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for February 9th

If your Birthday is February 9th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

February 9th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Person Profile

People born specifically on the 9th of February are imagined to be a delightful mix of innocence and wisdom with typical Aquarian self dependence. This particular day has Mars as its ruling astrological planet creating innovative, forward looking strong willed personalities. The water bearer stubbornness and touch of eccentricity is in abundance if you have this birthday. This makes you
highly decisive but not very understanding and sometimes impatient of others who may be indecisive. You tend to take life a little seriously but you are also friendly and sociable and know how to have fun. Focusing on the future is one of your fortes, compassion and generosity are additional fine features. Individuals with a February the ninth birthday have a
great sense of instinctive life direction and get lots of satisfaction from helping others. Although you like company you have the need to shut yourself off every now and then from the world for quiet contemplation.

Work and Finances

Career possibilities to a person born on the ninth of February are quite varied as you possess many talents. Despite your rather serious and
slightly quirky nature you are likely to get along with others extremely well and work brilliantly in a team. Financial gain is not one of your top priorities when selecting a suitable occupation because being happy in your job tends to be more important. Your income level is easily managed due to a budget conscious approach and the ability to usually
keep something aside for emergencies. If you have to borrow money it will be short term and only in small amounts.

Personal Relationships

For an Aquarian, the person who is born on the ninth day of February most often appears impassive and detached concerning romantic involvements. You have plenty of friends that keep your social life busy as you are especially adept at
giving unbiased advice and offering a shoulder to cry on. Your air of independent emotional detachment sees you avoiding love and romance but your sensitive caring side craves for affection. This quandary will sooner or later encourage you to seek a soul mate to provide the intense physical and mental attachment you really desire underneath all your aloof cover. In a
long term personal relationship you are prone to be idealistic and highly sexed so you can be rather demanding emotionally. A loving trusted partner will be treated to your immensely considerate and reliable and totally devoted part of your individuality.


Any minor health problems experienced by those born on February 9th are generally the consequence of a bout of anxiety. Even though
you take an avid interest in your well being the stresses of day to day routines can soon drain your immune system. Avoiding any kind of stress is difficult for anybody so you should try to listen to your bodily needs and eat well and ensure you get enough sleep. This may help alleviate build ups of stress. Consider taking a
daily walk or swim for relaxation and to stay in trim. People born on this day could also find that meditation is beneficial as an effective relaxant.

February 9th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are contained within your wise lively diversity and your purity of thought. These qualities compliment the productive resoluteness you own and allow you to make headway in everything you opt to do in life. Weaknesses of personality for those born on February 9th include the pronenesses to become erratic, agitated and obstinate in certain
circumstances. These negative characteristics can rear their ugly head more frequently if you let yourself get too run down. They often accompany your common tendency to unnecessarily suffer in silence rather than ask others for assistance.

Dreams and Goals

Being an individual born on the

9th of February lavishes you with heaps of optimism towards pursuing your dreams and goals. You have the foresight
and motivation to make any one of your numerous aspirations a reality. Belief in yourself and a wish to make a difference are what ordinarily mainly drives you to succeed. One of your favorite wishes may be to be able to study and perhaps specialize in something which you are really interested. Your most wanted hope for the future is usually
to be privilaged to a harmonious home where you can enjoy privacy and comfort to recharge your energies.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the ninth day of the month your date of birth is allocated a Root number of Nine. The keyword for this numerical reference to your birthday is 'Seeker' and it seemingly highlights your aspirant positivity. The
Tarot card closely associated with your birthday is the 9th in the Major Arcana, the Hermit. This strongly symbolizes your requirement to take time out and be alone to think and get a bit of peace. For February the ninth birthdays the gem regarded as luckiest is the dark green Bloodstone. It is believed to generate prosperity for wearers and assist
in combating bad luck.


Aquarian personalities are assumed to be influenced by the astrological forces of the celestial body Uranus. The actual day you were born, the ninth of February is preassumed to be governed by Mars's cosmic rays. These pair of planetary influences blend together to form the unique set of traits that separate you from the rest of your zodiac
group. Your genial sweetness and compassionate outlook are some of your finest virtues and they help gain you respect and friendship. Your diverse way of thinking is useful for problem solving and controlling the weaker sides of your uniqueness is easily achievable with a little effort. Finally a concluding thought for people born on February the 9th is to keep smiling
and learn to not keep worries to yourself.

February 9th Horoscope Comments


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Nothing but absolute truth,,100 percent me...

[ DR ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so accurate and 100% my personality.

[ Heidi ] [ Post Reply ]

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[ Lihle ] [ Post Reply ]

Ur prediction is so accurate..!! I felt great while reading Dis as I could relate to almost every word..!! Just loved it..its so me..!! Ty..

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[ newton ikiede obaitan ] [ Post Reply ]

I am the greatest Aquarius man in the universe! Yes your reading is accurate, we are the saviors of humanity, Aquarius brings knowledge and insights to help evolutionary advances, such power, such responsibility. But we have been blessed with the best Birthday ever.

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Wow that's like 85-maybe 90% me

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I thought what I always feel about my self is hallucination, but after I read this horoscope, it gave a true and unique definition of me that I have always known, wow! Am really impressed.

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