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for December 23rd

If your Birthday is December 23rd and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

December 23rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 23rd of December are anticipated to be very expressive, stylish and intelligent with the typical Capricorn active and fun temperament. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury making you highly organized and usually full of both traditional and innovative ideas. If you have this birthday your shrewd and ambitious nature possesses a
wonderful imagination, fluency and an intense curiosity. Although quite friendly and sincere you are also likely to have changeable somewhat contradictory emotions too. Serious and conscientious with excellent concentration and communication skills you are often especially good at motivating others. Individuals with a December the twenty third birthday may be seemingly cool and aloof but underneath they can be amazingly loving,
understanding and caring as well as inclined to stick strongly to their promises. A tad nervous and scatterbrained at times you tend to have a family orientated, youthful and intuitive approach to life.

Work and Finances

Learning quickly and following rules often makes career advancement easy to a person born on the twenty third of December. You can be extremely hard working with
a tendency to put a lot of time an effort into an enjoyable job. You are fairly fond of studying to further improve your knowledge and skills as a result of your high intelligence and methodized attitude to work. When it comes to finances you are adept at budgeting and like to spend on anything for the home or interesting investments
like unusual art or antiques. You are unlikely to find it difficult to save when the money will be for the funding of an exciting holiday or unique experience.

Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty third of December is typically not overly romantic but sensitive emotionally with a strong craving for love and friendship. Your bit of emotional
coolness can be deceptive as you are inclined to be incredibly affectionate, loyal, dependable and totally devoted to a soul mate. In addition to this inclination for a respectful valuing of partnership stability you will aim to build a lasting happy relationship. You can be too seriously focused on life despite your general youthfulness and need a partner who helps you
laugh. Sexually you are usually open-minded and much more adventurous than most other zodiac goats but you can become easily bored without variety, spontaneity and fun between the sheets. In spite of normally being steadfast and faithful if you are feeling particularly insecure or unloved you can respond quickly with bouts of jealousy and possessiveness.


The fine health usually experienced by those
born on December 23rd is due to a commonsensical mindset and the practicing of moderation in everything. A slight skin sensitivity means you may need to be careful to avoid likely dietary or environmental irritants and aim to drink plenty of water each day. Your muscles and back are also potential weak areas in your usual healthiness so extra care should
be taken when exercising. People born on this day will commonly enjoy food of all kinds yet understand the importance of choosing their meals sensibly and healthily. Relaxing could be difficult but it is an essential for maintaining overall vitality.

December 23rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are viewed within your responsible, good natured disposition and your mix of imaginative inquisitiveness. These specific positive traits keep you busy and productive while your fluent motivational language is another brilliant asset to help you get where you want to be. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 23rd are prompted by an
encounter with some form of negativity. In these instances your proclivity for aloofness will be much more noticeable. Aside from this reaction your negative behavior can additionally alternate between becoming bossy and moodily stubborn or nervy and absent minded.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 23rd of December means you will know what you want from life from an early age and
be willing to work hard to achieve primary goals. It is rare for you to blame any aspiration setbacks on others, you prefer to take full responsibility for your actions or mistakes. Dreams appear to be mostly concerned with the future with you envisioning possessing the things you believe will bring you maximum personal contentment.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born
on the twenty third day of the month the two and three in your birth date add up to grant you a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Inquiry' emphasizing your intensely inquisitive examining mind and communicative spirit. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 5th mystic card symbolizing the Hierophant is associated with your
birthday. This highlights your regard for rules and self beliefs along with your talent for inventive concepts. The lucky gemstone chosen for December the twenty third birthdays is a Diamond, to be worn for possibly attracting harmony and abundance plus dispelling pessimism.


The presumable personalities of all Capricorn's are believed to be formulated astrologically from the influence of the planet Saturn. The
actual day you were born on, the twenty third of December is governed by Mercury's authority gaining you a characteristical distinctness from others of this specific star sign. Your expressiveness, friendliness and style make you interesting and lovely to know. Your ample degrees of shrewdness and steadfastness encourage you to be orderly, efficient and motivated. If you can conquer your moody
receptivity to negative vibes you should be less tense and fearful in your responses. A completing thought for people born on December the 23rd is to try not to plan your future too much as going with the flow is the best way to take advantage of unexpected favorable opportunities.

December 23rd Horoscope Comments

Yes its true ...I'm so happy to know and read this it is really my character ...and for the tips tnx a lot ...

[ Chanxi Yuh ] [ Post Reply ]

it's true..

[ biki ] [ Post Reply ]

Please Give Me detail of life , finance , Love Life Etc My Biryh Date is 23-dec-1963 & My E-Mail:- premk@cyber.net.pk

[ prem Saran ] [ Post Reply ]

It be so amazingly to me ... I have no words to say. .

[ Gishnu ] [ Post Reply ]

I m born in 23 DEC.and I m happy to knew all ths abt me nd its really wonderful and great quality insid me

[ prerna mandal ] [ Post Reply ]

awesome,the wonders of maths and the stars

[ god's slave ] [ Post Reply ]

WOW, the negativity thing blows me away! It is soooooooo true about me. I will actually walk away from an awesome relationship, job, adventure, etc. if I feel that someone will be disapproving of it in any way shape or form. Can you say people pleaser? I've learned to meditate and started to exe
rcise again in an attempt to dispel nervousness and keep positiove. I am also learning to trust my gut regarding people and their negative energy and try to just walk away and let go and let God handle them. God bless everyone! :) :love:

[ Barbs ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow Barbs For a second I thought i had quiten your post... Thats all me too!!

[ SP ] [ Post Reply ]

perfect.. Could just match every single thing to everythin i am..

[ soham ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally agree with this. I do tend to be good at mentoring others and making them feel encouraged but my negativity can sometimes mean that I am left feeling useless or unworthy because I do not give myself enough time!

[ Angel ] [ Post Reply ]

Scarily accurate. Particularly the part about negative vibes. I've been trying to deal with that for decades and have now realized how much it has actually affected my life. Well, onward an upward...

[ B ] [ Post Reply ]

Well put! I've always thought I was a little more off beat than other Capricorns. Anyone else born under the Capricorn moon as well as the Capricorn sun?

[ Tricia ] [ Post Reply ]

right here, & this speaks PLENTY about me but I have always felt the NEED to BE CONTROLLED BY by someone else being born in 1998 (12/23, of course) the paqulier NEED to ALWAYS HAVE someone ELSE rule EVERYTHING I say &/or do, WHERE I GO, &/OR WHOM I SEE OR TALK TO but also to NOT say ANYTHING to any
one first unless being spoken TO by other('s) first

[ Britt-Brittright here it speaks to me ] [ Post Reply ]

amazingly accurate; thanks for the advice on ways to deal with the negative response I always give to negativity from others-my worst failing.

[ goodrum ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah..!!...its true yrr...we do plan alot for our future...lolzz

[ karan singh ] [ Post Reply ]

Really true about me... Born on 23

[ Patrick Perry ] [ Post Reply ]

Its 100 true

[ jayantkumar ] [ Post Reply ]

This data/description is exceedingly accuracy

[ Mimi ] [ Post Reply ]

good !;)

[ jdslksdjf ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on December 23 and I am happy that of those are true about me I it good to read about my birthday

[ Jasmine ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi I also born on dec 23 I am from india In my life also its true Wr r u from ? Which yr u born ?

[ sharath ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi Jasmine My birthday 23rd December 1960Ratnakar YenjiIndiaratnakar.yenji@rediffmail.com

[ Ratnakar Yenji ] [ Post Reply ]

Even I'm born on December 23, I found this quite correct! :)

[ Rahul ] [ Post Reply ]

O-o Do you stalk me?!

[ MusicalUnicornPowers ] [ Post Reply ]

awesome! i m born on Dec, 23rd and it explains everything! conquering our moody receptivity is very important to keep nervousness away from us

[ Zahra ] [ Post Reply ]

I am born on 23rd Dec and could relate to a lot of things what have been mentioned. The page seemed to be 90% of what I am and think like. Great analysis and how very true!!

[ Navneet Bhatnagar ] [ Post Reply ]

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