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for December 3rd

If your Birthday is December 3rd and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

December 3rd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 3rd of December are imagined to be chatty and sociable with an insatiable curiosity and the usual Sagittarian honesty and great sense of humor. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter making you rather enthusiastic, thoughtful, intelligent and charming. If you have this birthday your strong willed and fairly ambitious temperament thrives
on a challenge and you will usually like to scatter your energies in many different directions. Your very inventive mind is creative and versatile with a craving for knowledge, experience and adventure along with an avid enjoyment of travel. Warm, magnanimous, energetic and optimistic you can also sometimes be a tad restless or stubborn with a tendency to exaggerate. Individuals with
a December the third birthday are naturally expressive, lighthearted, fair and generous yet also a bit of a perfectionist who greatly values their privacy. A tiny touch of rebel in you could give you a real need to be different.

Work and Finances

The strong will and enthusiasm attributed to a person born on the third of December usually makes them decisive regarding
favored career choice. As creativity is, as a rule, one of your biggest talents so any job incorporating it will frequently be a popular option. Full of physical and mental versatility your chattiness and charm makes an occupation involving communication or sales skills are highly suitable professions. You are normally quite adept at handling your finances but you can also be
prone to succumb to your generosity and spend impulsively at times. Saving is important if you want to regularly pursue your fondness of travelling.

Personal Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the third day of December is typically spontaneously romantic, sexy, affectionate and openhearted. Outgoing, playful and a bit flirty you will usually like socializing and partying but are likely to
be truly devoted to family and close friends. Despite this you are inclined to sometimes find it hard to commit to a long term relationship for fear of losing your personal freedom. You need a partner who really keeps you constantly interested and satisfied with stimulating conversation and adventurous sexual pleasures to curb your touch of restlessness. You appreciate truthfulness and
sincerity concerning affairs of the heart and you tend to be incredibly loyal and trusting of your instincts. An ardent lover you seem to prefer variety between the sheets and often like to make love in unusual places. You are also sentimental and good at remembering special soul mate anniversaries.


A wish to look good, feel great and want to live to
a ripe old age will usually enhance the general healthiness experienced by those born on December 3rd. Keeping fit with plenty of exercise has lots of importance and you are advised to stick to a healthy menu in order to maintain your usual overall vitality. Your youthful attitude and zest for life keeps you thinking positively and healthily. Your fondness for
a party can mean occasional overindulgence in alcohol is a possible health risk to watch out for. Weight gain and dental issues could be a problem for people born on this day in later years when you have the potential to develop a sweet tooth.

December 3rd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are most noticeable in your resourceful inquisitiveness and honest, caring mindful approach. In addition to these fortes your other commendable qualities of warmth, fairness and plentiful energy are expressed amply in everything you do and say. The common personality weaknesses for those born on December 3rd are usually activated by an unexpected upset or
disappointment. These probable negative traits are mostly connected to your hidden rebellious side. This can cause you to act in a negatively obstinate, agitated and changeable manner with the possibility of secretive, strange or unapproachable behaviors.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 3rd of December means that one of your greatest wishes is to be able to earn a living doing something
you really enjoy. It also gives you a yearning to work hard towards any desired goal by putting time and care into your effort to ensure the best chance of success. Any achievement you accomplish seems to gain you a prideful satisfaction. Dreams have the inclination to be linked to your hint of idealism and desire to see different parts of
the world.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the third day of the month your birth date is allocated a matching Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' identifying your keen fervor for novelty, progress and modification. In Tarot the 3rd Major Arcana card illustrating the Empress is associated with your birthday. This
mystical symbolism represents your steadfast intelligence and originality plus your unique charm and grace. The luckiest gem for December the third birthdays is believed to be an Amethyst, wear this precious stone for the probability of added stamina, self esteem, stability and happiness.


The probabilities of all Sagittarian Archer symboled personalities are thought to be astrologically influenced by the planet Jupiter's power.
The actual day you were born on, the third of December is governed by the same celestial body intensifying your typified zodiacal character. Your sociability, alertness and versatility are perfect attributes for accentuating your infectious optimism. Your usual giving kind nature may have a proneness for exaggeration but your heart is definitely in the right place. If you can try not
to become too distressed over unanticipated happenings you should be less defiant, moody or standoffish in these situations. A summarizing thought for people born on December the 3rd is to stop worrying so much about others and learn to like and understand yourself more.

December 3rd Horoscope Comments

Great to learnt about this, how happy i am ,3rd Dec is my birthday and every 3rd Dec is my a year of Happiness. Thanks my Dad and Mom for this gift.

[ philip Malish Gali ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutely touching of you to give Mom and Dad credit.....they obviously have raised a good person.

[ Tom ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow!it's all about me...Thankful to my mom and dad..Dec 3

[ Anne Lee ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG,this is so true-however,I don't really want to grow up to an "old ripe age", seeing as the world nowadays is pretty messed upas it is. The future...is pretty bleak. Also, sexy and flirty? You should see me attempt to talk to my crush XD But overall, this is damn accurate!

[ a fellow person on the internet ] [ Post Reply ]

Well said . 100% me

[ Yessy ] [ Post Reply ]

So true in my case..

[ Kaira ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Cham ] [ Post Reply ]

You just told me about me.

[ Danieletta Sleyon ] [ Post Reply ]

so very true to describe me like that even my parents say that i could be succedfull in life

[ Grace ] [ Post Reply ]

That is the way to describe me even for long term relationships Wow

[ manual ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on!!!

[ Pauline ] [ Post Reply ]

wow, spot on for me. just made 58 on the 3rd and feel great. and very true about unexpected bad news, the only thing that gets me boiling mad

[ Robert ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday to us

[ Rell ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm exposed....long term relationships...lol...omg..this defines me

[ saggi ] [ Post Reply ]

So true everyone says so =)

[ Paisley ] [ Post Reply ]

same with me but for long term relationships

[ fidel ] [ Post Reply ]

Reading this i feel almost all of it is ture, however I am not as smart as they say here sadly I have a learning disability processing problem ADHD from having seizures when I was younger math is not my stong suit anymore and sometimes it takes me longer too understand things than the average person
and although I can be very sociable I am also shy do to years of bullying but regardless of my past and my learning disability I am truly happy with my life now

[ Justin ] [ Post Reply ]

hi i am libra born on the 7th of october. I have the same problem like you for instance weak in maths , takes long to understand im shy but very socialable as you , people used to make fun of me an call me names but i used to suffer from epilspy an get fits at a young age but i am happy with my life
the same as you an plus im not smart too so im sorry to hear about that but people end up liking us for example my friend an my mom . If u want to talk me u can add me on fb my name dolly r doolam , skype barbie doll doolam i would happy to be your friend by the way im 19

[ kajal doolam ] [ Post Reply ]

nobody is perfect im nobody so amazing and true

[ haha ] [ Post Reply ]

as if I told you about what i am! you have really described me

[ Jacie ] [ Post Reply ]

On point

[ farakhan ] [ Post Reply ]

Yup my boyfriend is like that

[ joella ] [ Post Reply ]

Amethyst is a very dangerous stone..it will either make your life or can destroy your life..should i wear it..??

[ yash ] [ Post Reply ]

Yea.. you've just define #Me

[ Oluwagbemiga ] [ Post Reply ]

Alot of truth in it. Thanks

[ Francis ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes this is so very me too. Odd because I was supposed to be born on November 12th.

[ David ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is so right, especially the last sentence. Great article, thanks!

[ Donald Ooi ] [ Post Reply ]

This is creepy. Male born on this day in 85. Freaking cray!

[ Katlin ] [ Post Reply ]


[ bani ] [ Post Reply ]

99.9% correct !

[ Sree ] [ Post Reply ]

Yup that's me!

[ gurpZ ] [ Post Reply ]

happy birthday dad!

[ bryttny ] [ Post Reply ]

About my career

[ Syedghousuddin ] [ Post Reply ]

Very very true

[ Harinder ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree and to my consent everything said is true and 100% correct.

[ Sandeep Sadhu ] [ Post Reply ]

very true!!

[ charlotte ] [ Post Reply ]

May be its true :v

[ Shujaat Ali ] [ Post Reply ]

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