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for December 18th

If your Birthday is December 18th and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

December 18th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 18th of December are believed to be honorable, brave and very loving along with the typified Sagittarian high ideals and passions. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars giving you a keen eye for quality and detail plus the ability to stand up for the things you believe in. If you have
this birthday there are creative and spiritual elements to your temperament and you will be inclined to possess an intelligent, original and inventive mind. A curious risk taker you are alert and open-minded with a sociable, charming and quite sensitive nature. You tend to gain lots of satisfaction from being helpful and will ordinarily have an assertive, practical, serious and optimistic
attitude. Individuals with a December the eighteenth birthday are energetic and enthusiastic as well as subtly persuasive, open and generous and a sharp sense of humor. Friendly, perceptive and understanding you may be also slightly attention seeking too in order to satisfy your need for approval.

Work and Finances

The enhanced helpfulness, practicality and fine attention to everything, typical to a person born
on the eighteenth of December makes them suitable for most types of work. You seem to need plenty of enthusiasm for and enjoyment of a job for you to be at your most productive physically and mentally. It is unusual for you to equate money with success but you do have a tendency to crave a certain level of comfort in
your standard of living too. You are likely to opt for an occupation that provides a useful contribution to society, challenges your creativity and pays well. You like to ideally plan for the future so you are usually very keen on saving.

Personal Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the eighteenth of December is typically romantic and full of caring sensitivity
concerning affairs of the heart. You strongly seek understanding and emotional support but you could be prone to suffer a few love disappointments before you find your true soul mate. As you are not as independent as others in your zodiac group you will be extra protective, thoughtful and intensely loyal within a long term loving relationship. Incredibly devoted and sentimental
you need a partner who helps you be content with yourself and wishes to share everything. Communication is important but you will also draw upon your intuition to sense a partner's hopes and desires. A perfect partner has a compatible wit and a similar passion for travel. Sexy and ebullient you possess more energy than most between the sheets and have
an avid preference to aim to please your lover before yourself.


Avoidance of worrying can be greatly beneficial to the normal fine health experienced by those born on the eighteenth of December. Your youthful exuberance and tendency for positive thinking gives you the impetus to generally take good care of yourself to stay healthy and active. If you try to retain your
usual practice of moderation and common sense regarding diet and exercise choices it is rare for you to have health problems. People born on this day should avoid pushing themselves beyond their limits and ensure that they get adequate sleep. You usually find it fairly easy to relax but could sometimes need some encouragement from others to do so.

December 18th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are displayed in your capable, expansive and persistent disposition helping you be highly principled and respectful. Your ample courage, intelligence and originality are supplemental fortes of positivity that seem to shine through in to anything you do. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 18th will usually appear more often if you are
overtired or in reaction to disapproval or a letdown. In these negative situations you have the inclination for your behavior to become rather preoccupied, frustrated and stubborn and your general mannerisms will be much louder and moodier than they usually are.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 18th of December means you have the likelihood to believe that there are no real
limits to the things you are able to achieve. You do not expect to be automatically successful in any of your desired endeavors and understand the need to put in lots of effort. One of your biggest goals and a common wishful dream theme is to accomplish happiness and contentment.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the eighteenth day of
the month the one and eight in your date of birth amount to a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Seeker' highlighting your inquisitive astuteness and your attraction to otherworldly interests. In Tarot the 18th card in the Major Arcana symbolizing the Moon is associated with your birthday. This is perchance a sign of
your instinctual emotions, empathy and charm. The luckiest gemstone selected for December the eighteenth birthdays is a Bloodstone, wear one for its conjectured mystical power to boost confidence and wealth.


Jupiter is considered the planet most astrologically responsible for the probabilities of all Sagittarius personalities. The actual day you were born on, the eighteenth of December is governed by the celestial body
Mars's influence explaining some of anticipated differences from typified zodiacal descriptions. Your affable alertness and witty dialogue is accompanied by your touch of seriousness that speedily emerges when needed. Your subtle persuasion and kind generosity are first-rate attributes that come in useful throughout life and are worthy of nurturing. If you can conquer your proneness to overtire yourself and be less
needy of praise your conduct should be calmer when facing negativity. A concluding thought for people born on December the eighteenth is that to discover calm you should embrace the values of space and silence.

December 18th Horoscope Comments

Loving it

[ Nicole jones ] [ Post Reply ]

95% true.

[ dizzy ] [ Post Reply ]

It's true about me.. so Ms Astrologer Marry me now!

[ Kaku Boston ] [ Post Reply ]

Im so happy bout this its like 95% right

[ Someone ] [ Post Reply ]

Hey, this is almost right. This describes me really well! Im really surprised, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! =) =)

[ AB;) ] [ Post Reply ]

I think, you're 99% correct.

[ Parth ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow spot on. Eerie , I love being spiritual and kind to others, I am very loyal in ltr and would bathe my partner in love . I deeply care for matters of the heart and am a very sensitive person. I have an amazing sense of humor to :)

[ edwin ] [ Post Reply ]

I dont at all possess any of the qualities present in sagittarius though being born on 18 Dec, I am really surprised becaused i am 90% matched with traits of capricorn and i dont know why is this ???

[ King ] [ Post Reply ]

Same issue even with me, i was born on 18th december 1997 where my sun falls under sagittarius, moon under leo and most importantly my ascendant is capricorn. i am very much surprised when compare this astrology with my real life traits i dont at all possess much of the qualities of a open sagitta
rius rather i match 90% with a capricorn

[ Alex ] [ Post Reply ]

are you sure; this is my horoscope :ups: its surprising

[ alex ] [ Post Reply ]

i really hate that i love to seek attention

[ sagittarius ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy Birthday to all my fellow December 18 babies! Blessings to all.

[ Lin ] [ Post Reply ]

All of these describe me well. thanks to you.

[ Sodipe ] [ Post Reply ]

All of these describes me very well. I am Sagittarian as well. Thanks

[ Sagittarius ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm loving this horoscope as most are woefully inaccurate. Spot on--thank you!

[ Lin ] [ Post Reply ]

what the heell .. this is me. what, what, what. :ups:

[ sl ] [ Post Reply ]

I never really believed in astrology but I can tell you this describes me perfectly

[ WNVC1997 ] [ Post Reply ]

Talented amazing singer song writer Sia Furler has this birthday, as does my best friend,this helps me understand my friends incredibly complex special personality and temperament. Thank you.

[ alexa ] [ Post Reply ]

very nice! This gives me more understanding of who I am and why im like the way I am. This is very helpful information nobody could really explain to me.

[ kennedy kammers ] [ Post Reply ]

I like to read your line

[ tripti ] [ Post Reply ]

Steven Spielberg summed up!No real limits that he cannot achieve in cinematography and the keyword 'Seeker' highlighting your inquisitive astuteness and your attraction to otherworldly interests; ET ;)Another fellow Sagittarian x

[ Sagittarius G ] [ Post Reply ]

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