notably sincere, bright and funny. If you can aim to avoid getting overtired it should help prevent or minimize the appearance of your inflexibility and moodiness. A concluding ponderable thought for people born on August the 4th concerns growing older gracefully. Learn to
accept and take pleasure in your later years and remember that although looks may fade your wisdom will definitely increase.

August 4th Horoscope Comments

Thank God for his creativities and for making me who I am today

[ cole ife ] [ Post Reply ]

What about Luck?? And good fortune? All of us Leo's need those two!!

[ Diane ] [ Post Reply ]

Thats true,especially seeking the limelight!I'm August 04,1998

[ Alfred ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot On .. Very Insightful ... Puts things in perspective a bit as well :cool:

[ Dea ] [ Post Reply ]

My date of birth is 4th August, 1957

[ Lalitha ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday to all

[ Sunil Singh Dahima ] [ Post Reply ]

4th Aug 1993

[ Anonymous ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Anonymous 4th Aug 1993
Same birth day as me wow cool

[ Lupe ] [ Post Reply ]

Ohh yes its me thats awesome info..i think its true

[ irene hidalgo domingo ] [ Post Reply ]

Definitely true for me.

[ Nwe Ni Oo Wai ] [ Post Reply ]

The health was spot on, Donny I am not going to die sober!

[ Qualude ] [ Post Reply ]

aug 4, 1994half-true for me, I'm an introvert, not found of social things and not that friendly either.I'm patient, and always plannning ahead like what's said above. i'm also intelligent (compared to my batchmates, that is)and being an introvert, i always wonder where did I go wrong as a Leo xD

[ Gerhhart ] [ Post Reply ]

I m also 4th Aug 1982 born...Everything mentioned resembles me..Grt ..Thanks.

[ Chowdary ] [ Post Reply ]

4th august 1984..whatever is written above is so true..but it isn't complete without using the word 'charismatic' !;)

[ Samiksha ] [ Post Reply ]

august 04 1998,,difinetly true, almost 99% of it because im not witty..hehe, it almost describe me. love it, proud to be.;)

[ fiona ] [ Post Reply ]

We both got same date of births !

[ Hayder ] [ Post Reply ]

august 4, 1959,,,sounds rather spot on

[ anabanana ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday is august 4th, and the horoscope above describes me spot on-to a tee-yeppers. I join the other leo august 4th birthday people with pride...***if you'll pardon the pun!! Ha ha. Aar aar. Roarrrr....

[ Shannon ] [ Post Reply ]

8-4-64Pretty spot on, I'm a special education teacher and about 90% of the above applies. But I did giggle like and 2nd grader at 'Uranus'...

[ IndianJohn ] [ Post Reply ]

born august 4, 1974. At times, I'm scared of myself.

[ Dina ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday to all! I also born in 4thAugust! :)

[ its me Arooba ] [ Post Reply ]

my birthday is there today...feeling great.

[ aniket ] [ Post Reply ]

It's great to be an Augustfourian!Anyone from 1950?

[ Afsane ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Meme ] [ Post Reply ]

Describes me .. =)

[ Sachin ] [ Post Reply ]

hey i also born in 4th aug 1988..n i am in teaching profession n love it..some features matched but some not.. thanks for sharing

[ Preeti Bhatt ] [ Post Reply ]

I was also born on 4 aug 1988 :)

[ Ragnarock ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born august 4 1996 and the part of being a leader and likin teaching and scientific work is ny really me.does that make me weird

[ goldie ] [ Post Reply ]

Also born on August 4, 1996. I think everything is truuueee.

[ Jessie ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey m also ve b'day 4th aug

[ Ramu ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also 4 the Aug 1968. 9003124583.anything special for us

[ Abdul ] [ Post Reply ]

4th August 1968 in the UK =)

[ Cat G ] [ Post Reply ]

Definitely true. Especially the rebel part. When it comes to my view on planning though, I am very much a wreck. I usually go where the day takes me. I take the road less traveled most of the time as well, even If I see an easier one.

[ Michael ] [ Post Reply ]

This perfectly describes me! Amazing how your date of birth can impact your life so much! :D

[ LiveLoveLaugh ] [ Post Reply ]

I born in aug 4 1985, anybody here in same year and date? :)

[ Divya ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, I am 4th Aug'1985

[ Vikendra Singh ] [ Post Reply ]

I born in aug 4 1985, anybody here in same year and date? :)

[ Divya ] [ Post Reply ]

4th august 1986, close !

[ Omer ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm born on this date and I can't believe how much this reflects on what I'm like and who I am

[ Ryan Morgan ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also born in 4th of August. All that is said appears and sounds real good!! But how far

[ Rashmi Singha ] [ Post Reply ]

this is crazy.. xoo true,hw about all us august fourers unit by chattin on watsapp? ma #+255768963915.. add me then am gonna make a group for us i think ts gonna b fun like yeeey

[ charles ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Charles! Will text you on watsapp

[ Vineetha ] [ Post Reply ]

Its me roar!!!!!....

[ mar jo rie ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from mar jo rie Its me roar!!!!!....
Its me too

[ Pradip ] [ Post Reply ]

So true !!

[ Priansh Gill ] [ Post Reply ]

So true, is scary!

[ anabanana ] [ Post Reply ]

Can anyone tell me where to search?

[ Sabelle Toh Shun Ning ] [ Post Reply ]

LOL! I'm born on August 4th too!! .i feel like this birth date is extremely rare.........

[ Arushi ] [ Post Reply ]

i feel the same!its quite rare..and the fact that mr.obama shares it with us itself makes it great! ;)

[ shubham ] [ Post Reply ]

em exactly like this :p :/

[ jabran aleem ] [ Post Reply ]

Just like me

[ Luis ] [ Post Reply ]

hell awsome me....its meee

[ Tausif ] [ Post Reply ]

That is so me,just accurately described me

[ WinnieN21 ] [ Post Reply ]

This is too accurate. Love it!

[ MissWinnie84 ] [ Post Reply ]

This is exactly me .. =)

[ Dianne Mea Tea ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to me for being born August 4th... Thanks for the blog.

[ Igwe Leo ] [ Post Reply ]

thats the true

[ wamatsha ] [ Post Reply ]

I think this is a very good explanation of this wonderful day. You have hit it on the head. From a truthful lion, you are perfectly right.

[ Nrsima Maharaj Ganesh ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow that's exactly me wow.

[ siphelele ] [ Post Reply ]

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