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for December 22nd

If your Birthday is December 22nd and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

December 22nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 22nd of December are anticipated to be ambitious, intelligent and witty with the usual Capricorn understanding of the importance of being prepared. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus making you highly determined, dedicated, practical and realistic. If you have this birthday your active serious temperament likes to work and play hard
but is full of nervous energy too that makes relaxation sometimes difficult. Very persuasive with an adventurous streak you are inclined to possess lots of creativity, eloquence and probable musical talent along with strong opinions. You are incredibly charming and patient with great sensitivity but also shy and prone to be a bit secretive and private. Individuals with a December the
twenty second birthday are usually progressive, flexible and positive with big plans for the future. Your family orientated disposition is often best guided by structure and rules and you will ordinarily have a mature respectful approach.

Work and Finances

Job choice is important to a person born on the twenty second of December and it is likely that you will be totally committed
to your chosen career. Popular and possible occupation choices include management, publishing and advertising as a consequence of your realism, dedication and patience. You have a responsible attitude and are usually a great time keeper but you can also be a workaholic at times and may find juggling work and home responsibilities demanding. You tend to deal competently with finances as
your practicality directs you to be sensible and frugal with money while still being generous when it comes to the matter of family expenses.

Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty second day of December is typically someone who loves deeply but also easily fears rejection or disappointment in romance. In spite of this hint of caution and your
slightly guarded emotions you like to feel settled and secure while thriving in a loving nurturing environment. You are inclined to focus more on thoughts rather than feelings and will prefer to take the lead as well as demanding personal space. However this does not prevent you from being wonderfully attentive to a long term soul mate partner's needs and
wishes. You will usually rely on instinct to find a special partner to help you relax and with your sensitive yet level head and sense of humor you tend to keep a relationship solid, sincere and happy. Your predicted adventurousness is often displayed in the bedroom where you will be especially passionate and pampering towards your lover.


Being both nervy and energetic
can once in a while cause issues in the otherwise good health experienced by those born on December 22nd. In addition you can also have a proneness to eat what your body craves in place of healthy food options. Overwork can allow excess unhealthy stress to build as fully relaxing is not easy, you can release tension and stay supple with
some regular gentle exercise. People born on this day should discover that improving their diet and getting adequate rest periods will often enhance normal healthiness. You could be apt to suffering from bad feet if you do not choose your footwear carefully and slow your pace down a little.

December 22nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are expressed in your intelligence and wit offsetting your touch of overly seriousness and intensifying your structured assiduity. Additional fortes are seen in your unique way with words and sophisticated persuasiveness as these positive traits can open many doors to opportunities in life. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 22nd are based
on your tendencies for nervousness and reactivity. In negative circumstances your behavior and reactions become irritable and obstinate and your proclivity for shyness increases causing you to be temporarily closed and uncommunicative in response.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 22nd of December means you are inclined to be a bit bashful about revealing goals as you are somewhat fearful of failure.
Nevertheless you will quietly persevere in balancing meaningful personal and employment related ambitions with a view to working tirelessly towards your most important aspirations. Dreams have the likelihood to highlight your avid desire for happiness in your relationship and home life.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty second day of the month the double two in your birth
date qualifies you for a Root number of Four. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty' reflecting your high levels of admirable veracity, sincerity and impartiality. In Tarot the 22nd card in the Major Arcana featuring the Fool is associated with your birthday. This signifies your truthful spirit but also your inability to realize your true potential. The
luckiest gemstone for December the twenty second birthdays is imagined to be Topaz. Wear this jewel for the attraction of love and prosperity plus the absorption of any surrounding tension.


The planet Saturn is thought astrologically responsible for determining the probabilities of all Capricorn Goat personalities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty second of December is governed by Uranus's
planetary influence adding to your list of probable characteristics and explaining your differences from other typified Capricorns. Your ability for advance planning, diligence, positivity and flexibility are a wonderful set of attributes for faring well in life. Your marvelous senses of adventure and fun should be nurtured and when followed will be good for eliminating stress. If you can conquer your
minor anxiety and overreactions to negativity you should remain calmer and more receptive to communication. An ending thought for people born on December the 22nd is to try and be more open, accepting and sociable if you wish to get the best out of your destiny.

December 22nd Horoscope Comments

22nd of December is Capricorn ffs

[ Remarc ] [ Post Reply ]

It's right on the cusp lmao. So it really depends on the person and whatnot. Personally I've seen it more as a Sagittarius birthday, although there are the occasional people who don't believe that, such as yourself and Snapchat XD I think as long as it describes you properly, you can take the whole
sign-factor away :)

[ Maria ] [ Post Reply ]

couldn't have said it better

[ Annie ] [ Post Reply ]

It really explains alot.I am more family driven, don't like confrountation, howere, lately I am. Spot on....

[ Penny ] [ Post Reply ]

It was some correct

[ jayanth ] [ Post Reply ]


[ zahid ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me all the way! I love reading this because I can change the things I do not like, and improve on the traits that are great.

[ Kimberly ] [ Post Reply ]

this is really me! haist! how can I changed my negative trait especially being fearful and shy

[ abbbbb ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm pretty weird.. And artist and what not.. And this pretty much describes me. "In negative circumstances your behavior and reactions become irritable and obstinate and your proclivity for shyness increases causing you to be temporarily closed and uncommunicative in response." ^especially that..i d
o have my small group of friends crazy around but when im around people i dont know or a large group..i dont say a word.and also the part where I'm always nervous ..that's completely true and I hate it.

[ Sammich ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh god! That is the same with me. I get anxiety in large groups and extremely well with my small group. Also I hate it too, because I wish to have fun in large group of people in my mind hahahahaa :D

[ Sid ] [ Post Reply ]

This is accurate of my personality, lots of true traits that I posess. Can't believe how much of it true.

[ katie Harrison ] [ Post Reply ]

it is not totally correct

[ waad ] [ Post Reply ]

It seems that most part is my characteristic, but I don't what will happen in the future.

[ Nicolas Fantana ] [ Post Reply ]

Don't know how much it is correct for me...

[ suhasini mishra ] [ Post Reply ]

Ha me 2

[ Blabladude2 ] [ Post Reply ]

That is me! Totally! I caanot imagen how to describe myself better.

[ srinivasareddy edara ] [ Post Reply ]

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