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for January 13th

If your Birthday is January 13th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 13th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 13th of January are thought to be very down-to-earth, purposeful and dependable, like most typical Capricorn Goats. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Uranus giving you additional attributes of extra sharp intellect, a witty sense of humor and an excellent memory. If you have this birthday you are hardworking and although not
overly ambitious you tend to sometimes focus on work a bit too much. You take your responsibilities in life seriously but you may need to ensure that it is not all work and no play to avoid stress. Individuals with a January the thirteenth birthday are generally cool and shy on the outside to protect their sensitive emotions. Usually only those
close to you are privileged to know of your much warmer inside that is extremely loyal, thoughtful and perceptive.

Work and Finances

To a person born on the thirteenth of January career choices must be in an area of work that is interesting and involving. You will often choose your profession more for its job satisfaction or morality than for its pay rate.
You need to feel happy and appreciated when working as you consider this an important part of your life and plans for the future. Individuals with this particular birth date are easily able to cope with any amount of income as they are fairly resourceful with finances. You have a sensible respect for financial matters and would rather do without something
than borrow.

Personal Relationships

When it comes to love and romance the Capricorn born on the thirteenth day of January is typically bashful and cautious. Even though you commit a lot of your time towards building financial security you do this in the hope of sharing it with another. When seeking a soul mate you will put in the same thought and planning
as you do with everything else. You will benefit from a partner that will be supportive of your need to keep busy and will share similar interests and aims in life. Emotionally you are proud and hesitant and will only commit to a long term personal relationship if you are 100% sure. Faithfulness in a relationship is an absolutely essential requirement
for you and something that you may need reassurance on. Aside from this indiscretion you can be forgiving and understanding of most partnership problems.


Health issues experienced by those born on January 13th are often due to imbalances between diet and regular exercise. You are a hard worker but find other forms of physical activity boring and unnecessary but you are also
passionate about your food. While you are not that interested in exercising you have a keen curiosity in the benefits of balanced nutrition and usually enjoy experimenting with food. Areas and weak spots you could need to watch health wise if you are born on this day are your weight and joints. Try to make sure that you eat plenty of
fish, nuts and fruit.

January 13th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are in your autonomous and appreciative nature that is an inspiration to others. You are also goal orientated and this makes you organized and methodical in your approach and so capable of making lots of progress in life. A personality weakness recognizable for those born on January 13th centers on your adamant refusal to
give up, or let go, of things. You also have a tendency to isolate yourself sometimes when worried about something. As you get older you realise that talking things over with someone you trust usually helps you find practical solutions.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 13th of January gives you a strong sense of purpose and the need for an intuitive
direction in life. Any dreams and goals you may have can be quickly achieved with your skills of fine focus, dedication and powerful positive thinking. You are usually ready and willing to modify your main ambitions according to any personal commitments, but you will rarely be persuaded to change them completely. One of your most desired wishes for yourself is
to do something personally worthwhile, even if only playing a small part, that will make a big difference to the lives of others.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the thirteenth day of the month your date of birth digits add up to four so this is your Root number. This numerical association with your birthday has the keyword 'Honesty'
and it highlights your straightforward impartial attitude. The Tarot card for this day is the 13th card in the Major Arcana Death, do not worry this just symbolizes your fear of letting go of the past. This is simply a sign of something you will learn to overcome in life. The lucky gemstone for January the thirteenth birthdays is Topaz and
this is believed to bring you added confidence and help you relax.


Saturn is the astrological planet thought to have the most influence in determining the personalities of all Capricorns. So some of your characteristics are determined by this celestial body. However, the actual day you were born, the thirteenth of January, is governed by a different planet Uranus. This cosmic force
combines with Saturn's and gives you all the little extras in your personality that make you unique within your zodiac group. Your independent streak, resoluteness and organizational abilities give you much of what you need to go as far as you wish in life. If you can beat your apprehension at relinquishing things and find emotional security you yearn for you
will be able to move forward much faster. A final reflection for people born on January 13th is that while money most often than not makes life easier, it does not always necessarily make it happier.

January 13th Horoscope Comments

lots of love to all Jan 13 and some extra for year 75 would love to meet my twin to chat find so find me on k i k robertgps

[ Robertgps ] [ Post Reply ]

Awww yeah...s/o to all my January 13th brothers and sisters....and a special s/o to the ones doubly blessed to be born in the year 1969.....69 was a good year....

[ Aloysius Norris ] [ Post Reply ]

Born on 13 January , proud to be a special capricorn

[ belle ] [ Post Reply ]

I thought 13 was an unlucky number, bt this article showed 13 is strong

[ Heleanz ] [ Post Reply ]

So true concerning the Zodiac sign for us born on the 13th Jan.

[ Massallay ] [ Post Reply ]

13Th of jan . am i the only one who sees the number 13 everywhere. I mean like my bro 13 yrs ahead of me. My basketball jersey number is 13 so is bros and my nephew. I be seeing random ppl wear the number 13. Yuh get my drift but am i the only one? The horoscope is on point tho.

[ Denzel Bracey ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Denzel Bracey 13Th of jan . am i the only one who sees the number 13 everywhere. I mean like my bro 13 yrs ahead of me. My basketball jersey number is 13 so is bros and my nephew. I be seeing random ppl wear the number 13. Yuh get my drift but am i the only one? The horoscope is
on point tho.
Not only was I born on the 13th but so were my 1st and 2nd sons. My third son was my parents 13th grandchild. I was married for 13yrs. Maybe about to retire from this job after 13yrs. Not sure where else this number will show up. :-)

[ Anne ] [ Post Reply ]

its really true

[ abida ] [ Post Reply ]

it is no possible this is only science he give infromasion 85% corract

[ Bahroz Shoukat ] [ Post Reply ]

This is correct on every count

[ Harsh ] [ Post Reply ]

13th sign ?Death

[ Ronald franklin ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm a Jan 13th Baby and these births always have the quality of the People daily coexistences!They are considered humble because they are a capricorn born and the saturn gives them the symbol of selfishness The 23t of capricorn are very strong and won't show anybody they are week until their death

[ Tinah ] [ Post Reply ]

Remarkably,normally,weirdo, and typically These are the kinds of peopleNot anyone who was born on this day is remarkableIts one in a lifetime for a days in months

[ Tinasha ] [ Post Reply ]

not a fake

[ diwas lama ] [ Post Reply ]


[ Neysha ] [ Post Reply ]

All are special and everyone has uniquness.Next thing is that there is no such kind of things.

[ Jitendra ] [ Post Reply ]

It is impossible, this is a scince and proved by 88% from scientists . Horoscopes give a real info.

[ Jerad ] [ Post Reply ]

I also agree with this and i'm proud that i'm smarter than my friends and to be the boss You know you mentioned that the 13ths births are rare and uranas is the strenght not saturn

[ Mahmoud ] [ Post Reply ]

f*ckingggggg trueeeeeePlus these natives are the envy of friends And they can do anything if they really wanttThey also can make the other people feels better about themselves and they are the most people likely to have deppresion God to be true

[ julie ] [ Post Reply ]

On point !

[ CYNSATIONAL ] [ Post Reply ]


[ srinivasa rao ] [ Post Reply ]

I've been looking at the new Zodiac chart with 13 signs & it saying that I fall under the Sagitarrius, Which is so wrong because I am & will always will be a Capricorn.

[ Jon Nelson ] [ Post Reply ]

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