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for January 10th

If your Birthday is January 10th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 10th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 10th of January have an innovative practical approach to life and are very good at solving problems. Like a typical Capricorn Goat you are strong willed, a little too serious natured but reliable and enthusiastic. Astrologically the Sun is the celestial body that rules this particular day and gives you an adventurous edge to your
personality. If you have this birthday you are inclined to be a private person but one that is willing to take more risks than any other Capricorns. Individuals with a January the tenth birthday usually possess an entrepreneurial spirit and like to keep busy. You have a cheerful and friendly nature but prefer one or two close friends rather than many.
Although you are quite sociable you also appreciate moments alone to gather your thoughts. You can also be extremely uncompromising are sometimes a bit blunt when expressing your views and opinions.

Work and Finances

The pursuit of a satisfying career to a person born on the tenth of January is important as they tend to find most jobs boring. You have good leadership
skills and can deal well with high degrees of pressure and multi tasking. Your unconventional but effective approach to getting things done is a result of your ability to think and act simultaneously. Finances are usually easy for you to manage although you do have to restrain yourself from overspending occasionally. With a love of luxurious things and the latest trends
and gadgets most of you just cannot seem to resist snapping up a bargain.

Personal Relationships

Emotionally you are typical of your zodiac sign and are rather reserved when it comes to the idea of love and romance. The person born on the tenth day of January is excellent at hiding their feelings but they long to be appreciated and feel loved. So
they generally discover a way of attracting attention without having to open up, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You usually have a high sex drive and will search for a partner that shares your enthusiasm and energy in this area. A suitable mate will also need to share your probable love of the great outdoors and all things natural.
You will have few insecurities within a long term soul mate partnership aside from sometimes being overly protective. Once settled in a personal relationship you are less restless and more open with your emotions.


Health wise those born on January 10th are most often quite robust and rarely seem to fall ill but they can suffer from stress. This is because you
tend to be sometimes overly realistic about things and possibly not open enough about how you really feel. People born on this day are likely to be frequently tense due to high expectations of themselves and others. This can lead to little niggling complaints like slight posture problems, indigestion or tension headaches. Learning how to unwind effectively and on a regular
basis is advised to prevent tenseness building and causing any issues.

January 10th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are in your acute realism, and your calm but authoritative and determined manner. These set of positive characteristics will help you find happiness, security and success in life and they far outweigh any of your negative traits. The main Weakness in the personalities of those born on January 10th is the emotional armor you
always insist on wearing in an attempt to avoid getting hurt. This guarded stance and your tendencies to sometimes be a touch insensitive, or display jealousy, are just tiny imperfections in an otherwise lovely personality.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 10th of January means that your dreams and goals are not usually concentrated in one area. Your main wishes are for
equal contentment in all parts of your life so whatever you do will be in the hope of fulfilling this desire. A solid committed relationship is at the heart of any aspirations you may have for the future. Without the security of warmth and love from another person you see your other life aims as not so significant. Despite this, you
do not abandon your plans you simply leave them simmering in the background until the time and circumstances feel right to proceed.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the tenth day of the month your date of birth digits of 1 and zero add up to 1, so your birthday has a Root number of One. This number has the
keyword 'Drive' identifying your heightened motivation to progress in life. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 10th card in the Major Arcana the Wheel of Fortune. This can signify your will to control your own destiny and easily change negatives into positives. A Ruby is the lucky gemstone for January the tenth birthdays and it is thought that
its power generates personal prosperity and well being.


As a Capricorn your characteristics are believed to be mainly formed by the astrological influences of the planet Saturn. The actual day you were born, the tenth of January, is cosmically influenced by the Sun. These 2 celestial bodies and their favorable positions make the special uniqueness of the traits of people born on
January the 10th. You appear to have a good balance of your priorities and a mature attitude and these qualities will allow you to aim high and achieve lots. Being more sensitive to the needs of others will help you understand them better. In conclusion you should consider being a bit more observant, tune into your perception and open up your
heart more often to those you love and respect.

January 10th Horoscope Comments

This is soo very acurate. I'm in love with a guy born this same date and he is exactly like this

[ Sue ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate!

[ Charles ] [ Post Reply ]

Soooo accurate wow everything is right!

[ iesaach ] [ Post Reply ]

For the first time in my entire life to read something that explains my life the way it is........I'm so fascinated........Thank you very much.........

[ Nceba ] [ Post Reply ]

I expected the future to be explained not how I nam I know me and how I am so this is nothing new to me

[ vicki ] [ Post Reply ]

One thing is true. 99% of person born on 10 January will be lonely in heart and in life because of their boring nature which cant be changed. Success in life will be delayed and they will have no one to celebrate their success with.

[ Undesirable ] [ Post Reply ]

that's so sad. i hope that's not how my life is.

[ sk ] [ Post Reply ]

I agree that when hundreds of people kick the clown's face for big money and then hide behind their religious reputations, they are doing the work of good Christians.

[ Julianna Klingon UofA ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is true except January birthstone is garnet not ruby.

[ leeann ] [ Post Reply ]


[ dep ] [ Post Reply ]

This post hits home on the man I've fallen in love with!! Happy birthday my love!!

[ Shar ] [ Post Reply ]

It's very accurate. I found this one paragraph hit home the hardest right now, I've been trying to understand why I am so unproductive lately and why I keep procrastinating my needs and dreams, being alone so long now, I lost my motivation and desire. I'm a better person to myself when there is som
eone to share myself with. Anyway here's that paragraph I'm talking about...." A solid committed relationship is at the heart of any aspirations you may have for the future. Without the security of warmth and love from another person you see your other life aims as not so significant. Despite this,
you do not abandon your plans you simply leave them simmering in the background until the time and circumstances feel right to proceed. "

[ Sheshe ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything is so true

[ Rose ] [ Post Reply ]

That's my mother's birthday horoscope. I'm sure it is all accurate to her.

[ 1/10 birthday horoscope ] [ Post Reply ]

i was also born on the 10th day of january and everything said is 100percent true

[ catherine ] [ Post Reply ]

I have been reading a lot of Horoscope about my day....but this one portrays my true picture...thank you

[ Wewe ] [ Post Reply ]

Very accurate! Just need to find love again my husband passed away suddenly 3 years ago so your comments regarding the emotional walls and desiring partnership hit home.

[ Scarab ] [ Post Reply ]

May be u would like to have a coffe

[ gaurav ] [ Post Reply ]

this describes me to a t i wish i knew this information when i was much younger maybe i could have saved my marriage

[ thomas g ] [ Post Reply ]

Too true. Me in nut shell !! :)

[ gavin byrne ] [ Post Reply ]

this stuff is for real

[ simon swish ] [ Post Reply ]

I've been having problems with myself till today i found this, i now understand WHO i am. Indeed everything on here is true about me because i was born on 10 Jan. This is amazing but it's what i just needed for this day. Thanks very much. God bless you!!!!

[ Katalizt ] [ Post Reply ]

Most accurate horoscope,i have found.supreb job.THANKS a lot

[ aditya ] [ Post Reply ]

Go capricorns! ^^

[ E1GHT ] [ Post Reply ]

Feel nice to know myself

[ rahul ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true. I accidentally found this site ,I want to purchase some jewelry and was checking around. But it is honestly confusing so many sites ,so many different answers. In any case this one seemed the most accurate.

[ ale ] [ Post Reply ]

I learnt stuff about me I didn't notice n stuff I already knew..... But this is true, very true...... every word.. n my goal is Entrepreneur in 2different fields of work n the relationship thing (y) :)

[ Randolph ] [ Post Reply ]

Seems close. I'm a mental health counselor. Not too much money but I guide people and am grateful to do so.

[ Bob ] [ Post Reply ]

Truly accurate!! Happy Birthday to us :)

[ Chicagocode ] [ Post Reply ]

For the most part this describes me perfectly!! Happy birthday to me and to you all too

[ Val ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty much nailed it .. 60 today .. doesn't seem possible.

[ Cat ] [ Post Reply ]

Perfact description

[ rigo robles jr ] [ Post Reply ]

True and correct . Its my 44th Birthday today. God bless us all

[ Domark Ybanez Paquibot ] [ Post Reply ]

another amazing year for us. We live a charmed life, don't we? Happy Birthday to my fellow January 10th'ers

[ Marianne ] [ Post Reply ]

... :-)

[ prema ] [ Post Reply ]

67 years of a January 10th birthday can't be wrong. The only other thing I can add is a high degree of good fortune for the entire month of January. Go for it.

[ Franc ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so true!!

[ QL ] [ Post Reply ]

I can't believe how did they know me?? :P

[ Catherine Nau ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm glad to see that many of us have the same bday.Jan 10,rule! This whole article feels like it read my mind.

[ shay ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! This is so true... Excellent and on point...

[ Khelle Radebe ] [ Post Reply ]

So unbelievably true.... My mind was blown!!

[ Niyi 2348104663301 ] [ Post Reply ]

it's all true and am glad to see people who born in the same day as main :)

[ Salma ] [ Post Reply ]

am also born on the same day.its all true that is mentioned above dear :like:

[ M.Azhar ] [ Post Reply ]

true,very true

[ task ] [ Post Reply ]

I just cannot get over how accurate this is! It was like reading my own life profile and if I had written it myself! My mind is blown. Period.

[ missdwhit ] [ Post Reply ]

absolute analysis..

[ azhar ] [ Post Reply ]


[ manja ] [ Post Reply ]

exactly like u said

[ apurna ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! Absolutely true! Everything!!

[ Taslim ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow! all this is really true!

[ Tina ] [ Post Reply ]

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