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for February 22nd

If your Birthday is February 22nd and your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

February 22nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 22nd of February are believed to be kindhearted and commonsensical with lots of the Piscean extrasensory perception. For this particular day the ruling astrological planet is Uranus creating your charisma and strong willed purposefulness. If you have this birthday making your mark in the world will be important and your large amounts of creativity, compassion
and courage will help you. You are very receptive to everything around and have a love of information and great skill at communicating it to others. Individuals with a February the twenty second birthday are generous, responsible, loveable and interesting. You will usually also have high standards that can be difficult to live up to and may sometimes push yourself too
hard. Your distinct likes and dislikes are often decided in childhood and you tend to stick to them like your principles. As an idealist you can be easily disappointed but are soon able to bounce back.

Work and Finances

Big career ambitions to a person born on the twenty second of February are often only a path taken in their youth. As you
gain some life experience you frequently come to the realization that a fast paced work dominated lifestyle is not suitable for you. As you mature your ambitious ideals are likely to change and you will search for a job that pays well but does not infringe on other areas of life. Working for yourself can be an option worthy of some
consideration. Financially you appear to be in good control of your budgeting and one of the few Pisces people who are resolute enough to save.

Personal Relationships

For a Pisces, the person born on the twenty second day of February is quite untypical in their self sufficient emotional stance. You are however underneath not as cool and confident as you first seem as
your emotions can be very fragile in personal relationships. With a real appreciation of friendship you seek a partner who is exceptionally truthful, tactful and supportive. Your idealism ventures into your expectations of love and romance when younger before you become more realistic about perfect partners. In a long term partnership your generosity, attentiveness and protective side will be in abundance.
You are never truly content without a soul mate to share the ups and downs of daily life with. You can be hesitant and indecisive when it comes to romantic commitment due to your independent streak but your need for emotional unity overrides it.



health complaints experienced by those born on the February 22nd are generally likely to be nutrition based. You
can be fussy about what you eat, sticking to favorite dishes, so therefore more vulnerable to vitamins or other dietary deficiencies. Eating a healthier better balanced diet should have a noticeable effect on your vitality. Although you are sensitive and prone to stress your preferred methods of relaxation are as a rule beneficial to your well being. People born on this
day will enjoy tranquil escapisms such as reading, listening to music or meditation to unwind and relax.

February 22nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are most apparent in your genuine magnanimity, dedication and sense of responsibility. These sensible kind qualities and your persistent perceptive nature gain you a reputation of reliability and allow to be well liked and respected by many. Character weaknesses for those born on February 22nd include the tendencies to be occasionally pessimistic, overcritical and
unforgiving. These negative sides to your temperament may be displayed when you have not had adequate sleep or have been hurt deeply by someone. Forgiving and forgetting are something you find especially difficult.

Dreams and Goals

Being an individual born on the

22nd of February means that you like to live life to the full. You will normally avoid the fast lane and take
your own route at a steady pace instead. This approach, despite your purposeful determination, is the reason you are unlikely to set any clearly defined goals. You have a rebellious edge to your nice natured charismatic individuality that believes strongly in universal freedoms. The aspiration to assist in some way and make a difference is often a feature of your insightful
dreams. Your fondest wish will probably be simply to be loved and appreciated.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty second day of the month the two two's in your birth date total a Root number of Four. The keyword for this numerical reference to your birthday is 'Honesty' and it emphasizes your natural kindness and benevolence. The Fool
as the 22nd card in the Major Arcana is the Tarot card linked to your birthday. It highlights the way you follow your instincts freely and your unwillingness to forgive. Wearing the luckiest gemstone selected for February the twenty second birthdays, Topaz, is imagined to evoke temperance and the accrual of increased wealth and wisdom.


The personalities of Pisceans are thought to
be mostly influenced astrologically by the forces of the planet Neptune. The actual day you were born, the twenty second of February is ruled over by the celestial body Uranus. Your uniqueness is chiefly defined by the combining of these 2 planetary influences. Your courageous and communicative spirit compliments your little touch of defiance and helps you interact effectively and get
things done. Your practice of idealizing is better concentrated and directed artistically or verbally rather than in the form of criticism. If you can comprehend that your pursuit of perfection is a bit above other peoples it will make you more understanding towards them. In conclusion for people born on February the 22nd you should contemplate not being so demanding of
yourself and others and allow more leeway for mistakes.

February 22nd Horoscope Comments

creepy spot on

[ Ktb ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm 61 and this is so accurate. A lot of standard horoscopes paint us as lovely but rather wishy washy, but I've always had this 'inner core' of strength and common sense as well, using my ability to suss others out and learn from my own and their mistakes. How many of us also turn out to be INFJs?
There seems to be a correlation of strong Pisces influence with INFJs.

[ Angela ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! Spot on!

[ Ryan ] [ Post Reply ]

This truly depicts Charishmatic Pisceans like me

[ Asif Mahmood ] [ Post Reply ]

ALOT of this is spot on w/me.!

[ Chas ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh my god this is exactly me

[ DEVIKA ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me to the letter!

[ Brenda ] [ Post Reply ]

Yay that's me :D

[ Sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

Hi feb 22ers :D This is actually kinda accurate

[ chowder ] [ Post Reply ]

I read all the other Pisces horoscope's 1st and then read this one , as the others born on the SAME DAY have aready stated THIS IS THE MOST ACCURATE what a pleasure to read this site GETS WHO I AM ~

[ Bruce M Beamon ] [ Post Reply ]

So true! All I hear from people is that I am too hard on myself and that I need to trust easier.

[ Jayda ] [ Post Reply ]

how can you know that ......this is shocking

[ mega ] [ Post Reply ]

ahm... i never thought that i have those attitudes until i read this one... i came to realization that this could be the real me, i guess??

[ ecargennesse ] [ Post Reply ]

This is eerily accurate...

[ Catie ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me but I feel like I forgive more easily than any other sign.

[ Sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

Really, it is quite interesting and gives one much joy feeling they have found security in their well being and future life but a lot of these things are designed so that the major demographic can fit with in such settings set as shown above.

[ William ] [ Post Reply ]

This is awesome !!:)

[ Dustin ] [ Post Reply ]

this is crazy

[ E schmurda ] [ Post Reply ]

I think that' all Pisces should be friends and definitely that is me all of it

[ Keri ] [ Post Reply ]

These is all abaut me

[ Deborah ] [ Post Reply ]

I love this website it says the truth most of the time just did to me xx thanks and this is all mee. who created this love this too much sorry I am just obsessed with this website and I think it a bit better than any other all I have ever had in my life jokes anyway by wee love has Xxx bye xx

[ Laurinda too obssedes d ] [ Post Reply ]

Spot on!

[ PiscesMan ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree, well done!

[ Aleader ] [ Post Reply ]

quite true :)

[ sphail ] [ Post Reply ]

This is sooo me!

[ Arshaan ] [ Post Reply ]

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