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for January 18th

If your Birthday is January 18th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 18th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 18th of January are believed to be very strong minded and serious but with a zany sense of humor. Like your zodiac sign of the typical Capricorn Goat you are full of determination and ambition. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is Mars creating personalities that know what they want and just go
for it. If you have this birthday you have a good head for business and are excellent at noticing money generating opportunities. Although you are enthusiastically enterprising you are not driven by materialistic things. Individuals with a January the eighteenth birthday usually find it easy and natural to take charge but they are seldom bossy. You prefer to utilize your firmness
and motivation to fight just causes as you get great satisfaction from helping others. On the outside you may appear a little distant emotionally but underneath you are a genuine warm and caring person.

Work and Finances

Success is not all about money to a person born on the eighteenth of January even though they are exceptionally career orientated. You have a lot
of faith in your abilities and enough confidence within yourself to achieve most things you set your mind to. You can seem to be egotistical in this area but it will not be for selfish monetary reasons as you are generous natured with your finances. Despite the fact that you love luxuries you can live quite happily without them if you
need to. This unfrivolous attitude allows you to be someone who almost always has something put away for unexpected expenses.

Personal Relationships

Typical of a Capricorn the person born on the eighteenth day of January is cautious and cool concerning affairs of the heart. You will usually keep your true feelings locked up until you are absolutely sure that they will be reciprocated.
This standoffish approach to romance sometimes means that it could take a while for you to meet the right person. Then you may be ready to reveal your surprisingly warm sensitivity and underlying passion. You are attracted to people that share your hardworking but fun adventurous nature that can appeal to your emotional side. In soul mate relationships you can be
rather romantic and generally make a considerate and devoted partner. You are home loving and enjoy spending time making it comfortable as this is where you are at your most relaxed. You like nothing more than a quiet night in with the company of your partner.


Food is especially important and enjoyable to those born on January 18th and so you find
it difficult to control your appetite. As you try to ideally project an image of healthiness you will probably learn moderation in your diet. Aside from watching your waistline you sometimes have a cavalier outlook towards the rest of your health. This can have an effect on your energy levels making them up and down with the possibility of causing low
bad moods and irritability. You are advised to take more interest in giving your body everything that it needs to function properly and aim for plenty of sleep.

January 18th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are more often than not in your pioneering helpfulness to others and your sensible but witty demeanor. These qualities gain you many friends and help you quickly get where you want to be in life. Weaknesses you are likely to notice in your personality are that you can occasionally be a bit naive socially
and uncharacteristically immature in certain circumstances. These negative tendencies accompany your proneness to being easily distracted but they all seem to diminish as you get older and acquire more social awareness and learn to not get so freely sidetracked.

Dreams and Goals

One of the cosmic consequences of being born on the 18th of January means that you are constantly setting goals. Once
you have achieved one of your aims you will speedily set yourself another as striving towards things helps you keep feeling optimistic. Some of your dreams for the future are made possible by you being in the right places at the best times so you should always trust any gut instincts. You dream of a simple peaceful life where you are
happy and contented with the people and things you love surrounding you. You wish for just enough personal wealth to cover the necessities.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the eighteenth day of the calendar month your date of birth contains the digits 1 and 8 equating to a Root number of 9. This birthday number reference with the keyword
'Seeker' is an indication of your uncanny opportunistic luck in finding and seizing favorable probabilities. The Tarot card linked to your birthday is the 18th card in the Major Arcana representing the Moon. This could be an esoteric symbol of your heightened empathy and warmth to others. For January the eighteenth birthdays the luckiest gemstone is Bloodstone known to attract affluence
and boost concentration.


The astrological influence of the planet Saturn is thought to be mainly responsible for deciding the basic personalities of Capricorns. The actual day you were born on, the eighteenth of January is ruled over by the celestial body Mars as it combines with Saturn adding a few extras to your determined characteristics. Your added confidence and nonmaterialistic stance
let you progress throughout life with pride and a sense of real purpose. You may need to brush up on your too trusting social skills or you will discover your kindness and good will could be taken advantage of. Finally a thought particularly for people born on January the eighteenth is to make one of your goals to try and look
after yourself as well as you do others.

January 18th Horoscope Comments

This is great for all the Jan18 babies out there wondering why we are a 'special' type of Capricornlil! The self awareness is great

[ Marc ] [ Post Reply ]

Perfectly defines my personality.Feeling so inspired and happy.Thank you guys.

[ Geeta ] [ Post Reply ]

great article. described me very well. anybody else here also eat cereal for dinner and drive under the speed limit every day? ha. add that to the list for me

[ A.J. ] [ Post Reply ]

This is me to a T. I could not believe my eyes when I was reading it.

[ dr. beth ] [ Post Reply ]

Happy birthday

[ ajit ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah, Perfect.

[ Rajan ] [ Post Reply ]

Exactly..Perfect for my self...specially the on the top.its discuss all about my personality..

[ Dhab ] [ Post Reply ]

:cool: Strive for life

[ Ters carloz niwaa ! ] [ Post Reply ]

It really makes me feel good to know that I am not crazy but just being a Jan 18th Cap as I am =)

[ 1PrincessCut ] [ Post Reply ]

my birth day is jan 18 too

[ centerville boy ] [ Post Reply ]

I am disturbed by how accurately this describes me.....

[ Jackson ] [ Post Reply ]

Definitely me. Especially the last part about trusting naivedness and being taken advantage of because of it. Also my looking out for myself needs to be worked on.

[ Liliane ] [ Post Reply ]

Dead on

[ luke ] [ Post Reply ]

I salute the writter you accurately described my character

[ Kwamatoi Laazarus (Qman) ] [ Post Reply ]

This is my birth date...!!! Definitely true you have written..!!!

[ Pargat Pannu ] [ Post Reply ]

Hello, if you were ever the owner of the Niagara Inn in Ontario please email me at melanieb@theraft.ca or call 905-984-4365 ext 205

[ Melanie ] [ Post Reply ]

So accurate I almost died

[ Laqueenlee ] [ Post Reply ]

I love my birthday now for sure!

[ S.E.T ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing and so very accurate. You deserve a Gold Medal. Thanks for sharing.

[ The Sea Goat 18 ] [ Post Reply ]

You are soooooo right! You described my character almost accurately in just one page. You must either be a genius or have done a lot of research. Hats off to you!

[ Capricorn and proud of it ] [ Post Reply ]

ExactlyA salute to the great man who wrote this

[ P madhu ] [ Post Reply ]

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