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for January 27th

If your Birthday is January 27th and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

January 27th Birthday

Profile, Work, Relationships & Health

Person Profile

People born specifically on the 27th of January are supposedly philosophical, compassionate and as highly independent as their Aquarian zodiac sign depicts. The planet that rules astrologically on this day is Mars creating personalities that are quick learners who are oozing with determination and creativity. If you have this particular birthday you own an intuitive and self motivated nature that
is both commonsensical and inquisitive. You can be a bit of a nonconformist and often have a strong desire to reform things or increase their usability or potential. Individuals with a January the twenty sixth birthday are quite sociable and enjoy conversing with others who are like-minded. You like to keep up to date with new ideas and different viewpoints and
tend to want to hold on to your youth as long as you can. This can cause you to be occasionally childlike or unrealistic and gives you a proneness to make rash decisions based on impulse rather than logic.

Work and Finances

Suitable long term work options may be difficult to decide on to a person born on the twenty seventh of January.
You will usually search for a job that utilizes your deep rational thinking and captivates your sympathetic, kindhearted nature. Your reformist views see you sometimes employed in charitable occupations where you feel like you are somehow making a difference. Individuals with this particular birth date love spending money and many of you could find managing a budget hard. As you mature
you learn more control with your finances but still have the tendency to not be able to resist a bargain.

Personal Relationships

For a self sufficient Aquarian water bearer you are surprisingly highly dependent on emotional warmth and security from others. Without someone special to love you are likely to feel incomplete so you often seek a partner earlier rather than later in
life. Although you have the typical Aquarius high independence and need for personal space your craving for soul mate closeness takes over. Your spirited youthfulness tends to make you fall in love easily and helps you to be a playful, seductive, adventurous lover. In committed romantic relationships you are usually spontaneous and use your good imagination and communication skills to keep
the romance alive and interesting. Your haste in wanting to settle down with the right person can occasionally cause you to rush in to commitments before you are ready, if you are not careful.


A slightly careless and disinterested attitude to healthiness is usually adopted by those born on January 27th. You can get annoyed and easily bored with people who are
always dieting or if they are keep fit fanatics. You believe that as long as you eat sensibly and are not particularly lazy you do not need to do anything other than this. This would be fine if you didn't have the bad habit of ignoring little symptoms hoping they will improve on their own. You are advised to avoid
neglecting any signs of ill health and try to get adequate amounts of fresh air, fluid intake and restful sleep.

January 27th Birthday

Strengths, Dreams, Luck & Summation

Strengths and Weaknesses

Main strengths of character for those born on January 27th are revealed in your brightness and determined quickly responsive mannerisms. These characteristics compliment your puerile but deeply thoughtful fun personality and gain you lots of friends and admirers. These positive traits that make you so appealing can also be a negative part of your disposition in the form of
your harmless proclivity towards immaturity. You could find it difficult to adapt to getting older and sometimes an additional weakness of impatience is prone to develop if you are not emotionally happy and contented.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 27th of January most often lavishes you with the desire to base any goals on a good mixture of materialistic gain
and personal happiness. You are not especially goal-orientated nor organized but you generally have a few plans in mind for the direction you wish your life to go in. Your dreams are diverse and often kept quite separate from your other life aspirations but they give you a sense of optimistic motivation. Secret hopes and wishes for the future are something
you as a rule seem to reserve to yourself. However you have been known to share them with trusted soul mates.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty seventh day of the month your day of birth has a birthday Root number of Nine. This numerical reference derived from the total of the digits in the date you were
born has the keyword 'Seeker'. It highlights your intuition, impulsiveness, curiosity and quest for comfort and communication. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 9th card in the Major Arcana the Hermit, it symbolizes your need to not feel alone. The red bloodstone also known as Garnet is considered the luckiest gemstone for January the twenty seventh birthdays bringing
you luck and harmony.


Aquarian personalities are believed to be astrologically influenced by the planet Uranus creating your high level of self reliance and nonconformity. The actual day you were born, the twenty seventh of January is cosmically governed over by the planet Mars. This celestial body's forces combines with Uranus's to add resoluteness and understanding to your list of amenable features.
Your bright cheery character and thoughtfulness for others allow you to fulfill your longing to be helpful, loved, appreciated and feeling complete. All you really need to improve upon is your sensibleness and patience. A last observation for people born on January the 27th to contemplate is that maturation has rewards. You will not discover them until you capitulate and
accept aging as an advantage in many respects rather than a disadvantage.

January 27th Horoscope Comments

very in line with my characteristics...strange as those days before me or after do not resemble me as well as this exact date. Odd ! based on other comments, replies are similar. I wonder what a Jan.27th exclusive social networking club look like? :-)

[ geo ] [ Post Reply ]

My mom was born on January 27th and I think this sounds pretty accurate :) It's interesting seeing this other side of her because she's an Aquarius and obviously pretty secretive lol :P

[ Hailey ] [ Post Reply ]

HeeyMy mom is also born on that day :) Sweet mom!

[ Aquaperson12 ] [ Post Reply ]

Higher % of it are correct BUT,I love my health and I rest a lot. I prefer not to talk when I am crossed and love to be in a world of my ow,. My golden rule is "Once beaten, twice shy". So I respect myself and people around me alot. I don't play around trouble. I love to give. I love to spend money
BUT I don't spend d money already kept aside. I don't. Thank you.

[ iyabs ] [ Post Reply ]

Quite, but twas a nice egotrip, thanks. :like:

[ Janne ] [ Post Reply ]


[ kamal kayal ] [ Post Reply ]

yes, it's all true of about my life so thankyou horoscope ... ?)

[ Nitesh Naiding.. ] [ Post Reply ]

That sounds like all of my characteristics!!!!

[ justme ] [ Post Reply ]

Me too! nut I am not sure that we are careless about our health, because I care about my health

[ Benny ] [ Post Reply ]

It sounds really like me haha but its true i don't share my trust with everyone or have patience im still working on the :like:

[ malayah littlelight ] [ Post Reply ]

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