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for January 22nd

If your Birthday is January 22nd and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

January 22nd Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 22nd of January generally like to do their own thing and are often fiercely independent and self motivated. Like your Aquarius zodiac sign you are full of ideas that are often light years ahead and these help you find direction in life. The planet that rules your day astrologically is Uranus and this is also
the celestial body that governs the personality of all Aquarian water bearers. If you have this birthday you are usually visionary in your thoughts and actions and always stand up for what you believe is right. You are intelligent and forward thinking with an assortment of useful talents and a helpful nature. Individuals with a January the twenty second birthday have
a charismatic personality with an air of emotional distance. This aloof cover you present is only lifted for those you really love, trust and care about.

Work and Finances

Career choices are sometimes difficult to a person born on the twenty second of January as you are easily bored with everyday routines. You have a strong artistic streak and good imagination that you
would love to utilize as your work but this often takes secondary place to a regular job as a hobby. Your work options are usually plentiful as you can turn your hand to most tasks but they must be diverse and fit in with your idealistic views. Individuals with this particular birth date are quite adept at handling finances but can
be known to go a little overboard with spending on special occasions.

Personal Relationships

Like a typical Aquarian the person born on the twenty second day of January you desire and cherish your personal freedom immensely. While friendships are easy and fun for you when it comes to intimate relationships you may be cautious and selective. This fussiness can sometimes delay you settling
down as you tend to seek someone on the same intellectual level who is playful and will make you laugh. You need to feel completely comfortable in a soul mate partnership before your deeply hidden but very expressive emotions reveal themselves. Your touch of impulsiveness makes you rather exciting and passionate in the bedroom. In a committed relationship you enjoy spending
quality time doing things together but expect to not neglect your friends. A partner must be understanding of and accept your need for maintaining friendships and not be jealous natured.


Not many physically health problems are usually experienced by those born on January 22nd but you may sometimes encounter stress symptoms. You have a habit of taking on too much and not
taking frequent breaks and this stresses you out and impacts on your general well being. You have a bit of a slapdash and disinterested approach to making an effort in keeping healthy especially regarding exercise. Either you are prone to overdo it or think it is a waste of time. Your diet is often good however as you like the
foods that are good for you and more often than not you also enjoy preparing and cooking meals.

January 22nd Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths in your character are your natural creativeness, originality and self motivation. These attributes and your progressive thought provide you with the ability to stand out from the crowd and make progress in life. Weaknesses in the characteristics for those born on January 22nd are your tendencies to occasionally be a little hasty and careless with your
words. You also have a proneness to having an quickly fired temper if you are really angry or upset. These negative behaviors usually decrease in their strength and frequency as you mature and mellow learning the benefits of patience.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 22nd of January graces you with your strong reliance on yourself and your wish to express your
individuality. Your emotional coolness does an excellent job of hiding one of your most desired wishes of securing a happy, idyllic and forever relationship with someone special. Apart from this main aspiration you also dream of achieving recognition for your art based skills and maybe make an income from your passion. The goals you set for yourself are fairly realistic and
you are prepared to work hard to achieve them so there is nothing really standing in your way to prevent success.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty second day of the month your date of birth has the digits 2 and 2 making a Root number of 4. The keyword for this numerical reference to your birthday is
'Honesty' and signifies your openness and truthfulness to others. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 22nd Major Arcana card the Fool. This highlights your impulsiveness and tendency to be somewhat lackadaisical with your words. The lucky gemstone assigned for January the twenty second birthdays is Topaz and it is believed that wearing it will attract luck, added confidence
and help you relax.


The planet Uranus is thought to be mainly cosmically responsible for the probable personalities of Aquarians. Interestingly, the actual day you were born, the twenty second of January is also astrologically governed by the same planet. This double planetary influence gives you an abundance of expressiveness and your myriad of brilliant and inventive notions. Your ambitious clever way
of thinking is very unique and futuristic and should be considered one of your best aspects of your personality. You just need to conquer your quickness to get irate and stressful and aim to be more patient, if you can then success and personal contentment may become easier. An ending thought specially for people born on January 22nd is to try
and submit to things that you know will benefit you rather than simply dismissing them.

January 22nd Horoscope Comments

Just want to say hello to the 22nd Jan Club. Glad there are so many of us out there... Sharing the Love xxx

[ Zoe H ] [ Post Reply ]

wow true dat I really need to know you guys born the same day I was born .......My no+2349092666194....

[ Ajay ] [ Post Reply ]

Not far off. used to do tarot readings, I was always the fool, and couldn't feel why. Now I know, though hate cooking. Happy birthday fellow 0122's

[ Artist ] [ Post Reply ]

So true...happy bday to all persons born on 22nd january.

[ areina ] [ Post Reply ]

I really want to meet a person born on Jan 22 (97)and talk about everything and want to find out if they think alike me... is it just me or?? :D

[ Y ] [ Post Reply ]

Heyyy, i have the same birthdate. And no, it's not you alone!

[ K ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Y I really want to meet a person born on Jan 22 (97)and talk about everything and want to find out if they think alike me... is it just me or??
I'm 22/01/1997

[ Harleyhorabin ] [ Post Reply ]

Exactly true.......

[ Kanak ] [ Post Reply ]

I am 1989..This is very accurate except health one..I have many health issues. Best site all other points are 100% accurate

[ shu ] [ Post Reply ]

Hahaha! 1989 here!Hi guys, reading all your comments made my day. Wish we could all get together as what Thida and others suggested. :PI bet we could talk for hours and hours and never get tired. I wanna learn more about you guys knowing it will be like looking in the mirror! LOLAnyway, if this d
o happen, let's build something!! Who's with me? LOLyou're welcome to write: vramonida@gmail.com ;)

[ Iris ] [ Post Reply ]

"Crazy But True" Now Watch Me Whip! Now Watch Me NaeNae! email me if your in the22nd family SilentoBlessings@Gmail.Com I would love to speak to you guys.

[ Silent ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow its spot on correct as my nature is n strength n weekness r

[ Rohan A A ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow so true. I rarely find ppl with my same bday.

[ B ] [ Post Reply ]

Surprisingly accurate !! A rare breed indeed !! Glad there are more out there !!

[ Angel ] [ Post Reply ]

Pretty accurate. Was surprised by the soulmate prediction..

[ Greg ] [ Post Reply ]

That was spot on i always think outside the box get along with everyone can tell what someone is all about within a minute of meeting them tell the truth probably when i shouldn't strangers tend to come up to me and tell personal things about their life that theyhhaven't told anyone before happ
ens alot weird

[ Babe ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG. Me too!!!

[ Wendy ] [ Post Reply ]

Bless us all...

[ marcelina ] [ Post Reply ]

Right about temper and trusting people

[ Annmaria ] [ Post Reply ]

OMG I can't believe how this described me so accurately! Happy Birthday to me and to all my January 22 water bearers!

[ ty ] [ Post Reply ]

wtf...who wrote our luck..u or god...damn itz true

[ arjun ] [ Post Reply ]

this is way to accurate omfg. We're so rare lol. My favorite part about being an aquarius is our ability to spot bs from miles away. we just have a natural gift were we're able to see through people. We're also very honest because lying is a waist of time and only causes problems. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y'A

[ Jessey ] [ Post Reply ]

Seriously rare my friends 22 01 2000

[ Chatz ] [ Post Reply ]

22/01/1976 I have never met anyone born on this day. We are a rare breed.

[ Paul B ] [ Post Reply ]

22 Jan 1993

[ Susmita das ] [ Post Reply ]

I go 0 to 100 real quick lol. Jan 22 79

[ mitch ] [ Post Reply ]

Me,too! We need to start a club.. I've been wondering how to get together all the other Jan 22,1979 beats, maybe you can be my VP lol!

[ Thida ] [ Post Reply ]

January 22 1991 Aquarius We are just rare ...

[ E.Lopez ] [ Post Reply ]

I am also of the same day and year. :)

[ Ravi ] [ Post Reply ]

so much correct

[ sandra saiza ] [ Post Reply ]

Amazing!so true for my son's birthday...

[ Rose M. ] [ Post Reply ]

Scarley accurate!! Wtf?? Is this a set-up???

[ Joshy c ] [ Post Reply ]

Message from Joshy c Scarley accurate!! Wtf?? Is this a set-up???

[ thank egypt ] [ Post Reply ]

So spot on I love it

[ brian ] [ Post Reply ]

this is crazily TrUe ..OMG ?)

[ madrid ] [ Post Reply ]

:bad: Soo tru

[ neshio ] [ Post Reply ]

wow ... this is scary accurate

[ cody ] [ Post Reply ]

Scary how true this is.

[ steph c ] [ Post Reply ]

Wow, this was totally true....

[ Dumisani ] [ Post Reply ]

omg...it was completely true

[ jitu ] [ Post Reply ]

Totally true!

[ andrea ] [ Post Reply ]

that was me... it's true...

[ temmy ] [ Post Reply ]

Which colour topaz gemstone should be were n in which finger?

[ vini ] [ Post Reply ]

It was soooo true

[ Sana ] [ Post Reply ]

Everything was so true... it was very interesting to read that how much ones birthday can tell...Wish you could also tell me how to live better in future... I mean the dos and donts...:)

[ raviraj patel ] [ Post Reply ]

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