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for February 11th

If your Birthday is February 11th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

February 11th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 11th of February are believed to have a charismatic, bright and authoritative temperament. This sits alongside the wonderful typical Aquarian imagination and friendliness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is the Moon giving you evenly balanced views and priorities. If you have this birthday the ability to harmonize your life without losing
focus of your ambitions and responsibilities will be strong. You are also quite competitive and socially aware for a water bearer and will generally take life's little disappointments with much resilience. Your lightheartedness is just the right amount to offset your sometimes too serious nature. Individuals with a February the eleventh birthday are friendly, warm, loyal and hardworking with a good
sense of direction. Although you are fairly instinctive in your approach to life this perception does not always extend to emotional situations.

Work and Finances

Reaching the top in their career is important to a person born on the eleventh of February due to high levels of competiveness and ambition. You search for a profession where there are plenty of opportunities to progress
and gain some recognition for your efforts. Individuals with this particular birth date are usually excellent at generating and managing finances. This adeptness with money tends to ensure that you should not encounter many financial issues. Good cash flow control also helps you maintain the equilibrium you strive for in all other areas of your life as it allows you to
plan ahead.

Personal Relationships

For an Aquarian, the person born on the eleventh day of February is not unusual in their partner preferences of both a friend and a lover. You will ordinarily get bored very quickly with any personal relationship that is mostly physical. To you, especially when you are younger, romance is often regarded in second place to your other objectives.
A single status seems to suit you for quite a while as you enjoy its freedoms but you will eventually long for the security of a long term love union. In a soul mate you seek someone who can fulfill your ideals of an ultimate body and mind closeness and trust. They must be understanding of your ambitious motivations and be
able to appeal to, and reason with, your intellectual side. Committing to a romantic partnership may be difficult but you do it whole heartedly and will be totally devoted once betrothed to another.


Minor health ailments experienced by those born on February 11th are sometimes induced a result of a lack of adequate sleep. You are especially prone to picking up the
latest virus if you have had disturbed sleeping routines. As you mature you usually learn to listen to your body and accept its necessity for enough recuperation time. Adjusting your diet healthily to match your level of activity is often the key to keeping energy topped up. Regular exercise and breaks from commonplace tasks will be most beneficial to your emotional
healthiness so you should try and fit them into your lifestyle.

February 11th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

The strongest parts of your character are probably in your inventive thought, helpfulness and humble appreciation. These strengths make you a popular individual who appears to be highly resourceful and admirably equal in their give and take allocation. Identifiable personality weaknesses for those born on February 11th are your tendencies to be occasionally excessive or insensitive. These negative idiosyncrasies
occur most often when you are completely absorbed in something. You are also likely to get rather grumpy if you are distracted during one of your periods of creative thought as it disrupts the flow.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 11th of February makes you markedly disciplined, determined and almost always goal orientated. You are the sort of person who loves
challenges and is not too unbalanced by changes so goal setting is a great motivator and guide. Your childhood dreams of what you want to do in life are commonly your main motivation as an adult. Dreaming moments may include desires for the good things in life but you do not let materialistic wishes take precedence over humanistic welfares. You wish
to make your mark in the world and are prepared to make sacrifices, but not to step on anyones toes in the process.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the eleventh day of the month the digits in your birth date add up to a Root number of Two. This numerical birthday reference has 'Harmony' as its keyword indicating your
requirement for harmonious aspects in your life. The Tarot card most associated with your birthday is the 11th card in the Major Arcana deck, Justice. This possibly represents your longing for evenness and honesty from those around you. For a good luck charm the Pearl is the gemstone considered luckiest for February the eleventh birthdays, wearing it is thought to assist
with concentration and induce calm.


Uranus is the primary planet astrologically involved and so regarded as most influential in the formation of Aquarian personalities. The actual day you were born on, the eleventh of February is governed over by the Moon. So this combo of planetary forces is designated mainly responsible for your differentness from the rest of your zodiac sign.
Your charm and natural air of authority sit perfectly alongside your will to achieve and grants you the attributes needed to go places in life. Your cheerful friendliness takes the edge off your slight brusqueness and permits you to get along with most people. If you can conquer your tendency to become too preoccupied with things at the expense of others
it will help personal interactions. A final applicable thought for people born on February the 11th is that taking time out every now and then should not delay your destined progress.

February 11th Horoscope Comments

This is so me....no mistakes at all!!!

[ Isha ] [ Post Reply ]

As in a mirror! That's more like me. I mean like us guyz! Need an 11thian gf. Anyone here?

[ Dodo ] [ Post Reply ]


[ revanth ] [ Post Reply ]

for t first time i am believing this sort of stuff. and i gotta reason for that...well i read that t keyword of we 11thians are 'harmony' nd guess what my name MIDHUNA MEANS HARMONY!!

[ midhuna ] [ Post Reply ]

yes yes! sounds like me all the wayyyyy

[ Kameila ] [ Post Reply ]

It's freaking me...99.9%..amazing

[ Sharan Raj ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm not that goal driven but still seem to excel. Sounds like me though. We are nut alone.

[ Derek ] [ Post Reply ]

yahhhhhh,,its true

[ atif khan ] [ Post Reply ]

yah its me here in ajk pakistan

[ Fahad ] [ Post Reply ]

Woaahh,no wonder i love to look at the moon so much xD this is freakishly accurate

[ Sho ] [ Post Reply ]

Yes, that's me. I mean us

[ cq ] [ Post Reply ]

People like me.,yay!! Sounds pretty true

[ isaac ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true. Although when ever is a full Moon, something strange happen to me. for example March 13 was a full Moon, I almost got killed in a car accident.

[ Carlos ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought it was going to say " Oh sorry you're going become a hobo" so I'm happy

[ Celestial ] [ Post Reply ]

i always knew Feb 11th people are special,sexy and has an overflowing charm :D

[ Kayzel ] [ Post Reply ]

Yep, you're on point. Check out famous people born on February 11th and you'll be surprised.

[ Edward ] [ Post Reply ]

Me. Yes, that's me.

[ Dewangga ] [ Post Reply ]

thz is very true

[ max ] [ Post Reply ]

it is somewhat true :like:

[ sho sho ] [ Post Reply ]

Thought this was fortune cookie nonsense for the longest time. Uncanny accurate. Lets get together fellow February 11thians and build a financial empire and invent stuff!

[ Jake ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Jake Thought this was fortune cookie nonsense for the longest time. Uncanny accurate. Lets get together fellow February 11thians and build a financial empire and invent stuff!
That's a great Idea Let us proceed!!Let's do this...!

[ Jay ] [ Post Reply ]

wow.... this is so true...kind of scary...

[ Richard ] [ Post Reply ]

99.99% accurate for me :D

[ Teodora Bordarays ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree 99%

[ Jim ] [ Post Reply ]

incredibly accurate!!!!!!!

[ Irene Mills ] [ Post Reply ]

Funny this describes me greatly, and why I'm an insomnic!!

[ Jade ] [ Post Reply ]

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