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for February 28th

If your Birthday is February 28th and your Zodiac Sign is Pisces

February 28th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 28th of February are believed to be kind and caring souls with lots of Neptune influenced Piscean dreaminess. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is the Sun adding energy, leadership skills and determination to your compassionate sensitive nature. If you have this birthday your mix of strong intuitiveness, vision and ambition give you
a confident frame to your sensitivity. You are usually extremely good at anticipating the thoughts and feelings of others and have a youthful outlook that is very tuned into new ideas. Although you sometimes have difficulty accepting change or dealing with disappointments you are not a brooder and will face problems head on. Individuals with a February the twenty eighth birthday
are independent spirits with passionate ideals and a zest for life. Your fine sense of purpose may be occasionally hindered by a touch of indecision or lack of inspirational direction.

Work and Finances

Work to a person born on the twenty eighth of February is often chosen for its overall suitability rather than the salary. This is because you are usually apt at
determining an even balance between the hours you want to be able to dedicate to working and for leisure and personal commitments. You seem to be instinctively clever at generating enough money for your needs while maintaining time for family, friends and yourself. Individuals with this particular birth date are also excellent at managing on a tight budget for lengthy periods
in order to save up for special things or occasions.

Personal Relationships

As a typical Pisces you strongly crave love and emotional support as well as harmony within your personal life. Romance is frequently high on your list of priorities due to your awareness of the need for friendship, loyalty and affection, however you can sometimes be a bit of a perfectionist in
your search for a soul mate. Your heart tends to cry out for closeness yet your head yearns for independence so you will often try to satisfy both by following your instincts concerning personal relationships. Every now and then this battle of your heart and mind for equilibrium could make you prone to moodiness especially in your youth. Once you get
to grips with your emotional desires and vulnerabilities you are able to form more meaningful long term partnerships. In the settling down stage of a relationship you can be as indecisive as ever.


Small health issues experienced by those born on February 28th are commonly the result of a stressful situation or an imbalance in one or more key areas of your
life. A harmonious environment is important to your well being and these circumstances see you at your healthiest and most content emotionally. People born on this specific day are sometimes prone to food or additive allergies and although you enjoy eating you may be fussy with your menu choices. Exercise is something that you are not particularly keen on but you
are not lazy either and usually don't need to try too hard to keep in trim.

February 28th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main recognizable strengths of character are probably within your vibrancy, modern determined attitude and complex but highly responsive emotions. These qualities and your purposeful optimism help differentiate you from others not as active or ambitious in your twin fish sign. Personality weaknesses for those born on February 28th are more often than not totally uncharacteristic. You have
the occasional tendencies to be over zealous, thoughtless and disproportionate. These negative traits are likely to show up more frequently when your spirit has been dampened by a lack of progress or setback.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the

28th of February supposedly means that you like to be the center of attention and unlike many Pisceans you seek the limelight. The heightened
awareness of your numerous talents and keenness for recognition for them are the things that drive you to achieve goals. Your nurturing loyal disposition dreams of helping other people when and wherever you can. Personal wishes and hopes for the future are often nothing out of the ordinary besides the usual success, self sufficiency and general happiness. One frequent wish is
for a degree or two more certainty when making decisions.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty eighth day of the month your birth date digits add up to ten creating a Root number of One. This numerical reference to your birthday has 'Drive' as its keyword and it accentuates perfectly your get-up-and-go. The first Tarot card in the
Major Arcana picturing the Magician is the one most associated with your birthday. It is thought to be a symbol of your visionary quick thinking perception. The lucky gemstone for February the twenty eighth birthdays is the red Ruby, wear it for not only for attracting luck but also for good health and to expel negativity.


The probable personality traits of Pisceans
are imagined to be mainly astrologically influenced by the planetary rays of Neptune. The actual day you were born on, the twenty eighth of February is governed by our Sun, so it is the joint influence of these two celestial bodies that determine your uniqueness. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are your best attributes and they shine through into everything that you
do. Your ability to not retreat mentally when things are not exactly how you had planned is another useful asset. If you can learn to trust and utilize your instinctive skills they will act as a great guide and improve directional senses. To end, a thought for people born on February the 28th is to try and set time aside to
step out of the spotlight for quiet contemplation once in a while.

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It's all true about me!!! happy b'day to all of us celebrating b'day on 28th feb.............

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Happy Birthday to all of us born on this day. May the Lord bless us with luck and good health and love.

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