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for December 13th

If your Birthday is December 13th and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

December 13th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 13th of December are predicted to be rather decisive and alert with excellent communication skills and the typical Sagittarian helpful optimism. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you practical yet idealistic and so able to see both the big picture and also the basic detail. If you have this birthday
you are inclined to utilize your lively sense of humor to quickly bounce back from a disappointment or setback. Your low threshold for monotony and boredom gives you a real yearning to learn anything new and to be naturally very inquisitive and perceptive. You are fairly confident and capable as well as easily able to admit when you are wrong but
you can be overly critical of yourself at times too. Individuals with a December the thirteenth birthday are energetic, careful and precise with a steadfast and sincere approach, a talent for music and a common fascination with astronomy. You may be a tad wilful but you are also intensely honest and loyal.

Work and Finances

Being predictively technology minded can often guide the
job choices most preferable to a person born on the thirteenth of December. You are also usually especially good at planning and marketing therefore self employment is commonly a popular alternative work option. Your high levels of energy, preciseness and communicative spirit allow you to normally fare well in any chosen profession. You are not particularly motivated by money but you
are ordinarily mindful and cautious when it comes to balancing your budget. This common sense attitude is accompanied by a keen eye for financial investments and a keenness of saving for the future.

Personal Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the thirteenth day of December is typically fun loving and romantic but also considerably private concerning affairs of the heart. In
spite of your self reliance and slight coolness you will still tend to crave for a loving partner to share ideas and offer emotional support and encouragement. Although you are usually wonderful at communicating your wishes and desires you are rarely regarded as emotionally expressive. You prefer to find your own soul mate and will probably dislike any interference, however well
meant, when it comes to romance. You aim to give a partner your undivided attention and complete sincerity, faithfulness and devotion, if you are unhappy you generally have no hesitation in saying so. A lusty passionate libido gives you lots of sex appeal.


Illness is usually an uncommon event to a person born on December 13th as you have a tendency
to be overly fussy regarding health matters. You try your best to take good physical care of yourself but your anticipated proneness for self criticism may sometimes really frazzle your nerves, wear you out mentally and dampen your usual cheery spirit. You will often benefit from a bit more variety in your diet and partaking in moderate regular exercise should be
encouraged. People born on this day could have a potential sweet tooth that although unlikely to cause you to pile on the pounds may lead to the need for a few extra visits to the dentist.

December 13th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed within your attentive, thoughtful and insightful qualities along with your optimistic attitude and humorous resilience. Additional positive traits are seen in your keen helpfulness and intense loyalty that appear to instinctively filter through into everything you do. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 13th become mostly apparent if you are
bored but they can also occasionally surface if you are feeling low or unconfident. Your negative tendencies include being pushy, moody and irritating as well as becoming inclined to be extremely particular about the smallest of details.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 13th of December means you may seemingly want it all yet you simply wish to achieve much with your
talents and knowledge. Driven by some great ideas and a great valuing of new and exciting experiences you should be rarely short of inspiration for goal setting. Dreams have the likelihood to be connected to your curiosity about the skies and the stars or your yearning to secure genuine happiness and contentment.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the thirteenth
day of the month the one and three in your birth date gain you a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' reflecting your sharp perception, fairness and likeliness to always own up to your mistakes. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 13th card depicting Death is associated with your birthday but do
not be alarmed as this just denotes your ability to let go of the past and speedily spring back from feeling disappointed. The lucky gemstone for December the thirteenth birthdays is Topaz for a boost to love and prosperity in addition to eliminating negativity.


The influence of the celestial body Jupiter is believed to be astrologically responsible for the typified probabilities of
all Sagittarius personalities. The actual day you were born on, the thirteenth of December is governed by Uranus's power adjusting the possibilities of your expected character. Your loquacious considerate temperament and even mix of practicality and idealism give you a fine set of attributes for adaptability. Your eagerness for learning means you will be constantly improving your wisdom. You can conquer
your responses to lack of activity and be less grumpy and picky by following your inquisitiveness for your many interests. A concluding thought for people born on December the 13th are to curb your fault finding of yourself and others and try to be more understanding while remaining continually looking forward.

December 13th Horoscope Comments

Turned 42 last month, it is me. Bought a Guitar Last year & have enjoyed playing it. Self employed & both strengths & weaknesses described me exactly. I thought it was because I was a little spoiled growing up. :)

[ Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

Me to a tee. 1961 here!!

[ Kimberly ] [ Post Reply ]

Did not realise the day coming.

[ Ong ] [ Post Reply ]

most of the content really speaking about who and what i am

[ Lui ] [ Post Reply ]

most of the things match....actually i feel that most of the people born on this day are attracted to arts&music.....now im not into it..but i feel its dragging me like anything

[ smj ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah definitlely true! december 13, 1992 here.. :D

[ Yuuka ] [ Post Reply ]

ditto... its me... ofcourse :)

[ Manisha Pattnaik ] [ Post Reply ]

That is perfectly me

[ Nickolas ] [ Post Reply ]

time alway teach us how life is, sumtim we learn d hard way sumtim we learn d easy way. My last year birthday almost take my life. I try to understand the reason why i fall sick almost every year of my birthday than i find at that the old years die at of me so that the new one can come in.

[ bieguare precious ] [ Post Reply ]

It's freakishly true! 13 Dec 1991

[ Dr Kank ] [ Post Reply ]

Scary how true this all is for me!!

[ Lauren ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so me

[ Cristina ] [ Post Reply ]

get used to it

[ dj ] [ Post Reply ]

This is all of me ! I kinda cried I'm still trying to find myself a single mom and trying to figure bout what I need to do in my life to grow I do want everything to happen now and I'm very impatient person I love hard and very loyal ughhh were is my confidence I think once I get out and start doin
g me I will get back to the person I use to be

[ Tia ] [ Post Reply ]

I was also born on this day in 87. This is me to the letter!!

[ Me ] [ Post Reply ]

okay all of you people no it is not the greatest day to be born money was huge incentive in my early life and now is not the case. I don't really care about having a girl friend anymore not trying to be pretentious because i don't think it will suit my purpose in life. I had to experience a lot of p
ain to actually to grow up. born in 87. 27 now. I am an extremely late bloomer. I had a lot of karma to deal with.

[ someone ] [ Post Reply ]

waaat, thats me

[ Zaq ] [ Post Reply ]

all right for me

[ alexus ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of it was right except for the learning part. I only like learning what I'm interested in.

[ Nikolai ] [ Post Reply ]

Anyone else relate more to their conceived zodiac? (Pieces)

[ Ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

I was really impressed, it was a look into my own thoughts and ideas, expressed by someone who's never met me...

[ J, Sal ] [ Post Reply ]

Just turned 22 yesterday :)

[ Nhat ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutely me! Love it.

[ Len ] [ Post Reply ]

not bad..76 tomorrow

[ doug j. ] [ Post Reply ]

It is very much like me.

[ Shireen safri ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday for weekend I am 46 this year

[ Lisa Howard ] [ Post Reply ]

This describes me sooooo well

[ Omg ] [ Post Reply ]

This suits my manlyness

[ Johan ] [ Post Reply ]

When reading previous Sagittarius astrological signs I realized they didn't quite match up to my personality. But reading this was like listening to my own thoughts.

[ Gabrielle Laffertt ] [ Post Reply ]

lmpressive, absolutely refers to me.l am into music, technology and i am self employed; relationship wise, i am very picky so am still single. Honesty is the bedrock of my principles(l think i should be dating someon with lifepath of 4)..l'll try to be less critical,am too scary for people to roll w
ith.Nice job...thumbs up

[ Divine ] [ Post Reply ]

This is soooo me! You just read all of my mail. Lol Being a Sagittarius woman is the best thing ever!! =)

[ Yaya ] [ Post Reply ]

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