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for February 16th

If your Birthday is February 16th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

February 16th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 16th of February are believed to be intuitive, analytical, artistic and intelligent. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is Neptune making you a spirited extrovert who is physically and mentally very quick alongside your Aquarian traits of openmindedness, honesty and loyalty. If you have this birthday a serious nature sits beside your wisdom
and fantastic imagination making you responsible, reasonable and tolerant but also lots of fun too. You will usually be easygoing, generous and pretty good at seeing the big picture. Details are fairly important to you and you can somes be described as being a bit of a perfectionist. Individuals with a February the sixteenth birthday are not scared by responsibility and
often undeterred by changes in direction or circumstance. You are the sort of person who gives their all to things you love or believe in strongly and hates to leave anything unfinished or unresolved.

Work and Finances

Work needs to be varied, meaningful and challenging to a person born on the sixteenth of February for it to be worth the effort. You can
be picky when it comes to choosing an occupation that keeps your interest, pays the required income and feels worthwhile. Your versatility and creativity are sometimes more productive if you opt for some type of self employment during your working years. Individuals with this particular birth date have excellent business orientated minds coupled with competent ways of handling finances. This ability
to cleverly spread your budget sees you not often short financially.

Personal Relationships

For a water bearer the person born on the sixteenth day of February is untypically impatient to settle down with a soul mate. You tend to know exactly what you want from a relationship so usually waste no time searching for the perfect partner. Although you operate adequately on your
own as you are rather independent, you yearn to love and be loved. You are thoughtful, attentive and affectionate but expect large amounts of the same in return. A loving partnership must include shared interests with someone who has similar humanitarian views and a modern outlook. Emotionally you are fairminded and try not to be too demanding but may suffer from
twinges of jealousy occasionally. As a partner you can be cool and detached every now and then like a typical Aquarius, but also capable of being extremely romantic and spontaneous. You will usually be great at remembering anniversaries.


Any little health problems experienced by those born on February 16th are sometimes the result of having pushed yourself too hard. This is generally
a habit of yours and as you tend to tire quickly it should be avoided. Learning to pace yourself better will be beneficial to your overall well-being. Aside from over doing it once in a while you are often interested in fitness and nutrition and try to take care of your healthiness. A slightly competitive streak in your nature sees you
enjoying sports if they are not too energetic and mental challenges like quizzes or crosswords to keep your mind active.

February 16th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your most prominent strengths of character are to be seen in your outgoing spirited intellect and your high levels of tolerance. These fine qualities help you see the world from an optimistic and balanced point of view and help guide you in positive directions. Your attention to detail is another forte you should nurture to help you progress. Personality
weaknesses in those born on February 16th are your occasional tendencies to be blunt, irritable or agitated. These negative behaviors seem to surface more frequently if you have become overtired, are feeling under the weather or have unresolved problems.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 16th of February makes you a mix of an optimist and an idealist and this is filtered
through into your aspirations. Goals in life are likely to include finding a career where you are valued, financial security and maybe the opportunity to express your creative, imaginative strong points. Top of your dream list is as a rule the wish to find someone who loves you and has the same desires to be a parent and be part of
a happy home. Your receptiveness to new ideas sees you sometimes dreaming of coming up with a useful invention or achieving something that has not been done before.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the sixteenth day of the month this birth date figure is calculated as a Root number of Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the
special keyword 'Mystery' and possibly signifies your conceptual talents. In the Major Arcana deck the 16th Tarot card the Tower is positively connected to your birthday. It is thought to symbolize your ability to cope well with changing circumstances. The lucky gemstone for February the sixteenth birthdays is Jade and is imagined to have a calming effect on the wearer as
well as attract prosperity and increase self confidence.


Aquarian characteristics are thought to be astrologically determined by the influences of the planet Uranus. The actual day you were born on, the sixteenth of February is governed over by the cosmic rays of Neptune. The merger of these 2 planets forces are assumed accountable for your personality differentness from other Aquarians. Your intuition
and inquisitiveness are two of your best attributes and they help you travel far in life. A wise head and the trait of truthfulness also assist you to follow paths to success. If you can work around your low threshold for fatigue there is not much else to prevent you from your desired accomplishments. A final thought related to people born
on February the 16th is to try to consider that not everyone has an equal nimbleness to your own.

February 16th Horoscope Comments

really help me

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[ Taylor ] [ Post Reply ]

My friend is a leo. ANNOYING!My insight and her looseness mix is just, bad.For example:Leo: *Watching lab rats*Aquarius: What 'cha watchin'?Leo: Lab rats.Aquarius: WHY? Bree's character is overdone, the boys making sexist jokes are overdone, Adam's charcter is overdone, just a dumb pretty guy. the j
okes are overdone too.Chase is overdone, the jokes are overdone! WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THIS?Leo: I like it.Aquarius: *Dies inside*

[ Madelinetheloner ] [ Post Reply ]

what is my star feb 16 2015 is my birthday

[ ariyan ] [ Post Reply ]

My friend is so annoying and we have a unresolved problem it's just getting under my skin and on my nerves!

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This is so me. If you ask my closest friends, they would describe me like this.

[ mdpangel ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG!!! This is so me!!! When I'm at home, my brother annoys me a little bit. And I still get extremely angry at him. Well, looks like I'm sensitive then. But in school, and in public places. I try not to be sensitive. For example. I got tripped by a girl in gym by accident, and right now I still hav
e the scar on my knees. When that happened, I was so shy to fall down. Everyone was looking at me and the girl. I kept saying it's okay, it's okay.. But my inner spirit was still kind of mad and angry.

[ Kayla Truong ] [ Post Reply ]

same here!! hi five! argh...

[ Vanoo ] [ Post Reply ]

inner mind I want to rule my nation but I am working in a pvt company for my lively hood and to take care of my family. I am not serious about the job I am doing it like a hobby or like a game

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