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for February 12th

If your Birthday is February 12th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

February 12th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 12th of February are believed to possess an outgoing, magnetic friendly personality. Your water bearer eccentricity is mixed with lots of charm and an zany sense of humor that gives you an advantage with social skills. The ruling planet in astrological terms for this particular day is Jupiter creating your expressive and affectionate nature. If
you have this birthday you are endowed with heaps of positivity and enthusiasm. You are independent and intelligent with leadership qualities but are also incredibly supportive of others. This is due to your high levels of understanding, tact and cooperativeness. These pleasant fortes show your character in its best light. Your supportiveness makes you more of a people person than most
other Aquarians. Individuals with a February the twelfth birthday tend to acquire their wisdom through experience and are not particularly keen on accepting advice.

Work and Finances

Career choices are usually straightforward to a person born on the twelfth of February as you are versatile and flexible. Even though you have high intelligence and are capable of most tasks you are not overly
ambitious, so your work options are more likely to depend on hours and pay. You will generally prefer working in small environments rather than large ones. Finances are not one of your strongest points and you will sometimes lack confidence in your ability to balance your budget. However you are not known to be frivolous with your money and have the
patience to save up for things that you really want.

Personal Relationships

As an Aquarian, the person born on the twelfth day of February has a generous helping of the usual aloofness concerning personal relationships. Despite this emotionally detached cautious cover you secretly yearn for a passionate and intellectual intimacy with someone special. Although you are not too talkative or open about feelings
you can be physically very demonstrative, caring and thoughtful. Your accommodating kind nature and positive approach to life makes you a wonderful reliable partner. In long term soul mate partnerships you are extremely loyal and devoted but will be especially intolerant of restrictions on your freedom. You may still need to retain a little of your independence when romantically attached as
you like to be in full control of your emotions. The right partner will understand this necessity of yours and be willing to work around it together.


Minor health problems experienced by those born on February 12th are not usually caused by you neglecting your body's needs. You are naturally full of enthusiastic energy and bright enough to make the connection between
keeping healthy and looking and feeling good. Individuals with this particular birth date are often fussy about their appearance and keep in trim without needing any encouragement. You may also be as meticulous with your food and are likely to have certain likes and dislikes possibly stemming from childhood. You should perhaps try and include lots of fruit and vegetables in
your diet.

February 12th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Noticeable strengths in your character are in your indiscriminate, conceptual thought processes and your highly protective manner. These qualities and your self-controlled, optimistic and focused state of mind will take you anywhere you want to go in life. The main personality weakness for those born on February 12th is your tendency to be unnecessarily stubborn and unyielding in some
situations. Another of your weaknesses is that you will occasionally be tempted to gossip or be too nosy. Your curiosity is well meant but sometimes unwelcome so you may need to learn to think a bit more before you speak.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 12th of February usually makes you very intuitive and competent in utilizing this gift positively for
life aspirations. You do not need many motivating goals to steer you in the right directions and so you are unlikely to make any definite planned route to success. Your observance and alertness help you follow the familiarity of previous experiences and guide you towards your hopes and aims for the future. Any dreams of achievement you have appear to be
closer to reach once you gain added confidence in your abilities and are able to gauge your limitations a bit more accurately.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twelfth day of the month the figures in your birth date total Three, so this is your Root number. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Innovation' and highlights
your abstract advanced thinking. In the Major Arcana deck the Tarot card closely linked to your birthday is the 12th, depicting the Hanged Man. This could identify your thoughtfulness but also your reluctance to listen to the suggestions of others. The lucky gemstone denoted for February the twelfth birthdays is the purple Amethyst rumored to bring its wearers good health and
increased wealth.


Aquarius star sign personalities are thought to be considerably influenced by the cosmic rays of the planet Uranus. The actual day you were born on, the twelfth of February is astrologically governed by the celestial body Jupiter. Therefore it is the combination of these 2 planetary influences that determine your unique set of traits and pronenesses. Your charming, easygoing attitude
and helpfulness gives you a high degree of sociableness. Your subjective expressiveness is one of your stronger points allowing you to easily and quickly communicate your ideas. If you can conquer your negative characteristic of stubbornness and be a touch more self confident progress in life should be easier. A final fitting thought especially for people born on February the 12th
is to always try to retain your open-mindedness. By being receptive and impartial you will keep your unique free spirit, be more productive and not be affected by the influences of others.

February 12th Horoscope Comments

On the money. Not moved too much on being ambitious. I am about that $$$

[ Karen ] [ Post Reply ]

I get asked constantly if imy irish. I'm pale with dark features.

[ McAulay ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm so glad adults born on this date are having a lucky adulthood. My son is born on this day and his childhood has not been the best. I have to constantly keep going to his school to talk to his teacher about classmates. People have problem with him pretty much everywhere I take him. They will say
he's annoying and stuff.

[ tete ] [ Post Reply ]

spot on

[ david ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is right on the money!

[ michele ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate

[ Ellen ] [ Post Reply ]

I miss my ex His dob is 12th feb

[ RihmA ] [ Post Reply ]

Nice, thanks for the detail.. Really helpful.. I believe from my experience so far..am vry vry emotional and love at times never succeed...

[ Ravi ] [ Post Reply ]


[ rabbie ] [ Post Reply ]

So true. Thanks. Am motivated to work on my weaknesses.

[ hossiana ] [ Post Reply ]


[ rollen ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on feb 12 seems accurate I love helping people and understandings them and being weird and funny

[ Carmen ] [ Post Reply ]

so true i was born on 12th ,i am lucky always.

[ sebastian.anthony ] [ Post Reply ]

Vivdly correct . I am born on these day

[ iroms ] [ Post Reply ]

m fullly convience with this words.......

[ dipak ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi. I wana talk about personal relationships, i just spent 3 years of my marriage life and then divorced, that doest not match with the statement given above about 12 th feb born aquarians. My dob is 12 feb 1986

[ Faiza ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty much everything was spot on for me! :)

[ Jason ] [ Post Reply ]

So true! I was born on Feb 12th and almost everything mentioned in this article is accurate!

[ Lana ] [ Post Reply ]

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