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for December 26th

If your Birthday is December 26th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

December 26th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 26th of December are believed to be reliable, generous and loyal and like most Capricorn's very honest and ethical approach to life. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Saturn making you brave with a little defiant rebellious streak and a strong dislike of any form of deception. If you have this birthday
you are inclined to be responsible, serious and ambitious but also quite friendly with an offbeat sense of humor. With your slightly reserved emotions and high standards you can be rather prideful with a fragile ego and could suffer from stress if you take on too many responsibilities. Resourceful and prudent you are a good judge of character and tend to
like things your own way but you be sometimes a tad pessimistic and cautious too. Individuals with a December the twenty sixth birthday are careful and patient with a preference to be organized and punctual. Despite being fairly self assured and disciplined you may find it hard to admit a mistake.

Work and Finances

The ample patience and organizational ability bestowed to a
person born on the twenty sixth of December helps them be capable of most types of occupation. In addition your meticulous and intelligent disposition you are business minded and therefore suitable for a variety of different careers. Your touch of creativity enters into and can be utilized in any job you choose. Rate of pay could be a determining factor in
work choices as you seem to strongly seek plenty of financial security for the future. Money is of much significance although you are unlikely to be greedy with it and highly likely to make prosperous investments if the opportunity arises.

Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty sixth day of December is typically consistent, dependable and big on loyalty
when it comes to romance and relationships. Even though you are extremely loving underneath you can also be a bit shy, overly protective and insecure in romantic situations. You need a soul mate partner to help you relax and stop you taking on too much at once. While deeply passionate, faithful and sensitive you are in addition prone to be sometimes
demanding emotionally, a little bossy and quickly jealous. You are inclined to be strongly sexed yet very considerate between the sheets as well as taking promises and marriage vows seriously. Moving slowly but steadily you tend to take great pleasure and really value the simple things in life. Your tolerant and caring temperament seems to greatly appreciate total honesty within a
long term love partnership and will dislike any kind of secrets.


Excess worrying can, on occasion, prompt a spell of minor illness experienced by those born on December 26th. An occasional back or headache is common along with a proneness for upset stomach and potential sleep problems and are mostly related to stressfulness. Aside from your tendency for nervy induced complaints you
are ordinarily fit and well. Increasing dietary fibre and reducing refined or sugary foods should have plenty of benefits to overall healthiness. People born on this day could find that moderate exercise on a regular basis useful and uplifting for the possible dispelling of tension, a brighter mood and for staying supple and toned.

December 26th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are displayed in your solid reliability and avid resourcefulness as these traits drive your persevering, methodized but tentative actions. Your self discipline, wit and bravery are extra faculties that give you your usual balanced, dignified perspective and sense of fun. The personality weaknesses for those born on December 26th often originate from hurt pride
or following a personal blunder, misunderstanding or misjudgment. In these circumstances your negative touches of bossiness and pessimism will surface in response and you are likely to become temporarily somewhat moody, inflexible and domineering.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 26th of December gives you an eagerness to succeed in both your professional and private lives. You need to make equal effort
towards these combined goals if you want to achieve aspirational contentment. A willingness to wait for things means it is unlikely for you to give up on a special wish or ambition. Dreams can once in a while influence your ideas for future achievements.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty sixth day of the month the two and
six in your birth date calculate you a Root number of Eight. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Leader' identifying your rational thought, moral decisions and penchant for punctuality. In Tarot the 8th card in the Major Arcana indicating Courage is associated with your birthday. This recognizes your predicted boldness, bit of rebel and likelihood for a degree
of defiance. The luckiest gemstone for December the twenty sixth birthday is imagined to be a Black Pearl, wear them for their blocking of negativity and attracting rewards for your natural generosity.


The planet Saturn is presumed astrologically influential in the determining of all Capricorn personalities and their probabilities. The actual day you were born on, the twenty sixth of December, is
governed by this same celestial body usually intensifying the majority of your typified and predictable characteristics. Your spirit of giving and value of friendship more than compensate for your slight coolness of emotion. Your intuitive judgment of others should be trusted and acted upon at all times. If you can conquer emotional responsiveness to error or confusion the negative side to
your individuality will generally remain hidden and inactive. An ending last thought for people born on December the 26th is to try and learn to accept when you may be wrong and practice the art of compromise for favorable vibes.

December 26th Horoscope Comments


[ NANDEE ] [ Post Reply ]

Uhhh noo

[ yoyo ma ] [ Post Reply ]

Suprisingly on point! Just the part about being punctual is off for me, but that's my little rebellious side coming out.

[ Rose ] [ Post Reply ]

Not really Rose , it says " with a preference to be organized and punctual. So we may not be organized or punctual at times but we have a great need or would love to be .

[ Antonelle ] [ Post Reply ]

everyone i know born on this birthday have treated me very shitty and mainpulated the fuck out of me. worst day to be born on, honestly.

[ sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

I don't believe that

[ Omar ] [ Post Reply ]

totally agree with you, yet many traits match, the narcissim and dishonesty are not mentionned..

[ tracy ] [ Post Reply ]

I totally agree. The person I knew with this birthday was the worst person I ever met. A total sociopath narc. Worst B-day ever!

[ Adia ]

not everybody in this birthday is as you say maybe you met the worst of them and out of the few you have seen and been involved with your now stereotyping all of us, not all of us are dishonest some of us value honesty more than anything else.

[ victor ]

It's true...i'm loyal..nd i'm good at judging people characters n i'm moody..but it was once said that Capricorns can b born on a same day but they won't do things in a same way..no that won't happen!

[ Kaybee ] [ Post Reply ]

Its absolutly true, which somehow match with my charactercharacter .i personaly appreciate it. ....

[ smitapanda ] [ Post Reply ]

True to some extent (70%)

[ Chioma ] [ Post Reply ]

Its 100% match for my character

[ Sbailen ] [ Post Reply ]

I dont believe in this solid frame of defining people

[ omar ] [ Post Reply ]

I have to admit .... I am a little jealous time to time

[ felicia ] [ Post Reply ]

all human has lots of persnalty and thought....and its match some points here thats not means its bhawisyawaani or something...if you did possitive its also math if u did negetive its also match...better to work and be confident with yor present as well as future

[ narendra ] [ Post Reply ]

So true!!

[ Aja ] [ Post Reply ]

70% true to my personality

[ Ajayi Kehinde ] [ Post Reply ]

Quit true

[ Bassey ] [ Post Reply ]

That was crazy sitting here reading this and thanking to myself who wrote this and why do they know me so well

[ Bianca ] [ Post Reply ]

How true!

[ lala ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, yes and yes.

[ Cap ] [ Post Reply ]

It is match with my character

[ Gilbert ] [ Post Reply ]

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