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for August 7th

If your Birthday is August 7th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

August 7th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 7th of August are imagined to be purposeful, persistent, proud and akin to most Lions do not like being unappreciated. The astrological planetary force that rules this particular day is Neptune making you sharply intuitive with a brilliant imagination and a range of artistic talents. If you have this birthday a logical helpful nature is
bestowed upon you but also the inclination to be a tad impatient and materialistic occasionally too. You are usually generous and caring with an idealistic streak that craves tranquility in addition and contrast to excitement and variety. Individuals with an August the seventh birthday are full of charisma, quite sociable and fairly confident yet they often enjoy their own company as
much as spending time with others. Despite your self worth, an emotional sensitivity makes you soon distressed or distracted by your surroundings or the unfortunate plights of others.

Work and Finances

Suitable profession options may be difficult to decide on to a person born on the seventh of August as a result of your need to feel appreciated. A requirement to feel helpful
and valued when working can make you choosy about the sort of work you are attracted towards. As your sleep patterns are easily disturbed so irregular work hours are ordinarily unsuitable. If jobs involving writing or photography are not chosen as career paths they should be considered as serious hobbies with extra income generating potential. Not overly keen on handing finances
you generally try your best to balance a budget.

Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the seventh day of August is typically loyal, open, passionate and a bit of a perfectionist regarding romance. You seem to want your own independence but may have issues and displays of possessiveness if a soul mate partner request equal freedoms. Communication, sexual and otherwise,
on an intimate physical and mental level must be constant for you to be at your most receptive to contemplating compromise and overcoming any differences of opinion. A combined physical and mental rapport is an essential requirement to the success of a long term loving relationship. Your ample generosity is noticeably evident in the bedroom where you are considerate and concerned
with your partner's sex pleasure as well as and before your own. The stroking of your ego, extravagant settings and provocative language are frequently instant turn on's for you.


A robust physique usually contributes to the usual good health condition experienced by those born on August the seventh. This robustness of body sometimes suffers as a consequence of your weak spots in
healthiness relating to sensitive emotions. Regular meal times are important and exercise activities must not be boring as you can quickly become unmotivated. People born on this day commonly benefit from massage to combat a proneness to tension acquired by taking on too much responsibility every now and then. Succumbing to little viruses could be avoided by ensuring you take adequate

August 7th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exhibited in your finely tuned intuition, sense of purpose and persistence. These positive characteristics integrate perfectly with your clever, funny and socially adept temperament serving as fabulous guides. All these favorable qualities gain you a reputation for being cheerful, bright and nice to know. If you find yourself in a negative mood the
personality weaknesses for those born on August 7th will usually surface. This negativity can frequently manifest itself as bouts of self pity, anxiety, impatience or in the form of reclusive sulky and stubborn behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 7th of August grants you the tendency to believe in the power of the mind's spirit to motivate and help you achieve
goals. This optimism and positivity gives you plenty of drive and focus to accomplish the things that mean the most to you. You are likely to want to display any professional successes with the acquisition of desirable possessions and a healthy financial status. Your imaginative thought processes and flair can prove really useful in your attempts to acquire the harmonious secure
lifestyle you desire. Dreams are usually mostly focused on simply being happy and feeling content.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the seventh day of the month your specific birth date Root number is also a Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Mystery' indicating your contrasting cravings for variation and change alongside your additional need for
serenity. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 7th card depicting the Chariot is associated with your birthday. This is a symbol of your strong willed and self disciplined disposition. The lucky gemstone for August the seventh birthdays is Jade, wear it for equilibrium and the promise of a boost to wisdom and wealth.


The basic probabilities of all Leo personalities are presumed
to be strongly influenced by the dominance of our Sun. The actual day you were born on, the seventh of August is governed by the celestial body Neptune's influence. This duo of planets are thought to be the primary influences that determine your similarities and distinctness from others in your zodiac circle. Your naturally dignified, analytical and perceptive perspective presents you
as capable and insightful in all you say and do. Your charismatic confidence and emotionally sensitive side are in even measures allowing you the potential to make balanced decisions. If you can discover the things that appear to provoke your tendencies for anxious sulky stubbornness and unwillingness to wait you should be able to gain some control on your weaker traits.
A concluding thought for people born on August the 7th suggests aiming to be as honest and fair as you can, as this should lead to fortunate paths.

August 7th Horoscope Comments

Sound About right.

[ Nana ] [ Post Reply ]

born 7th August so a Leo, but dammned if I know why I'm such a freak.Not confident, loving etc.

[ vicki ] [ Post Reply ]

You are not a freak life has taken its toll and your weaker traits have taken hold but it is not to late to take control of your life.

[ David ] [ Post Reply ]

Agust 7th baby!!!! what really resounded in my mind is "Communication, sexual and otherwise, on an intimate physical and mental level must be constant for you to be at your most receptive to contemplating compromise and overcoming any differences of opinion."very true. in other words... kind of need
y. and yes i do believe this to be extremely accurate. extremely.

[ tito ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday August 7th babies!Today is our day to celebrate, Leos! May you all be blessed with happiness and joy today and always!My birthday 8/7/1980

[ Leah ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a LEO born on August 7 best sign of the zodiac

[ Miss T ] [ Post Reply ]

My B-day Is Aug 7th. And This Is All ME

[ Nana ] [ Post Reply ]

Like it

[ Wahab ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a devilish sweet Leo :love: Proud that I am a lioness

[ Saranya ] [ Post Reply ]

Born August 7. All TRUTH

[ cashdeniro ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah bro its rally good ,, its 80% matched by my life

[ Bilal Rajput ] [ Post Reply ]

Guess wat ladies and gentlemen.......... I AM A AUGUST 7 BABY!!!! YAAAAAAS HONEY MY CHARISMA IS YO DIE FOR I AM SEXY AF AND I LOVE BEIN IN LOVE AND ME IN BED PSHH lets not go there CHOW!!!!!!

[ Denise ] [ Post Reply ]

grat.. this called prediction...

[ Nikesh ] [ Post Reply ]

Due to to respect the writter!Amzing efforts for little -bit entertainment to readersMarvelous its solid try to express the steam of cell.

[ pradin786 ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!. Im amazed how acurate this is. I love it

[ Dalin ] [ Post Reply ]

I am a Leo born on the 7th of August this is so me. Very accurate astrology web site. I wouldn't want to be any other sign. I was born to be a lionesses. Loveable Straight forward and demand respect cause I give respect to ones who deserve respect. Love Ms. Leo lady.

[ Queen G ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday Leo queen from the leo king

[ Dean ] [ Post Reply ]

me tooooooooooooooooo ?) :love:

[ analiz ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow reading so many people born on August 7th I only knew one person since this

[ Taz ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow this is very true I am everything this says. And my name is great to so apparently I will have a good life

[ Bree ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on this day, and I'm very proud

[ Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

Leo are know to be great peoples,am happi to be one,Nnony

[ Nonso mike ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Abc ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday is August 7th and I just love being a Leo, reading this is like as if I wrote it myself! :)

[ Helga ] [ Post Reply ]

This is true as....! How did you know? =)

[ Bunnyboo100 ] [ Post Reply ]

Heeey Am an August 4th Leo with a dream to unite us Leos from around the world so we can share different life experiences.Whatsapp me thru +255768963915 and come talk and share with yo Leo brothers and sisters

[ Charles ] [ Post Reply ]

Perfect description of our character and preferences. Experienced almost many thing which are written there.

[ Mustafa Daudi ] [ Post Reply ]

I fit the description perfectly,awesome.

[ Gordon ] [ Post Reply ]

I cant cm to be able to stop sulking and am more persimistic than ever... I dnt even have or know which job I want... Am sorry for myself...

[ Begao ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought peridot was the August birth stone.

[ Myra ] [ Post Reply ]

I'l wanttd to a photogrfr..

[ mohamad qbAL khan ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday August 7th. I bossy loving giving caring and short temperatures.I can be possessive and do not tolerate disrespectfulness lying cheating or stealing.I love my kids. Experience bad relationships. Plus I am a Nipho but can become cheatful if deceived. Love attention but gets overwhelmed if
need to much!

[ Stephanie ] [ Post Reply ]

i've wanted to be a photographer my whole life and now i know it's the right path to be on

[ adianherrera ] [ Post Reply ]


[ shailender ] [ Post Reply ]

Soooo very true;):)

[ khushi thakur ] [ Post Reply ]

Nyay! haha feel so happy with this XD

[ August Seven ] [ Post Reply ]

This stuff is so like me thanx gr8ful... My bdae is also on the 7th of august :angel:

[ Zinhle ] [ Post Reply ]

too real! Every part of this is down to a T !!! Jade is new to me but I will look to invest as my personal gift xo

[ Ruja shinkz ] [ Post Reply ]

SO relatble, double rainbow

[ |Chris parker ] [ Post Reply ]

thank you very muchNeptune and Jade is new to me all the best

[ amir ] [ Post Reply ]

to be honest this is a bit confusing please make it easy to understand! or else it is quite gr8full to me! :)my bday is on 7 august too!

[ kathy ] [ Post Reply ]

Very useful.

[ Nirmal ] [ Post Reply ]

It very Greatful to me....

[ Yogesh ] [ Post Reply ]

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