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for January 19th

If your Birthday is January 19th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 19th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 19th of January are believed to be a touch more visionary and spontaneous in their nature than most average Capricorns. The influential astrological star for this particular day is the Sun creating bright, practical and persistent personalities who enjoy an easy interaction with others. If you have this birthday you will usually have sharp intelligence,
an independent streak and be full of versatile, innovative and creative ideas. You have a natural enthusiasm for things that reflects on others but you can sometimes express your opinions without thinking first. Individuals with a January the nineteenth birthday tend to acquire much of their zodiac Goat's typical determination for success. You are cautious with your emotions and may appear
a little detached to those who do not know you very well. However this does not stop you being highly communicative and friendly in social circles.

Work and Finances

Career direction for the future to a person born on the nineteenth day of January is often decided by chance rather than any set plans. You have a skill of being able to impart
information to others in an interesting way so this kind of work may give you the most job satisfaction. Individuals with this particular birth date can utilize their versatility to produce good results in a variety of working environments and also in handling personal finances. You will more often than not quite an expert at managing your income level, budgeting appropriately
and not getting into sticky financial situations.

Personal Relationships

For a Capricorn, the person born on the nineteenth day of January is unconventionally rather expressive in personal relationships. You are often taken by surprise when you meet someone who is intriguing enough to be capable of distracting you from your work. Although finding a partner may not be on your urgent agenda you
will instinctively know when you bump into your perfect soul mate. In a loving partnership you can be impulsive, sexually adventurous and a great lover of romance and sentimentalism. You are sometimes overly protective of those you love and often try hard to ensure you do not become pushy or controlling. Loyalty is extremely important to you and you will expect
a partner to have the same high regard for it. Your hesitancy to commit is just your way of ensuring you can entirely trust the person with your tender heart.


Any little health problem experienced by those born on January 19th is usually associated with your difficulty in relaxing. You have heaps of physical and mental energy but you are not very
good at pacing yourself adequately and so soon run out of steam or get stressed. Try introducing a range of foods into your diet that release energy slowly rather than relying on sugary or quick snacks. Your overall well being benefits hugely from positive thinking and when you are happy inside it really shows outwardly. You are the sort of
person who always looks and feels much better when they are smiling.

January 19th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your primary strengths of character are mostly revealed in your creativity, impulsiveness and dedication. Along with your astute intellect and conversation these characteristics are what drives you to aim for and achieve worthwhile aims. Those born on January 19th soon become drained as their personality weaknesses include the proneness to try to do too much at once. As well
as this they also known to set themselves unnecessarily strict time frames too. The sooner in life you learn to prioritize and organize your time effectively the less chance there will be of fatigue creeping in.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 19th of January can mean that you are more powerfully imaginative than the rest of your zodiac group. This usually
gives your dreams and goals an offbeat and progressive edge but they will not be impracticable. Any wishes you have will rarely just involve yourself, they will probably focus on the your work, friends and family. Most of your aspirations concentrate on gaining emotional and materialistic security but you also dream of doing a few exciting, meaningful and memorable things too.
You seek a real purpose in life and sometimes use the content of your dreams to guide you.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the nineteenth day of the month your date of total birth digits add up to 10 and this reduces to a Root number of One. The keyword for this numerical birthday reference is 'Drive' and this
is an indication of your practicality and persistence. The 19th Tarot card in the Major Arcana is the representation of the glowing Sun and is specially dedicated to your birthday. It symbolizes and bestows you with vitality and harmony. The Ruby is the luckiest gemstone for January the nineteenth birthdays and when worn is useful for combating negative energies or fears
and increasing your luckiness.


The planet Saturn plays a significant part in influencing the personalities of ambitious self motivated Capricorns. The Sun governs the actual day you were born, the nineteenth of January giving you your vigor and cheery disposition. The influences of these two authoritive planets help create your unique set of personalized behavioral actions and thought patterns. Your impressive imagination
and can do attitude permits you to easily attain and even surpass many of your visions concerning your hopes for the future. If you can get over your tendency to attempt too many things at any one time then there is no reason you cannot go far. A finishing beneficial thought for people born on January the nineteenth is that you
should listen to your dreams and learn to interpret them to discover who you really are.

January 19th Horoscope Comments

Happy birthday january 19thi'm commenting this on my birthday :)

[ Benefactor ] [ Post Reply ]

I was born on Jan 19th and have been married for 20 years so far. He's a Gemini. I find his split intriguing and he tolerates my quirkiness.

[ Kim ] [ Post Reply ]

The only thing you should do is smile, yes I'm lonely but I'm not sick, I'm breathing, I don't have a disorder, I can easily feel content within myself. I have a strong mentality and faith for the future. God gives you what you need. So stop thinking so much. Jan 19 00

[ Christopher G. ] [ Post Reply ]

Listen to your dreams and also human brothers very imoortant unite we are all one with each other we need to advance one love

[ Al G ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty spot on. Im master planning my empire, and determined to make it happen come hell or high water. I'm 28 and the loneliness is killing me. The comments gave me a revelation. I always wondered why my friends were able to be in long term relationships, (mostly bullshit). I always ran away, somet
imes with great pride, knowing that the separation won't kill me. I don't want to be alone for life. womp womp.

[ Cassandrah ] [ Post Reply ]

hi Jan 19th is also my birthday. Just to say I am 42 years old and happily married. Been with my husband 21years in total so we are all able to find love x

[ Ash ] [ Post Reply ]

SO happy to hear this! I felt for the past years we were not able to find anyone, glad to see you have. What's his horoscope if you dont mind lol. I know it's different but i am curious

[ RomanticIssues ] [ Post Reply ]

its all shit.Different websites have different opinons for the 19th January borned people. I'm too a 19th January borned!Ah!So sick of it!

[ taylor ] [ Post Reply ]

It is correct for the most part for me, especially the can-do attitude-always get on top of things. Success is through hard work-, although I mainly focus on spiritual side. Married? I am still single after 40 some year and don't feel lonely. The loneliness comes from the thought/ mind which can be
overcome (easily) w/ practice. After all it is the demon inside that one has to conquer....

[ Joe ] [ Post Reply ]

This is what I am scared of though, seems like most jan 19 dont find love =(. Have you been dating? I haven't had luck in this area

[ Mat V ] [ Post Reply ]

Because you guys are narcissists. I have a book name "the secret language of birthday" and it's 90 percent accurate. It describes how people born on Jan 19 are extremely difficult people to please and how self-destructive they are and more. I researched this birthday because of the narcissist in my
life and I finally found an answer

[ Emily ]

I'm a Virgo born Sept 3 who has always loved Capricorn but after meeting a lady I work with who has critise me every second of my life, she points out all my flaws, to the point where she will tell me how to even walk and speak such as a simple "hi" and I really admire her when I started knowing her
. But I lost respect for her, and I think she's the most difficult person I have dealt with in my entire life and I have met lot of difficult people in my life. Too much attention keeping and feel like she has to put others down to make herself look good, she always has to be right. Men will sleep w
ith her and run, I guess because of her attitude, so she's been single and almost in her 50s. Never again

[ Tete ] [ Post Reply ]

i am also jan 19 born,i think about which is not exists like imagination we can say what do u think about this

[ angelo ] [ Post Reply ]

i can be a tad indifferent when i think it's appropriate. otherwise I hold my tongue and think of how what I say will be interpreted before speaking. I am bright, beautiful, not the least bit modest, and have recently started thinking f myself as a princess, from endless suffering and hurt caused by
a man's indifference towards me. i'm 1/19. he's 6/28. mmmmm...

[ Jackie ] [ Post Reply ]

Is anyone married here lol? Seems like we're too picky and misunderstood. But yea who has a significant other and are happy?

[ Young 26 ] [ Post Reply ]

I'm not married..haha! you're right, we're picky..but super awesome of course! :)

[ Alison ] [ Post Reply ]

This sounds so much like me I have so much I want to do but I am a compulsive procrastinator. As far as love, if I am into you, I will give you my all as long as you do too, I mix it financially I guess its part of being a capricorn we always seek stability much like a goat on a mountain.

[ Cici ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty spot on for me (1/19). I'm very much a caregiver though. And highly sensitive. And very creative.

[ anna beth ] [ Post Reply ]

Oops, I guess you are talking about me :p, can't believe you know me very well in deep.

[ Apoorv ] [ Post Reply ]

My birthday is January 19 wow I love my day we are the best friends to have hands down

[ Christin ] [ Post Reply ]

For the people who dated 1/19's and got hurt by indifference, you both did stuff that made us indifferent, like trying to change us and saying mean things yourselves. We get a bit reactionary after our patience wears thin.

[ PJ ] [ Post Reply ]

I was in love with someone from January 19th who is already a 54 year old man, never married who is a workaholic. Sad part was that his indifference was very hurtful, he would speak without thinking no matter how hurtful he was. I stopped talking to him and believe me, i am a beautiful, educated,
sensible soul. What was in his mind? I don't know..

[ Sarah ] [ Post Reply ]

I get it. It isn't the indifference.A barrier surrounds our personality. And no one is intrigues us that much.So there is a wall around us which makes us look mysterious yet attractive. And we as people seek someone who is clever enough to climb those walls and jump into the interior of our soul. Cl
imb the wall and there you are.

[ KK ] [ Post Reply ]

hey what's your bday and year? I think it was the sign compatibility which is why it didn't work out

[ Mat ] [ Post Reply ]

Very true.... The soulmate thing is weird ...however it's nice to know people have my same thought process

[ Jazz ] [ Post Reply ]

Darn so we won't find love? This is what I want

[ WantLove ] [ Post Reply ]

funny. I was in love with someone born on this day that did not care for me and hurt me with indifference.

[ :) ] [ Post Reply ]

Thanks for the inspiration.It gives me encouragement & motivation to face life. :) !;)

[ Cassendra ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds just like me

[ Nila ] [ Post Reply ]

Absolutly bang on - brilliantly accurate xxxxxxxxxxxx

[ wILLIAM Hanna ] [ Post Reply ]

Digit 19 is interesting. Liked description.

[ Najum ] [ Post Reply ]

what is the lucky number for people born in 19th jan :) :)

[ prince kaphley ] [ Post Reply ]

Who born in 19th January.lucky number is 5.

[ Varun verma ] [ Post Reply ]

Impresive, just that we are not lucky with our soulmate

[ esther ] [ Post Reply ]

so true....sad but true and amazingly how we all feel the same

[ sonia ] [ Post Reply ]

Thankyou. Sounds a lot like my personality. :)

[ Viviana ] [ Post Reply ]

This sounds very much like me!

[ Rhea ] [ Post Reply ]

very impressive description of jan 19 personality. only we never get to find that soul mate cos we're way too carefully indecisive

[ Chris ] [ Post Reply ]

Keep trying when you know it's her

[ Keep trying ] [ Post Reply ]

More January 19 birthday people! That's great!For anime lovers: Gaara from Naruto was born the 19th of January too.

[ Ariana ] [ Post Reply ]

No way! That's crazy. Love anime i wouldSuggest fate/stay night, inuyasha.

[ James ] [ Post Reply ]

This describes me to a T. Unbelievable.I am delighted that there are lots of likeminded me's out there in the world too!! :)

[ Julie ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow u were right in most of it like 90% !;)

[ Thuc N. ] [ Post Reply ]

70percent right............ :love:

[ omkar ] [ Post Reply ]

This summarizes me, perfectly...Thank you for your inspiration. See you at the top…

[ D. Gregorio ] [ Post Reply ]

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