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for January 20th

If your Birthday is January 20th and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

January 20th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 20th of January are often dreamier and more sensitive than their Capricorn zodiac symbol portrays. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is the Moon creating Goats that are not as reserved as usual and better in tune with their emotions. If you have this birthday you are an eccentric thinker who likes to
look beyond the first appearances of things. You are hard working and realistic with high ambitions but you are also quite rebellious and do not enjoy being told what to do. Individuals with a January the twentieth birthday are usually cheerful, friendly and surprisingly persuasive in their communication making them good at getting their own way. Due to the prominent lunar
influences on your natal date you can sometimes be a little unsure in your direction and confidence. You are fortunately bestowed with added resilience, decisiveness and focus which help you locate your directional purpose.

Work and Finances

Career path choices to a person born on the twentieth of January are not always easy as you find most work types too monotonous. You may
try several occupations before deciding on something you will enjoy, self employment is often a consideration for the most job satisfaction. Individuals with this particular birth date are quick to adapt to most work challenges and are usually great at doing two things at once. Financially you organize your budget well even on a meager income and do not like to
borrow. You do not generally run into problems in this area as you are able to spend and save wisely.

Personal Relationships

Unlike a typical description of a Capricorn the person born on the twentieth day of January is fairly demonstrative with their feelings. Your surface emotional state remains typically cool concerning romance but your inner warmth and responsiveness peeps through quite easily
to those you love and care about. As you search for a partner to be a friend as well as a lover you may find your destined soul mate among your close personal acquaintances. When in a long term relationship you are affectionate, generous, broad minded and protective and you love pampering your partner and being pampered. You are happy without
an official commitment of your relationship but will probably feel unable to give up the whole of your heart. Your untypically characteristic dreaminess and sensitivity make you emotionally receptive and romantically inclined.


To keep looking good and feeling great those born on January 20th should follow a sensible diet that avoids additives and includes lots of fluids. You are not generally a
fan of keep fit activities but you are likely to enjoy noncompetitive, gentle or fun exercise to manage stress or unwanted weight gain. You are advised to try to listen to your body and the signals it gives you when it needs more or less of something physically or emotionally. If you smoke or drink too much it can have a
big impact on your general health especially upon your skin. Try to moderate any bad habits you have for optimum fitness.

January 20th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths of your character are that you are immensely expressive, resilient and big hearted. These qualities seem to overpower your touch of shyness and insecurities complimenting your highly imaginative side. A prominent personality weakness for those born on January 20th is your tendency to every now and then be completely unrealistic in your ideas or opinions. As
you have such a vivid imagination you can sometimes get carried away with voicing your impractical thoughts before thinking first. As you mature you tend to learn how to gain a bit more self-control over this negative trait.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 20th of January makes you determined to be successful in life and this is one of your biggest
dreams and goals. You have a positive attitude and when you make decisions regarding your future you aim to definately stick to them. Being organized and quickly learning from any mistakes allows you to achieve much of what you wish for. Although you may not often dream of the perfect love relationship you unconsciously yearn for emotional happiness above anything else.
You normally realize from a young age that your temperament needs a fine balance in its physical and mental state to be truly contented.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twentieth day of the month the numbers of your date of birth, 2 and zero reduce to a Root number of Two. This numerical reference to your birthday has
the keyword 'Harmony' and reflects your yearning for balanced peaceful surroundings. The Tarot card associated with your special day is the 20th card in the Major Arcana named Judgment. This could signify your decidedness and high responsiveness to stimuli. The lucky gemstone for January the twentieth birthdays is the luxurious Pearl and it is thought to bring it's wearer good luck
and generate calming positivity.


As the planet Saturn influences Capricorn personalities you will acquire much of your character traits from its astrological authority. The actual day you were born, the twentieth of January is influenced by the strong presence of the Moon bestowing you with the additional finer features of your personality. These 2 planets combine to cosmically determine the unique way
that you think, act and feel. Your expressiveness, ability to think outside the box and ingenuity set you apart from others but you should beware of being egotistical and try to think before you speak. A final thought to ponder for people born on January the 20th is the well known saying 'Remember to Look before you Leap' as this is
pertinent advice for you.

January 20th Horoscope Comments

A lot of profoundly "spot on" criteria espoused therein...(creative side of me- I use words creatively)

[ Tom ] [ Post Reply ]

Im so confused when people say ur aquarius and some say ur capricorn .. Im capricorn for sure i feel like that .. I really cant express myself and my ideas and thought verbally and i hate it so much ..

[ Ella ] [ Post Reply ]

Oh God i feel the sameway it's so confusing,i get tired of explaining i'm a Capricorn to people..

[ Larry ] [ Post Reply ]

Most of the things mentioned is so meeee... especially the part where it says about getting bored at work and also getting lost in finding direction .... i"m at that stage these days... some of my friends actually tease me saying that all days cannot be an adventure... but for us i guess it has to b
e like that...

[ Divya ] [ Post Reply ]

Sounds like me

[ Thomas ] [ Post Reply ]

Woooooow.this is so true

[ Katharine Romulo ] [ Post Reply ]

wow well said. this is definitely something I can truly reflect on.

[ matic ] [ Post Reply ]

we are scattered brain

[ christian ] [ Post Reply ]

Thus is spot on! Happy birthday me!

[ Meera ] [ Post Reply ]

By the replies from those born this day, i can tell our characters differs a lot, so this star sign story for us born 20jan is far fetched

[ byron ] [ Post Reply ]

Still can't get my brain around the fact that most things mentioned above are very true:)

[ Adrian ] [ Post Reply ]

yea, so really correct...

[ BibianMary ] [ Post Reply ]

Not All true.

[ Neelam ] [ Post Reply ]

Im jan 20 born, im bloody handsome ,its true :angel:

[ Amith ] [ Post Reply ]

everyone's speech is same as i thought in my mind !!! =)

[ Emon ] [ Post Reply ]

yeah January born are good looking with mood flakes

[ jagruti ] [ Post Reply ]

Well,.its true..;)

[ jane ] [ Post Reply ]

this is so true. ...

[ Rish ] [ Post Reply ]

This is so true

[ kate ] [ Post Reply ]

born on january 20 are handsome

[ christian ] [ Post Reply ]


[ TESFAYE ] [ Post Reply ]

This is absolutely correct

[ lola ] [ Post Reply ]

Awesome !!!! merry xmas fellow 20/01/1973 boys and girls !

[ dave ] [ Post Reply ]

about love

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